The Impact Of A Great Unboxing Experience On Your eCommerce Brand

The Impact Of A Great Unboxing Experience On Your eCommerce Brand

In today’s world of online shopping, the need to offer a great unboxing experience is a pre-requisite to be noticed as a great eCommerce brand.

unboxing experience

While the moment a customer places an order is very crucial for your eCommerce business, you must keep in mind that the moment of delivery is also something to be celebrated.

Providing superior unboxing experience is an extension of the overall customer experience and brand experience. It’s the final chink in the chain as far as first impressions go and it needs to be stellar. 

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What Is Unboxing?

Unboxing in literal sense means the act of a person unpacking an eagerly awaited package. A carefully curated unboxing experience is much more than just a regular delivery.

It speaks a lot about the brand and the care & attention that goes into making this experience memorable.

The whole unboxing experience is a performance. It is all about the ritual of opening the package and feeling the product for the very first time.

The emotions it evokes can be compared to your very first memories as a child of unpacking gifts on a Christmas morning. This marketing strategy ensures that your brand stands to gain a real edge over other similar products.

Why Does Unboxing Experience Matter?

Some brands just dismiss the whole unboxing experience as a ‘momentary craze’.

However, research shows that 40% 0f online shoppers are willing to share an image of their purchase on social media if the product came in a branded packaging.

To put it differently, offering a memorable unboxing experience is deeply rooted purpose and in fact, is a classy post-purchase marketing strategy.

Delivery is the final interaction of your brand with a customer which is why your brand should put the best foot forward.

Leave a positive last impression and leave them wanting to purchase again. All this and more are all made possible through a memorable unboxing experience.

Unboxing Experience

#1 Drives Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is as flaky as it can get. Especially, in today’s age, when multiple options are available at the click of a button; all from the comfort of your home, customer loyalty is surely a rare quality.

A research conducted by Yotpo indicates that 37% of customers see themselves as loyal to any brand after making at least five purchases. That’s something, right?

So, how do you (as a brand) ensure that customers come back again and again?

Again there are different ways to do it. Some brands are in the habit of introducing loyalty programs to boost retention rates.

Yes, this strategy is surely effective but is equally complex to design and implement. On the contrary, the unboxing experience is a much simpler and powerful strategy.

The whole unboxing experience plays with the psyche of the customer. The customer feels a personal and emotional connection with the brand and the product. By empowering the customer, you influence them to return.

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#2 Makes A Great First Impression

eCommerce is very different from an actual brick and mortar store in terms of touchpoints between your brand and your customer. Buying online can sometimes feel impersonal.

However, it is very important to make the most of those few touchpoints and capitalize on those opportunities.

Delivery of the goods is one such opportunity. During this time you can change the customer’s perception of your products.

A branded, attractive, and well-presented package makes the whole experience of receiving the products a highly pleasant and overwhelming one. 

#3 Increases Perceived Value

In this internet age, it is very difficult to offer a unique or one-of-a-kind product to the customer. To gain that competitive edge, your brand needs to offer much more than just ‘an innovative product’.

This is where an unforgettable unboxing experience can turn the game in your favor.

Let us consider the example of Tiffany & Co. Their robin’s egg blue jewelry boxes for holding engagement rings are an icon in itself.

The box, popularly known as the ‘Tiffany blue’ is a perfect example of elegance, luxury, and class, all rolled into one. 

While this is a luxury brand, offering high-endn products and class-leading unboxing experience, your eCommerce brand can take cues from how to present the product in a manner that moves your customers.

Remember, a well-executed strategy makes the whole experience as desirable as the product itself.

#4 To Tell your brand’s story

Brand storytelling is much more important to the success of any brand than people usually give it credit for. Today, the need to show the uniqueness of your brand is immense.

Delivery is the one such time where your customer is eagerly waiting for the product to arrive. You have their undivided attention during this time.

A great unboxing experience with an appealing branding strategy will surely charm the subconscious mind of the consumer. This strategy goes a long way to set up a deeper cognitive recall value for your brand.

#5 Boosts social media marketing

Encouraging customers to add unboxing photos/videos to your brand’s social media channels open the doors for greater engagement opportunities.

Your followers witness the actual joy of a customer receiving the product. They end up picturing themselves going through the whole unboxing experience.

This gives social media marketing a whole new meaning by adding a dimension of ‘emotive marketing’.

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Brands That Offer Class-Leading Unboxing Experiences

#1 Apple

Apple makes use of an ‘unboxing room’ to experiment with various packaging scenarios. The experiment aims to extract the ‘perfect level of emotional response’ from all consumers.

Apple packages are smooth, sleek, elegant, and marked with their branding. You lift the lid, and the product you paid for is sitting right there; screen up!

While you may argue that Apple’s unboxing process is quick and plain, let’s not forget that the whole approach is very structured.

With this strategy, Apple ensures that it gives the customer the experience even before they have the whole product out of the box. The design ensures that unboxing begins the moment the box is ready to be opened.

The clean, minimal appearance with the Apple brand seats the product in full focus. The customer cannot resist starting to use the product as soon as they lay their eyes on the product. 

#2 Thrive Market

Thrive Market, a grocery service, brings a farmer’s market right to your doorstep. The target customers are mainly health-conscious customers looking for fresh food and dietary supplements.

The box is branded both on the inside and the outside and divided lengthwise to ensure that the products fit perfectly. The brand takes special care of using all biodegradable packaging materials.

Apart from the killer box branding, Thrive slips in a little ‘thank-you note’ with the same green-and-white color theme. In other words, Thrive has a positively customer-centric approach.

Even the privately owned return address proves that the brand goes above and beyond in providing the ultimate experience. The whole unboxing experience focuses on accountability and customer care.

In Conclusion

The only thing limiting you from putting together a memorable unboxing experience is your imagination.

Create a fantastic experience for your consumers so that they keep coming back again and again. Approach your packaging design with the intent of creating the best possible impression on your customer.

So, go ahead and design an unboxing process that will both surprise and delight your customers at the same time.

Happy unboxing!

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