Instagram Hashtags for your eCommerce Brand Promotion: 10 Questions

Answered: 10 Burning Questions About Instagram Hashtags for your eCommerce Brand Promotion

Instagram marketing has changed the way eCommerce businesses go about implementing their social media marketing campaigns. Since selling on Instagram is now a reality, your eCommerce business has the lucrative option to tap into the visual social media giant’s 1 billion active users and convert them into loyal customers. And the most effective way to engage, convince, and convert your target audience is to use the right Instagram hashtags.

Instagram hashtags

Question 1: What Are Instagram Hashtags?

Instagram hashtags are singular words, or a string of words, or a phrase (with no spaces), that begin with the hash (#) symbol. Hashtags are used as part of an Instagram post’s description.

Hashtags are a means of categorization that Instagram uses to organize and compartmentalize content in order to better distribute it to users.

Simply put, hashtags enable Instagram to present the right content to the right users. For example, #pizza or #homemadepizza.

Question 2: Who Uses Instagram Hashtags?

Twitter may have started it the hashtag trend, but they’ve now spread like wildfire and engulfed other social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Vine, Google+, Facebook and most recently Google search.

When it comes to Instagram hashtags, everyone uses them to drive traffic to their posts or to a relevant target audience. For instance, #drivetastefully is a popular hashtag in the petrolhead community.

Similarly, #outfitoftheday is used by fashion influencers and retail brands.

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Question 3: How Do Instagram Hashtags Work?

Hashtags on Instagram can be inserted into the description section of posts and they then become clickable phrases. Simply adding a # in front of any word or phrase can turn it into a working hashtag.

Hashtags are used to classify content and efficiently present it to users. So when a user clicks on a hashtag on a specific Instagram post, they’re directed to its discover feed, which displays the collection of all public content attached to the particular hashtag.

Since hashtags are a means of content classification and primarily used by people to discover new content, the right hashtags can help your target audience learn about your eCommerce brand.

Citing the growing importance of hashtags, Instagram has expanded the functionality of hashtags.

Clickable Instagram hashtags can now be included as part of a brand’s or individual’s profile bio. Even Instagram Stories are now equipped to include a hashtag sticker.

This means your eCommerce brand can include working hashtags on your Stories.

When users’ click on the hashtag, they’ll be taken to the hashtag’s feed, exactly how the way they would if they’d clicked on a hashtag on your post.

This is especially useful for eCommerce brands looking to promote certain products through a catchy hashtag.

Furthermore, Instagram has enabled users to follow hashtags that they’re interested in. This ensures that content related to those specific hashtags appear regularly as part of their feed.

Question 4: Why Should You Use Instagram Hashtags?

Using hashtags on your Instagram posts have multiple advantages and purposes. So, here’s why you should use Instagram hashtags for your posts:

1. Increase Likes: 

When you include hashtags for your Instagram posts, you are giving users another lucrative avenue to search for your posts, and your brand.

Because users who are interested in eCommerce or fashion or retail are likely to search for relevant hashtags that are related to your brand.

This is why it’s a great idea to hunt for the best and most relevant hashtags for people to stumble upon your posts and like them.

2. Increase Followers: 

Using the right Instagram hashtags is a great way to improve your brand’s visibility on the platform as it helps to get people to notice your brand and what you offer.

This means you will be able to use hashtags as a means to target the right audience that is interested in what you are offering. This means they will follow you which will help you to extend your reach.

This is great for your eCommerce brand as you’ll be able to promote your products and your brand to relevant users.

3. Drive Sales: 

Instagram hashtags aren’t just about increasing likes and followers; they also have a tremendous value attached to them in terms of driving sales.

If you use specific relevant hashtags to promote specific products, then you’re likely to attract users who are looking to buy something niche similar to what you are offering.

This means you significantly boost your online store’s sales with well-crafted Instagram hashtags when coupled with enticing visuals.

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Question 5: How To Find The Most Relevant Instagram Hashtags for eCommerce?

When you are running an eCommerce business or an online store, it is imperative to establish a strong presence on Instagram.

And since hashtags are the best way to increase likes, followers, and drive sales, it is essential to understand the logic involved in searching for the most relevant Instagram hashtags.

To help your research process, here are 5 imperative questions to address before you decide which Instagram hashtags to choose:

1. Who Is Your Target Audience?

There are numerous popular hashtags on Instagram. However, if you’re simply going to add the most famous or randomly popular hashtag to every post, you’re not going to have any success.

What will help is studying who your audience is and what they are searching for?

For instance, if you are including high ranking keywords that your audience is searching for, there’s a higher probability of them discovering your brand.

2. What Hashtags Are Your Competitors Using?

Another way to choose relevant Instagram hashtags is to analyze what hashtags your competitors are frequently using or what hashtags are driving engagement for them.

