Create Simple and Effective Call to Action Buttons with This Guide

Create Simple and Effective Call to Action Buttons with This Guide

Simply having a slick eCommerce website that is designed to thrill and packed with SEO juice to drive crazy amounts of organic traffic won’t guarantee mammoth conversions. You need a little extra push to get your store visitors to convert and become loyal customers. Your online store needs a smart integration of call to action or CTA buttons to prompt your store visitors to make a purchase or take actions that inevitably lead to a conversion.

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What are Call to Action Buttons?

Call to Action buttons are indicate your customers of what you want them to do – discreetly and smartly. Think of it like the runway lights that guide pilots when landing during night time. They are design elements that guide your customers to take an action on your website.

From ‘Buy Now’ to ‘Check Availability’ to ‘Explore More Options’ to ‘Take the Tour’, call to action buttons prompt your visitors to stay longer on your website and even make a purchase.

How to make your call to action buttons effective?

There’s no definitive or one-size-fits-all approach to designing call to action buttons that will work best to convert store visitors into customers. However, here’s what you can do to design simple and effective call to action buttons for your eCommerce store:

Use the urgency card

When your store visitors feel that time is running out for them to make a purchase and that they might miss out on the opportunity to buy something, they’ll act on it. Call to action buttons such as ‘Buy Now – Offer Lasts Till Midnight Only’ or ‘Buy Now – Only One Item Available at the Price’.

Integrating a sense of urgency is a smart way to get store visitors to purchase from you and become customers.

Use Compelling Copy

Your call to action buttons should include a short and action-oriented text that prompts the reader to click on it instantly. Text like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Do it’ work well as CTA texts. However, it is essential that your call to action button appears like a button and not plain text.

Apply a Simple Button Design

In order to stand out from the other text on your website, your call to action needs to appear as a distinct button that is unique and draws visitors’ attention to it. Make sure to leave enough white space around it and use smart colors so your CTA buttons have the opportunity to stand out.

Whatever design theme or color palette you use for your website, dress your call to action button to eliminate confusion and make it impossible to miss.

All You Need to Know to Start Selling on Instagram

Eshan Pancholi Instagram has evolved from being a mere photo sharing social media network into a global powerhouse that enables businesses and brands to build a credible online presence and sell to a relevant audience from around the globe. Selling on Instagram has become even easier with the launch of the shoppable posts feature.

What are the most effective types of Calls to Action to use?

With the changing eCommerce landscape and profound shift in the way in which shoppers interact with online stores, here are a few effective calls to action types that your eCommerce website can use:

Ask a question

Asking a question is one of the most effective ways to initiate engagements with your visitors and get the conversation going on your blog page. Call to actions such as ‘What do you think of the winter collection?’ or ‘How would you dress this festive season?’ are effective conversation starters and make for valuable sources of feedback and review.

Keep it Subtle

Your call to action can be something simple and passive such as ‘Click here to know more’ or ‘Read more on how to craft the perfect CTA’. This way you can smartly slide in information about your products and services on your website’s inner pages.

Create a banner

While banner CTAs may come across as an advertisement, a well-designed banner CTA flavored with soothing colors and peppered with tasteful typography can stand out and serve as an effective call to action button. A banner CTA can work well to display additional key information such as discounts and additional offers and should be visible on all pages of your store.

Make it large

Another effective way to highlight your call to action button is to create a large button that stands out and from the rest of your website and includes your CTA text in big bold typography so that it never goes unnoticed.

Give Social Proof

A super effective way to entice people to click on your call to action button is to give them proof that there are other happy customers using your products too. Social proof in terms of testimonials. the number of Facebook likes, twitter followers, Instagram followers, etc. helps first-time visitors to build trust in your brand and click on your CTA button.

A positive testimonial from a happy customer followed by ‘View Our Enterprise Solutions’ is a smart way to catch your visitors’ eye and have them click on your CTA.

Make it Sneaky

You can also integrate your call to action buttons on your inner product pages in strategic positions. This sneaky technique means your CTA will look like as if it is also a product on your line-up and prompt users to click on it.

Since your visitors are least likely to expect a call to action button on that page and since it is positioned as a product, the chances of people clicking it increase considerably.

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