6 Must-Have Business Skills For eCommerce Entrepreneurs

6 Must-Have Business Skills For eCommerce Entrepreneurs

What skills do successful eCommerce entrepreneurs possess? What tricks are needed to make an eCommerce business a success? To begin with, insight into the industry, knowledge of your niche, and a plan are absolutely indispensable.


While intangible skills such as leadership, emotional intelligence, and strategic planning are necessary, what really matters at every stage of your business’ life cycle are some core management and marketing skills.

Qualitative skills such as great interpersonal communication may be innate, but practical management skills can be learned and sharpened by anyone.

Being passionate and ambitious are strong driving forces but what skills are required to rise above everybody else and shine?

6 Must-Have Business Skills For eCommerce Entrepreneurs

1. eCommerce entrepreneurs understand web fundamentals

You don’t have to be a top-notch programmer to build a successful online store.

However, you will need to learn some core web fundamentals to successfully run it – after all, your store is online.

Paying programmers and developers for every minute change may cause major cash burn, so it is essential that you learn enough to undertake minute site changes

Key skills-to-learn include hosting fundamentals such as domain registration, setting up nameservers, using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), deep linking, and URL redirection.

Additionally, learning HTML & CSS will go a long way in helping you make changes to your eCommerce website, to add elements, and to find broken pieces of code.

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2. eCommerce entrepreneurs know the value of content

You needn’t be a poet but to be a successful eCommerce entrepreneur but you need to be able to create content.

The ability to write is the ability to communicate your idea online. To convey an idea, using proper sentence formation, correct grammar and concise information are very important.

You’ll need to learn to pen catchy taglines, create product copy that sells, social media posts, and product/service descriptions.

You will also need to learn long-form content creation for blog posts, press releases, and email marketing.

3. eCommerce entrepreneurs are well versed with business law

This is a skill that is often overlooked. Creating a flawless business plan and acquiring funds and investors is always the top priority for an entrepreneur.

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, learning the basic commerce laws of the country/state where your business is established in will make your processes simpler

The following are a key set of laws that you need to keep a tab on:

  • Tax Regulations
  • Company Registration
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Labour Laws
  • Product Liability Law

4. eCommerce entrepreneurs are great at project management

To create a successful and sustainable eCommerce platform, project management is an utterly important and indispensable skill.

Taking care of multiple channels such as inventory, marketing, logistics, finance, and more requires sound project management skills.

Being highly underrated, it is not a skill you must overlook. Use marketing tools such as Flock, Airsheets, and Trello to efficiently carry out project management functions.

5. eCommerce entrepreneurs are good with number crunching

This is a clever skill that requires understanding data, being target driven, and having a solid foresight that predicts trends and patterns.

You don’t need to be an Excel whizz to calculate your break-even costs and financial projections.

You only need to be able to quickly calculate revenue predictions, track sales, manage inventory, vendor and employee payments, and manage credit cycles.

For an eCommerce entrepreneur, this skill is supremely important to establish a sustainable online business and stay afloat.

More importantly, number crunching is a skill that an entrepreneur must continuously develop as the business grows.

This is where you will come across both opportunities to grow and deficits to cover up. 

6. eCommerce entrepreneurs have the ability To learn

Being an eCommerce entrepreneur is all about constantly evolving. You cannot attain business sustainability and success if you stop exploring new avenues to grow and expand.

Your ability to learn and implement new skills will play a crucial role in the success and the expansion of your eCommerce store.

Always being open to receiving advice from experts and new business concepts will help you achieve sustainable eCommerce growth for your business.

Always keep an open mind and remain flexible to new work processes, interesting marketing platforms, and promising growth hacks.  

Team these skills with your passion and gumption, and watch your business scale! How to start a store online? Start by getting a .store domain now! 

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