800+ Clothing And Lifestyle Brand Name Ideas That You Can Use Right Away!

800+ Clothing And Lifestyle Brand Name Ideas That You Can Use Right Away!

The lifestyle world is packed with outlandish brands that sport some of the most affluent and attractive brand names. While this is a good thing, hunting for lifestyle brand name ideas for your new lifestyle label can get arduous and challenging.

Fashion Brand Name Ideas

For your new lifestyle label to solidify itself in the lifestyle/retail industry and stand the test of time and transform into a true powerhouse brand, you need to search for the most evocative and intuitive lifestyle brand name ideas.

Most lifestyle brand name ideas result from the founder/designer or the abbreviations of the founders’ initials.

Which Lifestyle Brands Are Popular?

Mega-brands such as Louis Vuitton, DKNY, H&M, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, Tom Ford, Michael Kors, are all names of the founder(s).

However, you do have simple one-word brand names such as Cartier, Gucci, Fendi, Versace, Prada, Hermes, Burberry, Zara, to name a few.

Here are some of the most popular brands of lifestyle in the world:

  1. Nike
  2. Adidas
  3. H&M
  4. Zara
  5. Levis
  6. Louis Vuitton
  7. Prada
  8. Burberry
  9. Gucci
  10. Armani
  11. Versace
  12. Polo Ralph Lauren
  13. Calvin Klein
  14. Aeropostale
  15. Hermes

What Is The Best Name For A Lifestyle Store?

When it comes to figuring out fashion brand names or a business name for your lifestyle store, the first detail you should iron out is your target audience.

Chalk down the characteristics of the type of consumer who will walk into your lifestyle store, and brainstorm over name ideas that will appeal to them.

While trying to choose a good boutique name, develop a theme that outlines what your brand represents. Once you have a few definite names in mind, do a test run with a group of people who match your target audience to get their feedback.

Pro tip: Avoid words that are difficult to spell and pronounce.

How Do I Name My Lifestyle Brand?

Here are 5 simple steps to search for creative lifestyle brand name ideas:

Understand Your Target Audience

Your lifestyle label’s name and logo should appeal to your target audience. Determine which segment of the audience you are looking to appeal to.

Are you looking to sell online to urban youth or trendy middle-aged people? In either case, your brand name needs to reflect that key characteristic.

Determine Your Brand Personality

As mentioned above, most lifestyle brands are named after their owner but that doesn’t need to happen in your case too.

If your name doesn’t sound catchy enough to become a brand such as Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger, you can opt for a name that truly reflects and represents the personality of your brand.

Just like Forever21 appeals to young women. You can also choose to use a combination of two words to even resort to a one-word snappy brand name like Zara.

Keep The Future In Mind

When choosing from a list of lifestyle brand name ideas, be sure not to get too ambitious with your name choices.

Don’t simply focus on the current trends whilst looking for a name; keep in mind the future of the brand and how the name will fare years from now.

Many lifestyle entrepreneurs have made the mistake of naming their brand on the basis of current market trends and have failed to build on it in the long run.

Don’t Copy Brand Names

While many lifestyle startups often find it tempting to use variations and misspellings of mega lifestyle brands, resorting to imitation names can backfire big time for your lifestyle brand.

If your lifestyle brand name will be hard to read, spell, and pronounce, you should go back to the drawing board and hunt for a better one.

Also, copying names can land you in a serious trademark infringement and copyright issue.

Check For Legal Issues

Before zeroing in on your lifestyle company’s brand name, do thorough research and check for any legal issues revolving around trademarks and copyrights.

And while using an innovative and edgy foreign name is an enticing way to project and promote your brand, be sure that there’s no other brand already using that name.

The last thing you want is a legal hassle around your brand name.

What Is A Good Name For A Brand?

A good brand name doesn’t just describe what you do–it highlights the big idea that you stand for. Great brand names have an emotional appeal to them.

For example:

  • GoPro is about heroism
  • Uber is about an outstanding taxi experience
  • Apple is about usability and simplicity

What’s A Catchy Name?

A name that stands out from a normal name. It has a unique ring to it and it means something. The way you build your brand will also have an impact on how catchy the name is.

What Are The Qualities Of A Great Lifestyle Brand Name?

Your lifestyle line deserves a creative brand name that is worth the efforts you’re investing in establishing your lifestyle business. A great brand name is one that surpasses expectations and piques the interest of your stakeholders.

