Prep Your Online Store for Holiday Sales this Year

Prep Your Online Store for Holiday Sales this Year

The holiday season is nearing and it promises to be huge! Holiday sales are forecast to grow by 4% in the USA alone; raking in about $130 bn. The National Retail Federation recently published a report stating that imports have set a second record high as businesses prepare for a busy holiday season. This begs the question – is your online store ready to cope with the holiday season demand?

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Whether you’ve already started your sale season prep or are yet to catch up, this article gives you a must-do checklist that will enable your online store to enjoy a successful holiday sale season.

1. Give Them What They Want During the Holiday Sales

Check top trending products for the year, for the season, and for your online store’s niche. Even if you don’t sell any of these items, stock up on some products relevant to your collection and bundle them with your existing products or give them away as freebies! Check out some ideas here and here

2. Leverage Influencer Marketing

According to the NRF survey during back-to-school sales, 65% of shoppers said that half or more of their purchases are a result of their children’s influence. The tip here is – know your audience, and then know which social media influencers they emulate. While getting Bethany Mota to endorse your stationery might be a stretch, find influencers that you can easily engage with.

3. Start Early

As the years go by, shoppers are beginning to start their holiday purchases earlier. According to a study by the National Retail Federation, 57% of shoppers had started their holiday shopping by early November in 2015. Time your sales to cater to both segments of your audience. In fact, keep your sale going a week after the end of the sale season. Drop your prices in that week and watch your stock clear up. 

Make the Most of the Opportunities Offered by Cyber Monday

Eshan Pancholi Eshan Pancholi Although the traditional method of shopping in-store is still pretty significant, you can't ignore the plethora of growth opportunities that online selling offers. As a retail business that intends to truly flourish and sustain in the long run, you need to embrace all the channels of selling and invest in them strategically.

4. Be online

eCommerce sales have been predicted to grow by nearly 18% during the upcoming holiday sales. This goes to show how eCommerce, with numerous online stores, is emerging to be a behemoth in the world of shopping. mCommerce or mobile commerce is also expected to contribute significantly to this holiday season.

With so all your competitors indulging in social media marketing, search engine ads, and the like, you need to stand out. One easy way of doing so is by getting a domain name that instantly associates your site with selling. For example, you could get and redirect it to your website. Get your website to rank for the right keywords and you’ll be good to go for his year’s holiday sales.

5. Plan Events

Don’t forget your on-ground presence. While physical store retailers may have it easy, you can find success in hosting an event in conjunction with the local cafe for your community. Getting people together and engaging with them over a cup of (free) coffee will go a long way in cementing your sale season.

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