Tips for Choosing A Winning Domain Name for Your eCommerce Business

How to Pick the Best Domain Name for eCommerce Business Website

Choosing a domain name for your eCommerce website is a very important decision as it will have a long-term impact on your business growth.

Many eCommerce business owners think of a domain name as just a web address for their website.

However, picking a domain name for your eCommerce business website is much more than that.

Your domain name resembles your brand on the internet and for the most part, it should the same as your brand name.

It is advisable to pick a domain name that is rich in keywords and one that can get a lot of search engine mojo going for itself to drive traffic and increase conversions.

Furthermore, choosing a brandable domain name also serves as a strategic long-term investment.

After all, you wouldn’t want to change your brand name and hamper with the authority you build along the way.

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So, what should you do (or not do) when picking the perfect domain name for your eCommerce website? Find out below.

Domain Name Suggestions for Your eCommerce Website 

Be smart – Use the name of your brand or product

If you’ve already crafted a smart name for your eCommerce business, we advise sticking to the brand name for your website.

When it comes to choosing a smart domain name for your eCommerce website, there are plenty of new domain names to choose from.

And there is a very good chance that your brand name is available on them! is an example of an online store using a smart domain name.

Be practical – Pick a short name

In case you haven’t picked a name for your online business or if you plan on using a new name for your eCommerce website, we advise picking a name that is short and memorable.

A short and memorable name goes a long way in building a brand as it is catchy and easy to remember.

Also, you must remember that your brand isn’t just competing with industry players; it’s wrestling with millions of other brands across millions of domain names.

Consider The Stately Shirt Co. that went from to

Be SEO proficient – Pick a keyword rich domain name

As mentioned above, a domain name that is rich in keywords will help your online store rank higher on search engines.

Pick a name that is specific to your core brand ideas or what you offer.

A short, smart, and slick domain name that is relevant to your business will do wonders for your SEO game.

A keyword rich domain name helps in getting backlinks and can in-turn help a website to rank higher.

For instance, can get backlinks on the anchor text ‘Street Fashion Store’ from reputed websites.

This will give search engines a positive indication about its relevance for those keywords.

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Be simple – Pick a word that is easy to understand

Your online store will be accessible to the world and so it deserves a name that is understood across various geographies without any difficulty.

A name that is free of any lingual or grammatical errors will help your store to be remembered by people and thus help it to transform into a stellar online brand.

For instance, is a simple web address that is easy to remember and one that is globally understood.

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What You Should Not Do

Avoid using long names

Getting the domain name right can be a tad bit difficult since most names on .com or .net are already taken.

We advise not to compromise on your short brand name by picking a name that is long or awkward just to be on a .com.

Not only are long names hard to remember, but they bring in a sense of inconsistency and lack credibility.

Long names won’t do well to gain brand trust and brand loyalty. Instead of picking, why not pick

Avoid including unwanted characters

Pick a name that is devoid of any unnecessary characters that will clutter your brand name.

Your domain name should be free of any confusion and must be easy to type and easy to understand.

The best way to ensure this is to test your domain name on the radio test.

Eliminate all confusion by picking a clean domain name.

  • Avoid clubbing numbers with words (
  • Avoid using hyphens (
  • Avoid using abbreviations (
  • Avoid using unusual spellings (

In short, pick a domain name that your browsers can remember without any hassle.

Avoid using a name that sounds like someone else’s name

The last thing you want is for your brand to be mixed up with another business or another brand.

Avoid selecting a name that sounds like another brand’s name.

This strategy often backfires because of the massive legal implications it brings with it and is also a marketing disaster.

It is advisable to be original and let your brand build its own market momentum.

On the flip side, you must ensure that nobody piggybacks on your brand name for their own benefit.

“Keep these tips in mind when picking the perfect domain name for your online store.”

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