So, before you begin the hunt for your perfect lifestyle brand name, it’s essential for you to understand the qualities that make for a great brand name.

A great brand name:

  • Is short, easy to type, and easy to remember
  • Is definitive, relevant, and meaningful
  • Is unique, innovative, and memorable
  • Is clean, crisp, and uncluttered (free of any lingual or grammatical errors)
  • Is descriptive of what you sell and the industry you belong to

Is Starting A Lifestyle Brand Worth It?

If you are passionate about what you do, then starting a lifestyle brand is worth it. For example, if you wish to start your own makeup line or a lip gloss company, then start looking for business name ideas.

Before starting a lifestyle brand, be well aware of the fact that your brand may not boom overnight and become the trendiest thing in the market. Your dedication towards running a lifestyle must translate into a sustainable business, for which you need to ensure that your business model and digital marketing strategy are ironclad.

Boutique Name Ideas – How To Think Of The Best Ones

When thinking of boutique name ideas, think of something that new, unique, and chic. Here are some questions that you should ask when coming up with boutique name ideas:

  • What message do you want to portray through your boutique name?
  • What are some of the biggest priorities for your boutique name? Do you want it to be easy to pronounce, different and unique, directly related to your products and services, etc.?
  • How do you want people to feel when they see your boutique name?
  • What are the names of your competition? How do you feel about those boutique names?
  • Do you have a short name? Short names are easier to remember as compared to long names.

300+ Lifestyle Store Brand Name Ideas 

a1afitness.store beautybenow.store streetbeat.store
bellabella.store trendynow.store thelayway.store
beautysavvy.store loverbridal.store placestore1.store
invisports.store modernmen.store fancyhand.store
loirevalley.store sweetmood.store ablessing.store
marketsaver.store salegoodday.store kidclothin.store
mycupoftee.store tailordonor.store movienotion.store
couchpotato.store gitadress.store brandzania.store
theurbanb.store bellebeauty.store girlshoes.store
firststep.store lifestyleboss.store perfectyou.store
milkdeals.store wallmarthub.store babystreet.store
trendyvip.store whiplashes.store howniceday.store
20beauty20.store retrofavor.store rockforce.store
froglifestyle.store mountaintee.store pinneapple.store
cleanattire.store notanumber.store beautyclean.store
ownitbeauty.store bradleysmen.store luckyjenny.store
giolifestyle.store bootyshawl.store bonniedress.store
gigicares.store uniqlifestyle.store hypershop.store
bestpravo.store doggysquad.store goldfinch.store
pinkatnight.store eddyoutlet.store kidsjungle.store
beauticity.store selective.store buzzdotcom.store
bestcandies.store dreamskinco.store getreadyy.store
blackshades.store madeinshade.store 24shopping.store
marryloves.store theluckyone.store fadsociety.store
thecoolvibe.store kidprincess.store suitasset.store
masculine.store vogueprom.store homeshopper.store
paulasolano.store barebliss.store sweetyway.store
beautyboat.store kentshirt.store buyusstuff.store
brighteyes.store angeleswear.store brainykiddo.store
stilllife.store beautymagus.store tarantula.store
sposabridal.store peopledays.store veganstyles.store
beautyshops.store beautylab.store bootguard.store
pantherswag.store uniquekart.store diarybridal.store
didistudio.store onequarter.store strongers.store
awsomedress.store merchamazon.store shopaholics.store
cutvaluable.store bling-bling.store imdigital.store
retailbox.store dickjohnson.store aairashop.store
goodwares.store style4you.store newcatalog.store
shopytrends.store seewelove.store bluntbeauty.store
africanrain.store geekorama.store zetavision.store
dresspower.store cosmobeauty.store kochfoods.store
secondnew.store buzzplace.store crazegift.store
lifestyle2day.store dlmwatches.store chicassist.store
multiverse.store merchbyetsy.store blackdope.store
shopfetish.store peachwigs.store beautywang.store
psiloveyou.store artoftravel.store welltrade.store
romanbridal.store poseandpout.store belenshop.store
womensbag.store weddinggown.store mysunshine.store
sweetsilk.store kiddyslove.store millerandco.store
maffpearls.store ventibeauty.store nicetocute.store
lightleaf.store lifestyledeal.store justforme.store
yslifestyle.store sociallab.store shopdealman.store
bellereina.store buyzapdeal.store ptlifestyle.store
street2gym.store ramadeals.store stepmagic.store
health-one.store shinestar.store fionaprom.store
glowroutine.store gallopazzo.store tastehelp.store
healthlives.store kampawild.store nector-45.store
babydress.store mybareface.store purejewelry.store
eazydealz.store bohogipsy.store watchthis.store
dreamstudio.store thatsjelly.store bellaandco.store
luxebeauty.store pinkbells.store alicommerce.store
zootopbear.store thetomorrow.store smoke2much.store
beautylabco.store skinluxury.store beckydress.store
landscape.store goddessblvd.store wonderbacks.store
alphastyle.store veryshirt.store shadylane.store
savingtrend.store rentaporter.store lifestylewig.store
oneplusone.store bestdealz.store budgetmart.store
lisadress.store thirdwave.store coolrandom1.store
lhboutique.store alovestory.store maskmyface.store
dreamlife.store proproducts.store faceprotect.store
dreamislan.store snazzysocks.store daddystyle.store
dreamtshirt.store meaningful.store happystep.store
lifestyleinc.store bellsbeauty.store familygear.store
shopindia.store khanconcept.store foreverlife.store
beautybox.store solitairec.store chillshirt.store
kamalshop.store thekulture.store americanmom.store
kleobeauty.store jacquelinne.store giftforyou.store
loveroses.store dannysshop.store brandlife.store
decorando.store welovethis.store take-care.store
buyforyou.store wristaction.store giabeauty.store
highlarious.store eccentrics.store tee-designs.store
gmaproducts.store springvibe.store traderusa.store
trendzone.store at-store06.store healthmdc.store
pollyboom.store beyondretro.store shopmissa.store
blackdove.store thefieldsco.store veryninja.store
nomadgear.store thebigbaby.store eyemakeup.store
misterbaby.store aboutgirl.store shopstudiob.store
mjlifestyle.store wreckitent.store miyalifestyle.store
streetpit.store buzzalpha.store futurevent.store
amstudios.store wilkdeals.store seahorses.store
adamstore.store haveatribal.store theground.store
bigseanshop.store dressoutlet.store ladyballer.store
womencode.store elevating.store summervibe.store
deaboutique.store onepunchman.store vanitylab.store
glucology.store luxurybags.store hellolifestyle.store
donclothing.store evolveshop.store lifestyleway.store
dollyprom.store rizonline.store getawaylifestyle.store
backyouth.store superfast.store inthelimelight.store
dressalike.store hairdress.store chooseyourself.store
hawkersco.store lifestylecasa.store beyou.store

