8 Ways To Boost Sales by Optimizing Your Product Pages

8 Ways To Boost Sales By Optimizing Your Product Pages

Let’s face it. The primary objective of any eCommerce business is to boost sales and drive conversions.

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While working on your eCommerce SEO strategy, lead generation campaign and social media strategies are critical to driving conversions and increase traffic, the final decision to buy your product will be taken by your customer on your product page.

Apart from serving as a platform to facilitate your sales, a good product page helps build trust among your potential customers.

To help you boost sales, we have listed a few things that you to keep in mind while creating or redesigning your product pages.

8 Ways To Boost Sales by Optimizing Your Product Pages

8 Ways To Boost Sales by Optimizing Your Product Pages (1)

1. Highlight the Call-to-Action Button

Your call-to-action (CTA) buttons should be easily visible on your product page.

While this may seem like an obvious hack, many e-commerce websites have a CTA button that is barely visible or one that appears after a user scrolls down on the page.

Highlighting your CTA button where your user can easily spot and click on it leads to a much higher conversion rate. Some websites also use a dynamic CTA button – one that is visible even as the user scrolls down the page.

Another factor to consider is the color of your CTA button. While it is important to follow the color theme and brand pallet of your eCommerce store’s design, including colors that do not merge with the layout is critical.

You need not choose colors that do not fit into the overall brand tone and pallet of your online store; you can choose one that stands out on the page – preferably one that is attractive yet contrasting with the background.

Include compelling CTAs that bring about a sense of urgency to prompt people to click on it.

CTA’s such as “Only 1 piece left in stock” or ‘Special discount for the next 2 hours only” will surely help to boost sales.

2. Write a detailed Product Description

Your product copy should talk about the size, material, and color of your product at the bare minimum.

You should also include examples and applications on how and where the product can be used.

Your product description should not only mention unique and special features of your product but also cater to the senses of your potential customers.

It should speak to them and help them to understand how your product can be a good fit in their lives.

While SEO is a factor to consider when writing the product description, ensure that the information shared on your page is authentic and stays true to your product as well as your brand.

A great product copy that addresses people’s queries will do wonders for your online store and help to boost sales.

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3. Include Pricing and Shipping Details on the Product Page

In case of products priced within a reasonable range, a description related to price might not be essential – just listing the price can do the talking.

However, for products that fall within a higher price range, a short description justifying the premium pricing helps in convincing the customer to make the purchase.

Shipping details with regards to the expected date of delivery, delivery cost, return policy, should also be mentioned on the product page.

This helps increase your sales, especially when the delivery is fast enough and free.

For a premium or limited-edition product, customers might be willing to wait longer or pay the delivery fee.

This is especially likely for customers based in less accessible locations.

Including all the pricing and shipping information will help people take a well-informed decision and doing this will help boost sales for your eCommerce store.

4. Use the Right Images

Your product page should be peppered with high-quality and visually appealing images of your product.

The same should be followed on your social media handles.

With Instagram marketing picking up for eCommerce businesses, investing in high-quality images will help people get a better understanding of what you are offering.

High-quality images will lead to a more convincing conversion.

Showcase multiple images of the product, that highlight your product features as well as use-cases.

Including an image that conveys the scale or size of your product helps immensely.

In case of clothes or fashion accessories, show images with your product that are worn by a model.

This will help customers better imagine what your product will look like in a real-life application.

For better results, showcase your product in a 360-degree view, especially one that has different elements at the back as compared to its front.

Another feature that helps greatly is the option to zoom in to your product.

While you may list details of the material of your product in the product description, allowing users to zoom in to the image will help them to have a closer look.

This will help in convincing them of the quality of your product and in turn, boost sales.

5. Use Product Videos

Product videos or gifs make for great visual features to sport on your product page.

Your product videos can either be about how to use your products, in case it is a unique one, or just to show what it will look like on a person.

Using videos or gifs of your product being used in various scenarios can also help your customers relate with their use case.

The duration of your video, however, needs to be short, ideally up to a maximum of 20 seconds.

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In case of products where you need to show the assembly, the duration can be longer – but try to keep it within a minute.

Compelling videos are not only easy to consume but more convincing as a means of visual content.

You can definitely boost sales and drive conversion by investing in short, high-quality, application-oriented videos.

6. Show Availability of Products

To boost sales, you can use a tactic that triggers emotions. For instance, the ‘fear of missing out’ emotion is something you can use to your advantage.

Include a number that displays the remaining products you have in stock.

This is especially significant in case your product is available in lesser numbers or is currently out of stock.

Make sure the customers know about it while viewing the product, and not after they click on the buy button or during checkout.

This may hamper their experience and in turn the sale of your products.

When the product is available in lesser numbers, it also works to create an urgency in the minds of the customers and can lead to an immediate sale.

7. Showcase Similar Products

Include an option to show variants of your product (if available) or products similar to the one being viewed by your customer.

Highlighting other products that go well with the product being viewed also helps in increasing your sales, as the customer may opt to purchase both together.

For example, if the customer is viewing black formal shoes, the product page can display black socks as an option to be purchased along with them.

Showing what other people have viewed or purchased, that is similar to the product being viewed by the customer, has also known to boost sales on e-commerce websites.

8. Include customers reviews or ratings

Nothing convinces your customers more than word-of-mouth.

The best way to do it on your online store is to include reviews and/or ratings from other customers about your product and services.

You can include reviews left by customers on your social media pages as well.

This adds to the authenticity of your products and brand experience in the garb of social proof.

Make sure you do not filter out the less flattering reviews – exception can be made for the usage of vile language if any.

Final Thoughts

The idea is to treat every product or category page as a landing page for your customers. Keep the interface user-friendly and intuitive.

Ensure that your eCommerce website follows a logical framework and that inner pages can easily be reached.

Furthermore, keep the checkout process simple and devoid of any complications.

Use language that is simple and convincing, and one that sounds human. Even when sharing technical details, stick to language that is concise, clear, and easily understandable by everyone.

Following these tips and tricks will surely help you to boost sales for your online store and transform your eCommerce business into a promising online brand.

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