8 Tips To Optimize Email Marketing To Maximize eCommerce Sales

8 Tips To Optimize Email Marketing To Maximize eCommerce Sales

Did you know that 93% of B2B marketers use email marketing to distribute content? And 59% of consumers say marketing email influence their purchases?

email marketing

Does this mean that email marketing maximizes eCommerce sales?

Well, if you can strategize it to use to your advantage, email marketing surely helps to boost eCommerce sales.

In fact, for every $1 spent, e-mail generates revenue of $38. That’s an ROI of almost 3,800%!

Be it new product announcements or sales promotion event or new product recommendations; marketers everywhere are using email marketing to drive sales.

Today you can even automate your email campaigns to go out at a pre-decided time.

However, many businesses still do not trust in the power of email marketing.

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This is primarily down to the fact that they were not able to achieve successful results with their email marketing strategy.

And this is solely attributable to the shortcomings in their strategy.

Yes, successfully implementing email marketing can be challenging.

There are many factors that can go wrong in an email campaign. As a result, these errors will hold you back from achieving the desired success rates.

Here are a few practical and effective email marketing tips to ensure that you get your email campaign right and boost those revenue numbers.

8 Tips To Optimize Email Marketing To Maximize eCommerce Sales

8 Tips To Optimize Email Marketing To Maximize eCommerce Sales

1. Know Your Audience

Every customer is different. Then why send the same email to every customer on your mailing list?

At the least, the e-mail needs to be in line with their interests. And this can be achieved only when you know and understand your target audience.

What does knowing your target audience mean?

Simply put, it means creating buyer personas and segmenting your email list into smaller and more specific sub-groups.

Marketers who invest in and used segmented campaigns witnessed a  whopping 760% increase in revenue.

Segmentation of the mailing list based on factors like age, gender, demographics, and buying habits helps you send relevant emails.

This, in turn, improves your sales in the long run.

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2. Be Consistent In Your Efforts

Being consistent with your marketing emails is the only proven way to convert your mailing list into actual customers.

So is there a magic number for how many emails you should send in a day, week or month?

Sadly enough, no!

The frequency of your emails totally depends on your business and marketing strategy.

For repeat customers, you might consider sending regular email reminders whereas, for others, you may consider sending an email each week.

In all honesty, there is no cheat sheet for the number of emails to be sent out.

The trick is to be consistent and persistent in your efforts. Experiment and work out a strategy that works best for your business.

3. Send Out Crisp & Concise Emails With A Catchy Subject Line

Do people read every email in their inbox?

Of course not, but 99% of the customers check their emails every day and that is quite a statistic.

With these numbers, how do you ensure that your email stands out and your customers read it?

Well, the trick lies in keeping your emails simple and peppering it with a catchy subject. Let your customers know your offer upfront.

Give them that extra nudge to read about the offer and be tempted enough to make a purchase.

email marketing

4. Indulge In Personalized Emails

Calling people by their name has the power of making a person feel exclusive and special. The same strategy works for personalized emails.

Emails with a personalized subject line have much higher chances of engagement than generic emails.

Be creative enough to use the first name of your customers in the subject or the body of the email. Let them feel that the email was specially sent to them and not received as part of a mass email campaign.

email marketing

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5. Include A CTA In Every Email

Action on the email generally directs your customers to your homepage or a landing page or product page.

To achieve higher conversion rates, include a dedicated Call To Action (CTA) button in the e-mail.

The dedicated landing page should be in line with the content of the email and hence makes the strategy really effective.

However, ensure that the information on the landing page is concise and to the point.

As the last step, make sure that you exclude all navigation from your landing page.

This ensures the customers’ entire focus on your offer, which is exactly what you’re looking for, right?

6. Follow Up For Abandoned Carts

Numerous shoppers are in the habit of abandoning carts and not completing the entire purchase process.

Sadly, a very common phenomenon in the eCommerce sales business!

But does it mean that those sales are lost forever?

Well, not really. If you’ve collected the e-mail addresses of those customers earlier on in the process, you can get them to complete their transaction.

You can send out an email with a special offer that sways the customer to complete that purchase.

Throw in a free accessory or eliminate the shipping charges or double up with future discounts. Do what works best for you!

email marketing

7. Continuously Update your Email List

A stale and outdated mailing list is almost as good as not having an email list. It is very important to update your list with new subscribers.

Imagine the revenue you can lose if your list is not updated to include these new customers.

Also, numerous email addresses are abandoned every year. These addresses need to be removed from your database as sending out e-mails to these people is futile.

It is only going to cost your business with no hopes of any revenue generation.

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8: Ask For Reviews

Requesting for reviews is an important email marketing strategy which is often neglected.

Reviews help build your social presence and also help you understand your customers & their shopping patterns.

Used effectively, this can help you improve your product according to the likes and dislikes of your target audience.

You can also improve overall customer service by addressing their issues and empathizing with them.

Set up automated review requests with every customer purchase to ensure future sales.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing should be a top-level priority to maximize eCommerce sales.

Not taking advantage of these eCommerce marketing strategies will surely cost you a lot of customers.

Start by sending simple emails to all the customers on your mailing list.

Once you get the hang of it, experiment with other email marketing tips discussed above.

Remember, these tips won’t boost your sales overnight. It is an uphill journey and will start to take shape with consistent efforts.

Your email marketing campaigns will surely prove profitable if you take care of the little details and proactively engage in it.

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