20+ Mink Lash Brand Name Ideas 

pluslashes.store healthybeauty.store theluxevault.store
jadoreboutique.store nookiescloset.store starbundles.store
allydluxuryminklashes.store prettyonpurpose.store foreverbeaute.store
victoriawindsor.store finishingtouch.store shopconstancecosmetics.store
charminglashes.store princesslash.store eyebrowlamination.store
ohsugarlashes.store nettouchbytee.store exotiq.store
summerofluxury.store royalminklash.store scrumptiousbeauty.store

50+ Beauty Brand Name Ideas

youngbeauty.store bandx.store pharaoh.store
lecal.store meek.store enemy.store
dreamrose.store hairon.store olivier.store
lux.store streetpit.store vinyasa.store
visage.store watchdrop.store blackdog.store
facepalm.store babymart.store dirtprice.store
lucid.store thirdwave.store offermart.store
denton.store onthemove.store apexlift.store
wrapy.store yourplug.store fairlady.store
onekart.store thecupid.store sleepinbeauty.store
hermess.store valuebuy.store smforbeauty.store
acidhouse.store mintapp.store vanitybeauty.store
beardcare.store heymiss.store ventibeauty.store
mysmall.store snobby.store victoriabeauty.store
nailpro.store trendtees.store vsbeauty.store
cheerfill.store twirl.store wow-beauty.store

