6 Steps To Craft Abandoned Cart Emails That Bring back Lost Customers

6 Steps To Craft Abandoned Cart Emails That Bring Back Lost Customers

A perennial challenge of running an eCommerce business involves batling shopping cart abandonment. This is probably why your eCommerce business should invest in a strategy to craft compelling abandoned cart emails that will win you back lost customers. 

abandoned cart emails

If statistics are to be believed, a whopping 71% of users put their items in the shopping cart only to leave the website without making a purchase. 

Almost every eCommerce marketing strategy struggles to cope with cart abandonment.

However, sending abandoned cart emails have shown the most promising results. 

Abandoned cart emails are one of the most effective methods of getting customers to purchase items left in their shopping cart, and consequently, generate revenue for your eCommerce business.

In fact, sending abandoned cart emails should be high on your list of email marketing strategies.

In this post, we will help you with 6 ways in which you can bring back your lost customers.

6 Steps To Craft Effective Abandoned Cart Emails 

1. Keep Your Messaging Clear & Concise

Right from your subject line to your body copy, make your email very evident that you are inviting the customers back to the shopping list that they abandoned.

The subject line of your abandoned cart emails should be simple and to the point. 

Inserting a question is another good way of catching their attention; for example, “Did you leave something behind?”, “Forgot something?”.

This needs to be complemented with a precise body copy where the hero needs to be the product/list of products that the customer has abandoned. 

The open rates for abandoned cart emails are statistically proven to be very high, so make good use of these emails and highlight your call-to-action very prominently. 

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2. Use Eye-Catching Product Photos

One fact that is evident from abandoned carts is that the customer has shown interest in purchasing your product, but somehow hesitated to make the final purchase.

While there are several reasons why a customer might abandon the shopping cart on your website and there are ways in which you can lower your cart abandonment rate, it’s a given that the customer likes your product and is familiar with it. 

Using beautiful and eye-grabbing photographs of your products in the abandoned cart emails that you send might invoke the customer to make the purchase.

Devote the majority of your email body copy towards including high definition, eye-catching images of the products you know the customer wants. 

3. Keep The Call-To-Action Very Clear

Abandoned cart emails are sent for one reason, and one reason only: to get back your customers to your website to complete their purchase.

To get this done, it is crucial to include the CTA button right where they can see it.

You may either want to take them directly to their shopping cart on your website or give them an option to view the product they almost purchased.

In either case, use a very prominent CTA button right beside the images of your products such that once the customer is tempted enough to make the purchase, he/she can do it without going through multiple steps. 

It is essential to mention here that the CTA button should not lead to your homepage which in turn will increase the number of steps taken to finish the purchase, in turn leading to further abandonment. 

4. Add A Personalized Touch 

Email personalization further helps the cause of abandoned cart emails, where customers are targeted with very specific information about their (almost) purchases.

The main aim of abandoned cart emails is to invoke a feeling of familiarity through showcasing the products that the customer had already shortlisted, and that is further helped via personalizing the content as per the customers. 

While addressing customers by their name is one way of doing it, another great step is by sending the email from an email id with a name rather than a “noreply@” email id.

You can also offer to help them through the final purchase process and give them the option of writing back to you if needed. 

Remember, abandoned cart emails are also a great way of building customer loyalty, so you should make them feel like they’re valued.

Don’t make them like you’re coming to them with an agenda. 

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5. Show Related Items

One of the reasons that the customers might not have completed their purchase is because they weren’t convinced with the color or design of your product or couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for.

In such cases, highlighting items that look like or are similar in terms of usability to the product they abandoned in your abandoned cart emails might instigate the customers to browse further and complete the purchase. 

It is crucial here that the related items showcased in your emails are in fact related to the items in their cart that were abandoned.

The focus shouldn’t be taken away from the cart items, as the prime agenda is to get customers to purchase those items. 

Adding related items might tempt the customers to purchase products similar to or frequently purchased with the items they are buying, thus leading to additional revenue generation for your eCommerce Business. 

6. Offer A Discount 

One of the most prominent reasons for shopping cart abandonment is that the item shortlisted for purchase may be a tad too expensive.

A customer may be conflicted in deciphering whether purchasing the product may be worth it, consequently leading to card abandonment. 

Offering a slight discount on the product may instigate the customer to make the final purchase.

Because it will convince them that they got the product they wished for at a price that is suitable to them without making them feel guilty of having overspent. 

You may either personalize the discount basis the customer’s purchase history with you or send the abandoned cart emails at a time when you are offering discounts on the products on your website.

It could be an offer specific to the product being featured in the email, or a generic discount being offered across various products or product categories.

However, you must feature the products abandoned by the customer in the email being sent to them.

Final Thoughts

These are but a few ways in which you can create effective abandoned cart emails to drive back lost customers to your website and finish that purchase they almost made.

The recovery rate for lost sales through such emails has proven to be very high, and it is important to remember that you may not get it right in the first go. 

Test your email subject lines and body copies by using one or more of the tips shared above until you reach the right mix for your website.  

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