Make note that this doesn’t mean that you have to blatantly imitate those exact same hashtags in your own Instagram posts.

The idea here is to help you get creative with your hashtag game whilst targeting a relevant audience that is looking for content within a niche industry.

3. Which Hashtags Are Instagram Influencers Using?

Instagram home to some of the strongest and most diverse set of fashion and style related influencers.

Instagram influencers are people with a massive following who endorse products and promote their own sense of personal opinions.

You can run a check on the hashtags that influencers are using to drive traffic. See which ones are relevant to your brand and the products you sell and accordingly tweak them or use them as is.

4. Which Hashtags Are Trending On Twitter?

Twitter was the birthplace of hashtags being used to classify content and so, if you are looking to search for trending topics or hashtags that are relevant to your product, Twitter can give you a helping hand.

However, hashtags on Twitter work differently as compared to Instagram.

Twitter is focused on news and trending topics and therefore, you can use Twitter as a research tool instead of thoughtlessly copy-pasting the same hashtags into your Instagram post.

5. Which Tools Can Help in Finding the Most Relevant Instagram Hashtags?

When it comes to scoping out the perfect Instagram hashtags for your eCommerce brand, there are several nifty tools that you can use.

Here are 5 tools to help you with finding hashtags for your eCommerce brand’s Instagram posts:

Question 6: Which Instagram Hashtags Are Trending?

Best Instagram Hashtags In 2019:

  1. #photooftheday
  2. #instagood
  3. #nofilter
  4. #tbt
  5. #igers
  6. #picoftheday
  7. #love
  8. #nature
  9. #swag
  10. #lifeisgood
  11. #caseofthemondays
  12. #instapic
  13. #instadaily
  14. #selfie
  15. #instamood
  16. #bestoftheday

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These Instagram hashtags are the most popular overall, which means they might not all be relevant to your eCommerce business.

Take a look below at some of the top Instagram hashtags for specific niches.

Best Hashtags To increase Likes And Follows

  1. #followme
  2. #likeforlike
  3. #like4like
  4. #follow4follow
  5. #followforfollow
  6. #f4f

Best Instagram Hashtags For Fashion eCommerce

  1. #styleinspo
  2. #ootd
  3. #outfitoftheday
  4. #whatiwore
  5. #shoppingaddict
  6. #beautydoesnthavetobepain
  7. #currentlywearing
  8. #instastyle
  9. #lookgoodfeelgood
  10. #fashion

Best Instagram Hashtags For Travel eCommerce

  1. #travel
  2. #staycation
  3. #vacation
  4. #sunsout
  5. #resortwear
  6. #tourist
  7. #travelbug
  8. #solotravel
  9. #honeymoon
  10. #traveltuesday
  11. #wanderlust
  12. #wanderlustwednesday
  13. #travelgram
  14. #sun

Best Instagram Hashtags For Food And Beverage eCommerce

  1. #instafood
  2. #omnomnom
  3. #foodporn
  4. #food
  5. #foodie
  6. #organic
  7. #healthyeats
  8. #goodeats
  9. #vegetarian
  10. #vegan
  11. #glutenfree
  12. #hungry
  13. #homemade
  14. #madefromscratch
  15. Best pet care hashtags
  16. #puppylove
  17. #mansbestfriend
  18. #womansbestfriend
  19. #catsofinstagram
  20. #dogsofinstagram
  21. #dogstagram
  22. #doglife
  23. #catlife
  24. #instapet

Best Tech and Gadgets Hashtags

  1. #techie
  2. #latesttech
  3. #ilovemygadgets
  4. #gadgetsgalore
  5. #apple
  6. #android
  7. #applevsandroid
  8. #wearabletech
  9. #VR
  10. #mobile
  11. #makinglifeeasier
  12. #innovation

Best Instagram Hashtags For Weddings eCommerce

  1. #ido
  2. #tyingtheknot
  3. #shesaidyes
  4. #heasked
  5. #fallwedding
  6. #rusticwedding
  7. #summerwedding
  8. #weddingfavors
  9. #centerpieces
  10. #sayyestothedress
  11. #bohowedding
  12. #weddinghair
  13. #weddingstyle
  14. #loveislove

Best Instagram Hashtags For Fitness And Workout Equipement eCommerce

  1. #lookgoodfeelgood
  2. #feeltheburn
  3. #nopainnogain
  4. #workingonabetterme
  5. #cardio
  6. #fitfam
  7. #yogafordays
  8. #fitlife
  9. #trainhard
  10. #noexcuses

Best Instagram Hashtags For Holidays Sales

  1. #stockingstuffers
  2. #christmasdecor
  3. #spookyhalloween
  4. #happyhalloween
  5. #thanksgivingtable
  6. #turkeyorham
  7. #valentineformyvalentine
  8. #happyfourth
  9. #newyearseve
  10. #newyearsresolution
  11. #holidaycrazy
  12. #holidayspirit
  13. #kwanza
  14. #hanukkahgift
  15. #underthetree

Best Instagram Hashtags For Contests

  1. #instacontest
  2. #instagiveaway
  3. #giveaway
  4. #sweepstakes
  5. #contestalert
  6. #contestentry
  7. #winit
  8. #freebie
  9. #winitwednesday

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Question 7: What Are The Different Types Of Instagram Hashtags? 