200+ T-Shirt Brand Name Ideas

(Click for more details on How To Start Selling T-shirts Online)

artoftravel.store shirtprints.store notjustmugs.store
lamediana.store footballfan.store onthemove.store
iheartlife.store danielally.store ananabanana.store
legacyspace.store spokeshirt.store etamonline.store
gotconsent.store loneliness.store temperini.store
chimstore.store faithbrand.store haveyoursay.store
cryptokins.store tshirtlab.store iconvisions.store
revoltnoir.store womenpower.store invisports.store
notboring.store brandscut.store blackbelt.store
patcheria.store lairdframe.store grassplace.store
everkings.store ilovelucius.store pinterart.store
lookapparel.store avision4u.store distroflock.store
comedylab.store africazone.store welovebeer.store
naturelike.store ouionline.store poshsquash.store
regaloils.store imbarcadero.store ryansroom.store
letsgoretro.store impartmedia.store bikepsyche.store
dolcemita.store greatmafia.store starsport.store
rayravmerch.store shopytrends.store newsworking.store
lookalive.store tinaandco.store sigmamusic.store
wmaapparel.store flamingomag.store amerisave.store
leoshirts.store nyknights.store shirtshaker.store
inherente.store quadsquad.store bergmensch.store
mycupoftee.store wayoutwest.store sobrietees.store
coronavibes.store lamagnolia.store massjersey.store
paperthings.store plussdesign.store uppercore.store
th3mode13.store skymarket.store dragonball.store
animeforyou.store nanablanket.store somambiente.store
wildchild.store theloft45.store thinksmart.store
nomadgear.store safetycloth.store nameprint.store
grosshandel.store pascalcoin.store valestone.store
sugarbunch.store therapytees.store borifrases.store
doggerprint.store wklifestyle.store justserain.store
divinerose.store movienotion.store petrolheads.store
waggystuffs.store thexconcept.store mimosapod.store
golfhistory.store chillhive.store ronmarcel.store
richlandrum.store calistudio.store badanideal.store
zoomindex.store graphictees.store angelwear.store
captainus.store snoweetee.store ryanhstees.store
blackhype.store trendypop.store grindation.store
corgibutt.store favoritee.store brandlife.store
memortees.store bourboncaps.store cottoncloth.store
puggraphics.store sillytshirt.store agorastore.store
thepotter.store lapatcheria.store asndesign.store
rgboutique.store beoutspoken.store partyseason.store
dinodesign.store successgear.store fashiionly.store
randyguine.store seethesun.store codicerosso.store
chescafash.store justmasks.store burntface.store
trendtees.store fabclothing.store philwickham.store
borncloths.store teegallery.store horrorweb.store
buyingmaker.store schoolwear.store justalittle.store
metalmeme.store blankfunnyc.store kpopbrasil.store
amazingtees.store imodesign.store lqtruestory.store
wildstyle.store switchkick.store palmtreat.store
million101.store digiebooks.store youthpolish.store
moviegames.store cannasseur.store plumblife.store
welovethis.store petcostume.store trumptees.store
otakutako.store timetotee.store amberology.store
inkrabbit.store geekcitizen.store kreasifoto.store
soakingwet.store peaceshirts.store knowledges.store
clovershirt.store radifornia.store analeatelie.store
retrofavor.store ennieyoyki.store nanothings.store
wildcharts.store hypercrypto.store gentenirre.store
shirtified.store collegetown.store wearerugby.store
soccerboots.store quirkystuff.store blackgold.store
minnsport.store comfytees.store socialtag.store
hellotee.store myteeshirt.store givemytee.store
teesport.store myteeyourtee.store makemytee.store

80+ Hair Extension Brand Name Ideas

freetress.store workablestyle.store wholesomehair.store tastefulstyles.store
thirstystyle.store proudstrand.store responsiblehair.store guardedtress.store
oafishstrand.store gracefultress.store abrupthair.store possiblestrand.store
nicestrand.store glamoroustress.store piquantstyle.store sinceretress.store
erraticstyle.store curvedstyle.store offbeatstyle.store noblehair.store
vigoroustress.store unfairstyle.store unbreakablehair.store styleanonymous.store
thunderingstrand.store instinctivehair.store naughtystrand.store strikingbeauty.store
fluffystrand.store blueeyedhair.store uncommonstyle.store goofytress.store
addictedstrand.store extrastylishhair.store thankfulstyle.store smoothetress.store
shamelesshair.store alivestyle.store relevantstyle.store southerntress.store
overconfidentstrand.store vagabondstyle.store freezinghair.store onerousstrand.store
troubleishere.store desirablehair.store harmonyhair.store briefstrand.store
coordinatedstyle.store organicstrand.store notboringstyle.store godlyhair.store
tritestyle.store spookystyle.store highpitchedstyle.store nexthair.store
presenthair.store wantingstyle.store scatteredtress.store oomphandstyle.store
relevanthair.store guiltlfreestyle.store rebelhair.store willingtress.store
chiefhair.store protectivetress.store unitedstrand.store severehair.store
allegedaffair.store happyhair.store maddeningtress.store partytress.store
perfecttress.store delightfulstyle.store flippanthair.store suspicioushair.store
oldlifestyleedhair.store aquaticstyle.store greystrand.store dashingstrand.store

