How To Start Selling T-Shirts Online (+30 T-Shirt Business Name Ideas)

How To Start Selling T-Shirts Online (+30 T-Shirt Business Name Ideas)

T-shirts have been a fundamental part of wardrobes across the globe for a really long time. Its universal acceptance and popularity among all demographics make selling T-shirts online a lucrative business opportunity for lots of entrepreneurs. 

selling t-shirt online

T-shirts are economical to source, have a universal appeal and are pretty simple to customize. As a result, ‘selling T-shirts online’ is a popular choice for beginners, as well as veteran eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Even though this business seems to be easy, there are a lot of things you need to take care of to make it successful. A good understanding of your competition, making sure that your brand stands out from the crowd, high-quality produces, unique design and strong brand image are some areas you will really need to focus on.

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Well, let’s help you with some steps that will help you start selling T-shirts online.

4 Steps To Keep In Mind Before You Start Selling T-Shirts Online

#1 Find Your Target Audience And Niche

Start by asking yourself, “who is going to buy these t-shirts”?

eCommerce is a huge world and there are multiple T-shirt sellers out there. Answering this question will help you figure out a way to define who you are catering to and this will help to stand out from the competition.

Now you may be wondering how defining a target audience will help since almost everyone wears t-shirts. Well, narrowing down your target audience is what will help you find your product niche.

It will help you to clearly envision and define what your product should look like, who is going to buy it, how will it be perceived, and why will the buyers need it. Understanding the interests of people around you and your target audience will help you define that niche.

#2 Setting Up An Online Store

Once you have determined a target audience and niche for your T-shirt business, the next step if for you to set up an online store. While there are multiple eCommerce platforms that will enable you to launch a store in just a matter of minutes, finding the perfect domain name for it may pose a challenge. 

The best way to overcome this challenge? Pick a brandable, short name on a relevant .store domain. Not only does the .store domain clearly communicate that you are in the business of selling online, but it also helps to better position your brand and helps to stand out from other t-shirt business that are using clunky domain names.

For instance, Stately Shirts, the company that offers high-quality printed t-shirts that showcase numerous geographic states for people to flaunt and celebrate, uses as its web address.

According to Seth Maschmeier, the Founder at Stately:

“Our original domain was which we eventually decided was far too long and could be difficult for people to remember or even read at a glance. So then we worked on finding easier domains.

We went to and then and then Then I thought just “Stately” would be perfect. We picked and .STORE works great because we offer more than just shirts and will continue to expand with our ideas. It describes who we are very well.” is a pretty cool domain name. You can take inspiration from the name ideas mentioned in the second half of this article.

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#3 Adding Products To Your Store

After setting up your online store, you need to add products to it. There are lots of ways through which you can source your products for your online store.

One of the easiest ways is to partner up with a “print on demand” site, which prints t-shirts on demand. There are also websites that provide the service of shipping them along with printing.

Since the products are going to be printed only when the order is placed, there wouldn’t be any extra upfront costs. In this way, you can also introduce newer products, and even discard the ones that aren’t selling.

 #4 Failing And Trying

Your research might have suggested that whatever product you have designed and created will be driving a huge amount of sales. However such results are sometimes impossible to achieve by just launching your store.

Your predictions might fail to match the actual needs of your target audience resulting in low sales. Don’t let it put you back.

To sell T-shirts online is a process of trial and error. Giving the customers a voice is going to help you find the solution. If a design isn’t working out, try something very different.

If buyers don’t react to it, try something yet again. Let them pick what products and designs are attractive to them. Empower customers to give you feedback so you can fine-tune your offerings and give them what they need. 

Creative Online Store Name Ideas For Your T-Shirt Business 

An important part of starting a t-shirt business online is finding the right name for it. While you certainly can come up with creative name ideas, finding exact match domain names can be challenging.

The best way to solve this name-game muddle is to pick a smart name on a relevant new domain extension like .store. As a word that has always been associated with a business that sells something, the .store domain fits perfectly for any business selling online.

We’ve listed out 30 name ideas and their available domain names for you to take inspiration from.



Making The First Sale

Having an online t-shirt store up and running is just the first step. The real deal is to make that first sale. Below are a few things that might help you do that successfully.

Product Reviews

It’s a proven fact that product reviews accelerate sales growth.

But the question that remains is how to score those product reviews before making the first sale?

The people who you can rely upon buying your product without questioning its legitimacy, are your family and friends. Ask them to buy your product, and once they have done that, learn about their shopping experience.

Get feedback from them about how you can improve, and also ask them to leave you a product review.

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Despite what you may think of it, this age-old trick always works like a charm. For a consumer, what’s better than getting something they need for free? It’s as simple as that.

A free giveaway campaign, in the beginning, is sure to attract a huge number of customer base and create much-needed brand awareness for you. Once they have used your product and they like it, they’re sure to use it again. They are even likely to recommend it to friends and family.

Social Media

In today’s world, every business has to maintain its presence on social media. And this is more applicable for eCommerce businesses. Consumers might not really come to your store, but there’s a much higher probability of them landing on your Instagram handle or Facebook page.

Truth be told, your audience will most likely find you on social media first. Which is why you need to invest in a strong Instagram marketing strategy and up your hashtag game

With Instagram’s Shoppable feature, you can even sell directly from the social media channel. 

The key is to use social media to your advantage to build an audience. Post about your products regularly and make sure your brand is reaching out to potential customers.

However, posting alone won’t help you attract customers to your brand. The more you engage with them, the more likely you are to create value for your brand in their minds.

You don’t have to be a salesman, you just have to provide great content and the rest will follow. Involve with forums, groups, blogs, and articles and it will get your brand noticed.

Hell, get them to participate in a quirky hashtag challenge!

Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing’ is something that has gained unfathomable popularity in the past few years. Social media influencers are people with a large follower base and their followers tend to hero-worship them. 

In other words, followers want to use products that influencers are using, do the things that they are doing. It’s simple – these social media influencers already hold a strong position among members of your target audience.

This means you can leverage from collaborating with these influencers who will happily promote your t-shirts and your brand to their followers. 

Influencers promoting your brand on their social media handles (in exchange for a few free T-shirts), could really attract a lot of customers to your store.

Retargeting Ads

Most of the time, you will find users browsing through your product catalogs, adding your product to their cart but leaving without making a purchase. 

Cart abandonment is inevitable and online shoppers do that all the time.

The solution to this is a solid retargeting campaign. Retargeting ads use cookie-based technology to make sure that the visitors who left your store without placing the order, are being shown custom ads about the same products on their social media handles.

Even when they are surfing on the web, with no intention to shop online, you can show them the ads about the products they intended to buy and eventually didn’t.

Final Thoughts

Since you will be new to the business of selling T-shirts online, you’ll need to figure out ways to stand out from the existing t-shirt business owners. A great way to do that is to understand your target audience, what they need, what their lifestyle is like, and how you brand yourself to meet their ideologies. 

It’s simple – If someone can relate to your product, selling is easy.

Starting an online t-shirt store? Build it on a .store domain!

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