How to Start an Online Pet Store: Sell Pet Supplies Through eCommerce

How to Start an Online Pet Store: Sell Pet Supplies Through eCommerce

Prepping for an online pet store can be a daunting process. From the logistics to aesthetics – setting up eCommerce websites selling American pet products can be an uphill task for a novice entrepreneur.

set up an online pet store

However, you can start your business with the right skill set and relevant knowledge.

If you are an animal lover with great entrepreneurial ideas, then this article will further help you to realize your dream.

Setting up an online pet supply business 

  • Create a business plan:

To make any entrepreneurial venture a thriving success, a robust business plan is the most basic requirement.

For your pet supplies business, the first step is to draw up an action plan. Some essential information that this action plan must consist of is: 

  • Name of the online pet store
  • Services offered
  • Location of the business
  • Mode of payment
  • Information on suppliers
  • Legal and regulatory conditions, if any
  • Any other relevant information integral to the smooth functioning of the business

Before you go on to the next steps of establishing your pet store, you must have most of the above factors ironed out. This will eliminate possible issues in the future.

The services that you intend to offer at your online pet store should also be laid out. These services can be anything from selling pet products to grooming and training of pets.

Make sure that you handle each query that may crop up. Present your services in an organized and clear manner to attract your customers.

  • Learn about your market

Before intending to start any business, make sure you well aware of the expectations of the market. Try to match up the needs with the market’s demands and accordingly set up your business.

A clear and concise idea about the opportunities and challenges in the desired industry can help in formulating the business plan and prepare you for any unforeseen circumstances.

As a budding entrepreneur venturing into the pet industry,  a complete SWOT analysis before drafting a business plan can be an excellent way to start your research. 

Further, you must also ensure that your research is multi-dimensional and layered.

For example – if you intend to start a business of pet food, then your research should include extensive technical and analytical knowledge about the pet industry in the USA, types of American pet products, the year on year growth numbers, and significant barriers to entry.

In your second level of research, you should dig deeper and learn about the major players dealing in the online pet supply business, specifically ‘pet food’ and the modes of business therein.

This will help you get a holistic view of the market, thus helping you create a disaster-proof business plan. 

  • Know your customer

Along with knowing your market, it is also essential to study your potential customers.

Focussing on their needs, demands, and attitudes are integral to the success of your online pet store. The target customer of any pet store – pet parents are no different from human parents when it comes to pampering and caring for their pet babies.

Thus, your customer must trust you and your services. You must learn everything possible about your target customer and design your eCommerce website and products/ services accordingly.

This will entice these pet parents and build a good reputation for your online pet store.  

Further, depending on the location that your online pet store is based in, you must also create personalized services and products that further help pet parents in identifying your store as their go-to online pet store. 

  • Set up your infrastructure (brand-name, domain name, website, etc) 

Now that all the background research is in place vis-à-vis business plan, market study, and customer insights, you are finally ready to start creating the infrastructure for your business.

Begin by choosing a brand name and a suitable eCommerce domain name for your pet store. You could choose a domain name to exactly match your brand name or you could find something keyword-rich and descriptive, such as


Here are some more brand names for pet stores to help you choose a great name for your online pet store:

60+ Pet Brand Name Ideas to Inspire You 

These amazing brand names can be registered on a .Store domain name.


Search your .Store domain now!

Search for your business name or category. or


Since you are starting a wholly online pet store, it is imperative that you hire an ace web designer and hosting service for your eCommerce website. 

The website of your online pet store should have an easy and appealing user interface that is pleasurable to the eyes of the consumer.

If you are selling pet supplies, you should make sure the pictures of your products are good quality, well-edited, and realistic so that it can help the customer in making an informed decision. 

You must also choose soothing colors for your website to make it look attractive to the buyer. The website should also be easily identifiable by search engines and at all times be well maintained, secure, and glitch-free.

The loading speed should be above average, and any data entered on the website should be encrypted. The payment gateway should be especially well monitored to ensure it is free from cyber attacks and viruses. 

  • Promote your online pet store

Last but not least, marketing. Your pet product/ service may be the best in class, but if it is not marketed well, it will fail miserably.

Once the business is set up, you should set aside a monthly budget that is solely used to develop the business and market it to potential customers. 

You can market your online pet store in various ways. Though however, considering that it’s a purely online space, digital marketing could be the best and most cost-effective method.

You can engage with your followers on social media, and regularly update them with any offers that you are running at the store.

You can also go live on your social media pages with customized campaigns and host giveaways and competitions to increase your consumer base and create a better brand recall. 

Start Your Very Own Online Pet Store

For an entrepreneur, a business is a passion project. For a pet business owner, it is a passion as well as something that has cultivated out of his/ her sheer love for animals and other fuzzy creatures.

Thus, you are not expected to be perfect, or a know it all. There will be some mistakes, but you will learn along the way. The trick here is not to feel intimidated by any initial setbacks and consistently work towards building a profitable venture. 

Here, we have tried to help you start your online pet store from scratch. However, these steps are not exhaustive or ultimate.

There are a lot of factors that come into play while setting up an online pet supply business; these, however, are the basics that will surely help you get kickstart this exciting journey. 

Search your .Store domain now!

Search for your business name or category. or


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