How To Create A Killer eCommerce About Us Page (Examples Included!)

How Your eCommerce Website Can Leverage From A Good About Us Page 

Every eCommerce website is packed with numerous important product pages. But did you know, that the About Us page is one of the most important pages of your eCommerce website?

About Us Page

And just like the FAQ page, a good About Us page can create a great first impression for your company, and could also help in building customer trust and loyalty.

If crafted well, an about us page could turn a simple eCommerce store into an appealing brand icon. 

Purpose of an About Us page

Most eCommerce business owners don’t spend too much time creating an About Us page. However, the About Us page serves a straightforward goal to inform first-time visitors and prospects about the company and its operations.

In a nutshell, the About Us page should cover basic information about what your online store sells, the story about how it came to be, who the founders are, what the vision and mission are, and how it’s different from the competition.

The About  Us page should encourage discussion and interaction. Some of the objectives that an About Us page covers are:

  • To communicate the essence of your business, and the story behind why you started it
  • To elaborate on the vision, mission, and purpose of your business
  • To explain how your business model works and how your products are made
  • To introduce your founders or core team
  • To give readers a reason to buy from you with the help of a link to your content, an explainer video, etc. 

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How To Create An Outstanding eCommerce About Us Page

Since we have already established the essence of an About Us page, here are a few tips that can help you create one, in the best possible way.

How To Create An Outstanding eCommerce About Us Page

#1 Tell Your Story, Honestly 

The primary purpose of your About Us page is to tell your customers what your company is about. Tell them that but be honest with it. Connect with them on an emotional level, and narrate your story in a way they can feel it.

Just like a person connects with the story while watching a film or reading a book, your customers should be able to connect with your story while reading your about us page. The more genuine it sounds, the more they will trust it. 

Once they have engaged with your story, explain to them how you can solve their problems and which one. Tell them about your current products and share with them your future plans and how you want to grow along with them.

When a customer feels that your story is honest, they’ll prefer you over your competitors and even recommend your company to others. 

#2 Introduce Your Team

When you have a face to your company, it comes across as reliable and trustworthy. Allow your customers to learn more about your founders and your core team.

Tell them about their qualifications, skill sets, their stories and why they are a perfect fit for the company. Use any details about them that can get your customers to relate to them. Mention their hobbies, passion and what makes them so unique yet relatable. 

#3 Show Your business model

Some companies have unique, highly efficient or socially responsible business models, that define them. Their model becomes their USP (Unique Selling Point). If your business model is something that sets you apart, make sure to include it in your About Us page.

A few examples of such business models are:

  • Your company employs a certain community of people
  • You use environment-friendly packaging
  • You cut out middlemen from your order fulfillment process and save the customers’ money
  • You donate a certain percentage of every sale to charity

Use your About US page to showcase how your supply chain is the best possible version of it, how you’re moving forward with your vision and mission statements, what the customers have to gain as being part of your family, and so on.

#4 Use Your Stats

If there’s something that can convince your customers better than your word, it’s your numbers. If you have good stats to back your words up, numbers that show how you have been living up to your goals, how you’ve grown towards your vision and mission, how customers have benefitted from you, or more, show them in your about us page.  

Your About Us page is a great avenue to showcase your social proof.

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#5 Include Creative Infographics & Videos

Only a written About Us page could seem boring, and visitors could lose their interest. For a stronger impact, you can make your About Us page interesting and attractive by using infographics and videos.

Through the photos or videos, you could show something unique about your company, how your product has impacted the society, words of appreciation from a reputed personality for you, a montage video featuring lots of customers happily using your product, etc.

Having said that, don’t add photos or videos without any context. Too much of it could make your About Us page seem unprofessional, but the right amount of it could do just the job.

#6 Plug-In Social Media Buttons

As eCommerce is highly influenced by social media today, it’s important to have social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. for your business.

Add social media buttons on your About Us page, so that if your visitors want to know more about you, they could click on them and instantly checkout your social media accounts.

Sometimes the audience wants to stay updated with your products, news, or just your digital content. For that, they would like to follow your Instagram profile or other social media accounts, and you need to make sure they are redirected to the right place.

#7 Add CTAs To Landing Pages

It’s wise to add call-to-action buttons and links to your landing page. Using CTAs could take your visitors to your desired landing pages. Some of the objectives that can be fulfilled using links and CTAs are:

  • Sending them to your product catalog
  • Getting follows for your social media accounts
  • Subscription to your newsletters for email marketing
  • Sending them to your career section
  • Getting them to read your blog posts

Examples of About Us Pages

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

If you have a great story about how your product was built to change lives, use it. Good stories humanize your brand and give your product a purpose. People are more likely to connect with good stories and share them.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks’ About Us page tells their story of empowering artisan weavers and their families. Instead of writing a long and boring paragraph, they have segregated it into words and graphics.

A creative, descriptive and emotive About Us page with a good story could do much more than a regular one.


The key quality of Moz’s About Us page is that it’s humble. Instead of following the standard About Us format, it talks about all that has happened since it was founded in 2004.

It shares its milestones using a clean yet appealing design that incorporates clear headers, and little graphics to break up the text. There are humble references to how it had received funding, the switch of its brand positioning, and most importantly, it’s switching back to the original model.

When you talk about your ups and downs with honesty, your customers are more likely to trust your word.

Cultivated Wit

Sometimes, you don’t need to wait for users to get there to make a statement. Cultivated Wit, a creative agency and media company, breaks the mold, with an edgy name, a fun story video and parallax scrolling, right on its homepage.

Even if you have a separate About Us page, there are ways to creatively showcase your personality throughout your website. That could be harder than filling a traditional About Us template, but it could make a difference for your brand.

Final Thoughts

In the beginning, creating an About Us page might seem like a task. But once you get into the flow of narrating your story, you’ll have enough to fill the page with.

Make sure to include only necessary and unique aspects of your eCommerce business. Writing unnecessary, lengthy and repetitive points could chase your visitors away rather than engaging them.

Using the above-mentioned tips could really help you crack the code of an About Us page, and prepare one that gives your visitors more than they expect from you.

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