Since hashtags are basically a string of words or a singular word, you can use hashtags in a number of ways to drive engagement and to build a stronger follower base for your eCommerce brand.

Here are 5 different ways to use Instagram hashtags:

1. Brand Building Hashtags

Branded hashtags are exclusive hashtags crafted specifically for your brand or a particular product. They should be a part of your profile bio.

The primary objective here is to use that specific hashtag to work as a message to build awareness and encourage users to share content using the hashtag.

Just Like Apple does with #ShotOniPhone

2. Location Specific Hashtags

This type of hashtag is applicable to local eCommerce businesses that are selling to local audiences.

For instance, if you’re selling state-based T-shirts, why not use #NewYorkHustle or #CaliforniaLove to connect with the right audience.

3. Fun Hashtags

These Instagram hashtags are situational based or rather based on the post. Fun hashtags work well to engage with your current audience and do less to grow your audience.

For instance, a post that includes #shoptillyoudrop is a fun-filled hashtag that is entertaining and engaging.

4. General Hashtags

General hashtags such a #latergram or #instagood or #tbt can be frequently used and for any post. These Instagram hashtags can give your posts a significant bump in likes and overall reach.

5. Seasonal Hashtags

You can use #fridayfeeling or #mondaymotivation to engage with your followers with weekly content.

Similarly, seasonal Instagram hashtags can be used to highlight holidays, a specific time of the year, or even a specific time of the day. Most users love timely content and they’re likely to do well.

6. Trending Hashtags

There are many hashtags that rank high and are popular only for a specific period of time. This mainly occurs during current events that span some calamity or certain political environments or some special event.

These hashtags can be used to drive traffic momentarily to your posts since the interest level of users for that particular topic is high.

7. Niche Hashtags

Certain niche products have a niche audience who have niche interests. For instance, there are many people who have a passion for veganism and organic foods.

Including niche hashtags such as #organicfood or #veganfood or #veganuary or #veganfoodrecipes will help you target the absolute right people.

8. Unique Event-Based Hashtags

Many brands use unique hashtags to alert their users about contests or special events. You can do the same for your online store.

Instagram hashtags like #contestalert and #instagiveaway can help you find an interested audience.

Similarly, hashtags like #flashsale or #BFCM can alert bargain hunters to your posts.

Question 8: How Many Instagram Hashtags Should You Use?

Instagram permits thirty hashtags on a single post. However, that’s not how many you should use.

While most marketing experts suggest using up to two or three hashtags, many others suggest using all thirty. The best way to gauge this is to test it for yourself and check which posts do better.

Question 9: What Are Banned Hashtags?

Not many know that Instagram bans certain hashtags. These words need not necessarily be swear words or derogatory phrases, but they imply and invoke bad taste. These words make the list of banned hashtags.

Instagram routinely “bans” hashtags (and profiles) that are frequently used to denote illicit content.

When compiling a list of relevant Instagram hashtags for your eCommerce brand’s posts, check out this full list of banned Instagram hashtags before zeroing in on your final choice.

Question 10: How To Measure Your Instagram Hashtag Strategy?

When it comes to marketing, all your efforts should be measured and analyzed. This is applicable for Instagram hashtags too. You need to dive into which hashtags are working and which ones aren’t.

Fortunately, there are several ways to measure the impact of your Instagram hashtags to your overall marketing strategy.

Step1: Use Instagram’s analytics or third-party analytics platforms to study the growth of your channel.

Step 2: Analyze the increase in impressions, reach, and likes for your profile and posts. If there is a big bump up in your followers or post likes, then your strategy is working. If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

Step 3: Use hashtag research tools to monitor the effectiveness of the Instagram hashtags that you frequently use. The key here is to ensure that the popularity of the hashtags you use is on the rise. Hashtracking is a useful tool to analyze hashtags for your Instagram posts.

Final Thoughts

Instagram hashtags are an eminent part of your overall Instagram marketing strategy. Without a well-crafted hashtag strategy, your Instagram posts won’t reach their true potential.

Which is why it is essential to pick out the most relevant and high-performing Instagram hashtags for your posts. However, analyze and measure them frequently and tweak them accordingly.

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