.store Domains: The Best New Domain Extension for eCommerce and Retail

.store Domains: The Best New Domain Extension for eCommerce and Retail

Today, eCommerce businesses, such as yourself, are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking domain extensions to denote your online store.

store domains

Of the hundreds of new domain extensions, names on .store domains are a favorite among eCommerce startups, brands, Esty stores, Amazon sellers, and several other newbie online businesses.

With this post, learn all about searching for a relevant, memorable, and meaningful online store names on .store domains.

.store Domains – The perfect choice for any business selling online

As a word that has long been associated with the act of selling or the place of purchase, .store clearly communicates what your business does.

Which is why it makes for the perfect choice for any business that is selling online.

It’s easy to understand and this means you can pick a short and snappy name that has a tremendous brand building potential.

Also, using a relevant, definitive, and meaningful domain extension such as .store is a smart way to bring innovation and creativity to your branding and marketing agenda.

For instance, www.twirl.store is a fitting example of a small business using .store to denote their space on the internet.

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The Role Of A Domain Name In Branding Your Online Store

There are many eCommerce websites with truly exceptional store names, and to stand out from the herd you need a name that breaks stereotypes.

Picking a memorable and brandable domain name is the first step towards setting up an online store.

Why? Because your domain name makes for the first touchpoint for people to get an understanding of what to you do.

Marketing gurus and brand experts believe that a slick and crisp domain name is one of the most valuable assets that a brand can own.

And they’re right. Because a long, awkward, clunky, and hard to understand URL will deter people from trusting your brand and typing in the web address of your online store.

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What Makes For A Great Online Store Name?

Starting an online business means investing a significant amount of effort in making the business sustainable and successful.

And this means your business deserves a fitting identity; one that will pique the interest of whoever comes across it.

This means owning a great domain name that aligns with your brand name.

Here’s what makes for a great domain name:

  • A domain name that is short, easy to type, and easy to remember
  • A domain name that is definitive, relevant, and meaningful
  • A domain name that is unique, innovative, and memorable
  • A domain name that is clean, crisp, and uncluttered (free of any lingual or grammatical errors)
  • A domain name that is descriptive of what you sell and the industry you belong to

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How Do I Come Up With An Online Store Name?

A great online store name is one that is unique, searchable, and brandable.

  • Unique

Deep dive and research far and wide before picking a name for your new online store.

Opt for something that is unique and innovative and one that resonates with what you offer.

Look for what names are trending in your space.

For instance, if you are in the business of selling fashion accessories, study the brand monikers acquired by top players and choose accordingly.

This exercise will help you understand the true difference between names that are successful, and which aren’t.

To pip the competition, you should consider selecting a name on .store domains which are innovative and also makes for a unique choice.

Take, for instance, www.threadly.store, a unique name that is innovative and memorable.

  • Searchable

When searching for a name for your online store, keep SEO in mind. Your brand name and domain name should be contextually rich and should double up as intuitive search keywords.

For your website to rank high on search engines, hunt for a name that has a fairly decent search volume and a low keyword competition.

A domain name that is optimized for search on the web is future-proof.

With voice search and semantic search quickly replacing the traditional type and search method, your domain name should be easy to understand and should most definitely pass the radio test.

The radio test checks if people can spell your domain name correctly when they hear it for the first time.

For instance, www.sweetheart.store is simple, easy to understand, and easily searchable.

  • Brandable

Choose a memorable name that is free of lingual and grammatical errors.

Avoid including abbreviations, misspellings, special characters, and numbers in your domain name.

Not only will this confuse people, but it will also fail the radio test and severely impact voice search results.

A brandable name is one that is easy to understand and even easier to type or spell. For instance, www.shirts-4-freestore.com is a messy domain name.

On the other hand, www.shirtsforfree.store is simple and supremely brandable.

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How To Find The Perfect Domain Name For Your eCommerce Website?

Here are 5 sure-fire ways to help you find the perfect domain name for your eCommerce website:

  • Keep it Short, Snappy, and Simple

Your web address should be short. Any name that is more than three words in your domain name is too much.

Select a simple name that is easy to type and remember and try to keep it under 18 characters.

Your domain name should be unforgettable and one that creates a striking first impression in the minds of whoever comes across it.

For example, London based Husk chose www.husk.store; a short, simple and snappy one-word domain name.

  • Pass the radio test

The radio test is the most effective way to check if your domain name is easily understood by people when they hear it for the first time.

Imagine a situation where you’re at a gathering or at an event and you tell people to log on to your website.

Are the listeners able to understand the spelling immediately? If yes, your domain name has cleared the radio test. For example, London based www.yogaclicks.store will easily pass the radio test.

  • Keep it free from legal issues

Part of your research should include looking for any trademark or copyright issues associated with the name of your choice.

Pick a name that is free of any legal hassles and stays clear of names that are similar or are copyrighted by other brands.

As a measure of caution, conduct global research to avoid jostling with a foreign brand.

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Why Pick A .store Domain?

Apart from covering all the qualities mentioned in the sections above, using a .store domain extension makes for a downright smart choice.

Having said that, here’s why you should consider picking a name on .store domains:

  • Relevancy

Probably the most logical way of announcing to the world that you are in the business of selling online is to get your online on a .store domain extension.

For example, www.juliesoutlet.store 

  • Memorable

The relevancy factor that the word ‘store’ brings, means your domain name will be easy to understand across nations.

A memorable domain name that is easy to understand on a global scale will enable you to conduct business around the globe without having to develop multiple geo-specific websites.

For example, www.supercoolsupply.store

  • Meaningful

As a relevant and memorable domain extension, .store clearly communicates what it stands for. It is definitive and contextually rich, which makes it a great fit for physical storefronts looking to establish an online presence.

For example, www.ecobeings.store

  • Availability

There’s a very high probability of finding the name of your choice on .store since it’s a relatively new domain extension.

This means you find short, crisp, clutter-free, and creative online store names on .store.

For example, www.nickelbrook.store

What are the SEO repercussions of using a .store domain extension?

With a .store domain extension, you won’t have any issues with SEO. Don’t believe us?

Well, Google has addressed how they treat new top-level domains in terms of their search ranking algorithm.

In short, when it comes to SEO, new domains are as good as any other traditional top-level domain.

Typically, though, SEO ranking depends on a multitude of factors. Chief among which are:

  • Actively publishing high-quality fresh content
  • Using relevant keywords
  • Including backlinks to reputed websites
  • Attracting backlinks to your own content

In fact, a keyword rich online store names can actually help to attract relevant backlinks and rank for certain relevant keywords that can in-turn help your online store to rank high on search engines.

For instance, www.TheOxfordShirt.storeis likely to attract backlinks on the anchor text ‘Oxford Shirt Store’ from reputed websites.

This will give search engines a positive indication about the website’s relevance for those keywords.

Therefore, a new age name on a keyword-rich domain extension such as .store can, in fact, help to boost a website’s SEO.

How To Name My Online Store?

Before you dive into the process of domain registration, take a look at how to search for the right domain name:

  • [BusinessName].store
  • [industry/product].store
  • [IndustryNiche]. store
  • [product+geo].store
  • [message].store
  • [phrase].store
  • [name].store

Wondering how to start a store online? Start with picking a slick name on .store domains!

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