30+ Handmade Brand Name Ideas

homemadeappeal.store styleappeal.store gleamingappeal.store
handcraftedbeauty.store adorablebeauty.store glisteningbeauty.store
handicraftcharisma.store alluringcharisma.store luminouscharisma.store
homespunglamour.store attractionglamour.store radiantglamour.store
alluregrace.store bloomgrace.store shimmeringgrace.store
artistrymagic.store craftmagic.store glowingmagic.store
charmappeal.store enchantingappeal.store sunnyappeal.store
delicacybeauty.store delightbeauty.store moonlightbeauty.store
elegancecharisma.store rusticcharisma.store cheerycharisma.store
goodlooksglamour.store fancyglamour.store glowingglamour.store
graceembrace.store glamorgrace.store happyembrace.store
finemagic.store dazzleembrace.store joyfulmagic.store

30+ Herbal Brand Name Ideas 

flowerblossom.store pureunfold.store morningburst.store
grassbloom.store naturegrow.store mountainmagic.store
seedlingunfold.store springburst.store justappeal.store
shrubgrow.store gardenmagic.store onlythrive.store
treeburst.store valleyappeal.store raindropblossom.store
vinemagic.store windythrive.store lovelightbloom.store
leafappeal.store moonlightblossom.store valleygrow.store
rawthrive.store sunshinebloom.store windyburst.store
rusticblossom.store rosebudunfold.store moonlightmagic.store
wholebloom.store lilymistgrow.store rosebudmagic.store

50+ Lipgloss Company Name Ideas

Brightkiss.store Pinklips.store Classylips.store
Clearlips.store Radiantyum.store Closedyum.store
Coloredyum.store Richkiss.store Curvedlips.store
Colorfulkiss.store Rosylips.store Cuteyum.store
Corallips.store Scarletyum.store Delightfullips.store
Darkyum.store Sheerlips.store Desirableyum.store
Delicatelips.store Silkyyum.store Divinelips.store
Dewyyum.store Smoothlips.store Dreamyyum.store
Filmykiss.store Softkiss.store Dulcetkiss.store
Finekiss.store Strawberrylips.store Fabulouslips.store
Fleshylips.store Transculentyum.store Lubriciouslips.store
Full-bodiedyum.store Transparentkiss.store Lusciouskiss.store
Gleamingkiss.store Warmlips.store Lushlips.store
Glitterylips.store Wetyum.store Lustrousyum.store
Glossyyum.store Alluringlips.store Moistkiss.store
Glowinglips.store Appealingyum.store Naturallips.store
Honeyedyum.store Attractivekiss.store Nudeyum.store
Hotyum.store Beautifullips.store Opaquelips.store
Juicylips.store Bowlikeyum.store Paintedyum.store
Linedkiss.store Brimkiss.store Peachykiss.store

50+ Cosmetic Line Names Ideas

Whether it’s eye makeup or any other makeup group names, this list has you covered.

ablazedeal.store dazeddeal.store
affixedsteal.store deep-setsteal.store
all-knowingvalue.store dilatedvalue.store
alluringvalue.store doe-eyeddeal.store
almond-shapedpurchase.store dopeysteal.store
amazedget.store dreamyvalue.store
beadytake.store droopingdeal.store
beautifulacquire.store electricsteal.store
bewitchingdeal.store elongatedvalue.store
blanksteal.store emeraldpurchase.store
blindvalue.store emotionalget.store
blinkingvalue.store emptytake.store
bloodshotpurchase.store expressionlessacquire.store
blueget.store expressivepay.store
blue-eyedtake.store fierymarket.store
brightacquire.store fleckedsell.store
broodingdeal.store flickeringsale.store
brownsteal.store flutteringacquisition.store
brown-eyedvalue.store focusedbargain.store
bug-eyeddeal.store gentledeal.store
bulgingsteal.store glazedsteal.store
burningvalue.store glisteningvalue.store
cat-likeget.store glitteringdeal.store
closetake.store greensteal.store
close-setacquire.store greeneyedvalue.store
cloudypay.store hardenedgaze.store
commandingmarket.store hazelbeauty.store
compassionatesell.store heavylids.store
crosseyeddeal.store heavyliddeddeal.store
dancingsteal.store hollowsteal.store
darkvalue.store honestvalue.store

