How Your Online Business Can Use A New Domain Extension to Win At SEO

How Your Online Business Can Use A New Domain Extension to Win At SEO

By Jason Berkowitz

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If you are a startup or a new business looking for a domain name, you may have found it hard to find a name of your choice on traditional domain extensions such as .com, .net, and .org. However, you can now search for a relevant and brandable name on a new domain extension for your new business.

The benefit of using new domain extensions is that you will have the opportunity to find a name that not only matches your brand but goes along with your industry like how .store is for eCommerce and retail. By combining your domain with your industry, you can create a hype and industry association for your brand.

And unlike popular belief, new domain extensions don’t impact SEO. In this post, we look at how your online business can win at SEO whilst using a new domain extension to denote your business’s web address

How do New Domains impact SEO?

New domains and SEO. What is the connection between the two? nTLDs offer a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to get a domain name that they desire. Find out what users have to say about the impact of new domains and SEO.

Challenges of Using a New Domain Extension

The good thing about a new domain extension is that you own one of the top domains in the world and you will generally get more traffic than you would with subdomain traffic.

However, the challenge is that you will also have more competition than you would have with one of the lower level domains.

Another challenge has to do with using SEO. Search engine optimization is vital for the success of a website, so it is important that you continue to use it in order to generate organic traffic results that will last beyond the time it takes to create it.

We all understand the need for SEO to boost a website, however, there is really no difference in creating an SEO strategy for a website that uses a new domain extension one that uses a traditional domain extension.

For this reason, some online business owners opt to use a lower level domain. But this is not necessary in order to succeed in your SEO strategies.

All it takes is some sound practices that you can use on a regular basis to keep your site ranking high across search engines while building your brand.

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5 Winning SEO Tips

In order to keep your new domain extension powered website on top in search engines, you should practice a few basic rules when creating SEO content.

1. Focus On Your Brand Name

The most essential part of your online marketing efforts is getting your brand name out to the people who are most likely to purchase your products or services.

You can do this in a number of ways and on a number of platforms. Using your brand name is important when you are promoting your name on the platforms where your potential customers are.

Don’t worry about the type of domain name when it comes to promoting your website. Just focus on your brand name or the main part of your domain name.

Search engines pick up on the main word, not the domain extension. This is key to getting your brand name out there and ranking with other top-level domains.

2. Do Your Keyword Research

Doing keyword research is crucial when it comes to establishing your online presence.

You need to find out what it will take to rank your chosen keywords and to create keyword ad campaigns through Google AdWords and Facebook.

If you can, you should also perform a search to find out what your competitors with other new domain extensions are doing.

Tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush can help business site owners to find out what their competitors are doing and what types of keywords they are ranking for.

Using this approach allows you to peer into the strategies your competitors are using and compete for some of the keywords that are getting them so much traffic for your industry.

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3. Pick Keywords With High Search Volume and Low Competition

You should look for words that get several thousand searches per week. But you will also want to check the level of competition so that you don’t take on words that are too difficult to rank for.

4. Combine SEO With Other Strategies 

SEO alone is not as helpful as using it in conjunction with other strategies. Remember that SEO efforts lead to long-term organic results.

For short-term results, you should also use paid ads from Facebook, Google AdWords, and other solutions to get immediate results.

When used in conjunction with each other, these strategies can result in success for startup business owners who are looking to make their mark with a faster return.

Remember SEO does not affect online ads. SEO is meant to be created over a long period of time using a variety of methods such as blogging, video marketing, and more.

5. Publish SEO Content on Multiple Platforms

Remember, you want people to recognize your brand everywhere that they go on the web. Start with your website and make that the focus of your branding.

Then build your brand outward by having a blog, a YouTube channel, social media accounts, and many other digital assets.

Try doing an audio podcast or check out a site such as that allows you to actually make revenue from your podcast channel.

Your choice of domain extension will help build a strong online brand but it is your brand name that will help you make it a household name.

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