50+ Clothing Brand Name Ideas

What’s a good name for a clothing line? It’s a simple question but finding good and catchy clothing brand names can be a challenge.

If you’re looking for clothing brand name ideas that still aren’t taken then these ideas have got you covered. Whether it’s t-shirt brand names of urban clothing brand name ideas, this list has it all.

activewear.store cushionedclothes.store breathablesuit.store
adjustableclothes.store customclothes.store bustyclothes.store
adorableapparel.store cutoutclothes.store buttondown.store
affordablewear.store cutout.store buttonedwear.store
anatomicsuit.store cuteclothes.store casualclothes.store
anatomicallydesigned.store cuttingedge.store cheeryapparel.store
antimicrobialwear.store daintywear.store chicwear.store
asymmetricalclothes.store dapperclothes.store classicsuit.store
avantgardeapparel.store decorativeapparel.store collaredclothes.store
bandedwear.store demiwear.store coloredapparel.store
beadedsuit.store dependablesuit.store colorfulwear.store
beautifulclothes.store designerwear.store comfortableclothes.store
bigandtall.store detailedclothes.store comfyapparel.store
blousedclothes.store discountedapparel.store constructedofwear.store
bohoclothes.store distressedclothes.store contemporarysuit.store
bohochic.store doublebreasted.store controltop.store
boldwear.store dramaticwear.store coolwear.store
bootcutclothes.store drapeyclothes.store couturesuit.store
boxyapparel.store durableapparel.store crispclothes.store
boys’wear.store easytomaintain.store crossstitched.store

60+ Clothing Store Name Ideas

Looking for cool, chic, and great clothing store name ideas? Look no further. Check out these 60+ clothing store name ideas for your business name.

accentuatingclothes.store comfortableclothing.store
activewear.store comfywear.store
adjustableclothing.store funkywear.store
adorablewear.store gatheredclothing.store
affordableclothing.store geometricclothing.store
anatomicwear.store plushclothes.store
anatomicallydesigned.store polishedclothing.store
antimicrobialclothing.store practicalwear.store
asymmetricalwear.store pragmaticclothing.store
avantgardeclothing.store premiumwear.store
bandedclothing.store preppyclothing.store
beadedclothing.store pressedwear.store
beautifulwear.store prettyclothing.store
blousedwear.store printedclothes.store
bohowear.store professionalwear.store
bohochicclothing.store protectiveclothing.store
boldwear.store straplessclothing.store
bootcutclothing.store strappyclothes.store
boxyclothing.store stretchclothing.store
boyswear.store stretchyclothes.store
breathableclothing.store structuralwear.store
bustywear.store stunningclothing.store
buttondown.store stylishwear.store
buttonedclothing.store superiorclothing.store
casualwear.store supersoftclothes.store
cheeryclothing.store suppleclothing.store
chicclothing.store supportivewear.store
classicwear.store sweetheartclothing.store
collaredclothing.store symmetricalclothes.store
coloredclothes.store syntheticwear.store
colorfulclothing.store tailoredclothing.store

50+ Urban Clothing Line Name Ideas

Looking for urban clothing line name ideas? Look no further. Check out these cool and hip urban clothing line name ideas for inspiration.

slouchedurban.store polishedclothing.store
slouchyclothing.store practicalurban.store
smallurban.store pragmaticclothing.store
snugclothing.store premiumurban.store
softurban.store preppyclothing.store
solidclothing.store pressedurban.store
sophisticatedurban.store ergonomicclothing.store
spiritualclothing.store essentialurban.store
sportyurban.store everydayclothing.store
standardclothing.store exceptionalurban.store
standard-fiturban.store excitingclothing.store
state-of-the-artclothing.store exoticurban.store
stitchedurban.store exposedclothing.store
straightclothing.store fauxurban.store
straplessurban.store favoriteclothing.store
strappyclothing.store feminineurban.store
stretchurban.store festivalclothing.store
stretchyclothing.store figurefriendly.store
structuralurban.store finelydetailed.store
stunningclothing.store silkyurban.store
organicurban.store silkysoft.store
oversizedclothing.store simpleurban.store
patchworkurban.store skinnyclothing.store
patternedclothing.store skinny-fiturban.store
peasanturban.store sleekclothing.store
petiteclothing.store slimmerurban.store
piecedurban.store slimmingclothing.store
pleatedclothing.store slinkyurban.store
plungingurban.store metallicclothing.store
plussizeclothing.store miniurban.store
plushurban.store minimalistclothing.store

The Role Of A Domain Name In Branding Your Lifestyle  Brand 

Once you’ve picked a suitable brand name from your list of lifestyle brand name ideas, the next step is to hunt for a brandable domain name for it.


Because a domain name plays a crucial role in telling people what you do and what to expect when they land on your website.

In fact, marketing experts and branding agencies strongly believe that a domain name makes for one of the most valuable assets a brand can own.

And they’re quite right!

Because a long, awkward, and complicated URL will dissuade people from typing your URL into their browser and it will hamper your brand building agenda.

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How To Pick A Brandable Name For Your Lifestyle Brand?

Here’s what you need to do to pick a brandable name for your lifestyle brand:

Pick A Name That Is Innovative

Pick an innovative name that has a nice ring to it and one that is unique and in sync with what you are offering.

To do this, you should research and study what names are trending in your industry.

This exercise will give you a deeper understanding of what kinds of names will work well for your lifestyle brand and which won’t fare well.

For instance, selecting a name on a new domain extension like .store makes for an innovative choice.

Take for instance, www.husk.store, a name that is innovative and simple.

Pick A Name That Is Search-Friendly 

When hunting for a name from your list of lifestyle brand name ideas, be sure to look for a name that includes the most intuitive search keywords.

Ideally, you should search for a name that has a reasonably decent search volume and a low keyword competition.

This will enable your lifestyle brand’s website to rank high on search engines.

With voice search and semantic search changing how people search the internet, picking a name that is search engine friendly means you’re investing in a name that is future-proof.

For instance, www.sweetheart.store is a search-friendly name.

Pick A Name That Makes Brand Building Easy

Typically speaking, you should choose a name that is snappy and short.

Your lifestyle brand’s name should ideally be 1-3 words and limited to under 18 characters.

Avoid picking a name that includes any misspellings or abbreviations or hyphens or numbers as this will derail the searchable criteria mentioned above.

For example, www.emirates.store is a crisp and clean web address.


Search your .store domain NOW!


Which Domain Extension Is Best For A Lifestyle Brand?

Conventional domain extensions have been around for decades and are home to millions of websites.

This makes finding the name of your choice on traditional older domain extensions is a painstaking and arduous task.

Not only is .store a meaningful and relevant domain extension for a lifestyle eCommerce brand looking to establish an online store to sell online, but it’s also perfect for lifestyle and clothing brands that wish to establish an online sales avenue.

Picking a name on a new domain extension such as .store means you can easily cover all the qualities that make for a great brand name that we mentioned earlier.

However, here’s why you should consider picking a name on .store:

Names Are Relevant

Using a .store domain extension is probably the most logical way of denoting that your lifestyle brand is also in the business of selling online.

For example, www.juliesoutlet.store 

Names Are Easy To Understand

The word ‘store’ is synonymous with a business that sells something, and it represents a place where people can purchase from.

This means your brand name on .store will be easy to understand on a global scale.

For example, www.supercoolsupply.store

Names Are Available

Since .store is a relatively new domain extension, you stand a great chance of finding the name of your choice for your lifestyle brand on it.

This means you can select a brand name that is short, memorable, and brandable for your lifestyle label’s online store.

For example, www.nickelbrook.store

Names Are Contextual And Meaningful

Relevancy, memorability, and availability make for the perfect ingredients for a meaningful and definitive name for your lifestyle label.

These qualities of .store make it well-suited, not just for online lifestyle brands but even for brick and mortar retail businesses looking to establish an online presence.

For example, www.ecobeings.store

Final Thoughts

It’s super easy to find the perfect name from your list of lifestyle brand name ideas. All you have to do is follow the guidelines mentioned above!

Search your .store domain NOW!




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