10 Quick and Effective Ways to Drive Sales for Your eCommerce Business

10 Quick And Effective Ways To Drive Sales For Your eCommerce Business

Whether you are establishing a new business or trying to drive sales for an existing business, you are sure to have struggled with finding the right strategy to boost conversions and drive traffic on your online store.

Drive Sales

Now there are several lead generation tactics and pricing strategies that you can adopt, but there is no ‘one-size-fits-all approach’ to drive sales for eCommerce businesses.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can go through the exercise of designing a lead generating website and optimizing product pages to boost sales.

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However, to help you drive sales for your eCommerce business, we have listed some effective methods implemented by sales teams across various industries.

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1. Target existing customers

Your sales force might be focusing its efforts on identifying and converting a potential new customer; however, it is important for you to not lose sight of your existing customers.

There is no doubt that a high conversion rate of new clients will, in turn, drive sales but increasing the average order value of your existing customers who are already familiar with your products or services will surely drive sales.

Shopping cart abandonment is also lesser with customers who are familiar with your brand and website.

Additionally, the efforts and costs involved in converting a potential customer are much higher than amplifying sales from existing loyal customers.

2. Prove your website is trustworthy

For customers to feel comfortable while shopping on your eCommerce website, they need to trust your website as being secure.

A lot of people are apprehensive about shopping online if the website’s domain name is clunky or the website itself appears unsafe or bogus.

In order to correct this, you should first ensure that your website’s domain name is the same as your brand name.

You need to also ensure that your domain name is short, easy to understand, and meaningful.

Next, you need to ensure that you have your SSL certificates in place, a smart web design, a slick UX, customer testimonials, and an overall confidence-inspiring demeanor. Include contact information and live chat functions on every page.

This will help customers feel ‘safe’ about your website and this sense of security will nudge them to browse through your products and make purchases.

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3. Demonstrate your products effectively

An inherent part of purchasing products or services is to experience them in the real world before making the purchase.

While that is not possible for you to do as an eCommerce business, you need to ensure that potential customers are convinced of purchasing your product by what is seen online.

Use high-quality images in all angles to demonstrate the utility and value of your products.

For products such as furniture or clothes, include dimensions and sizes and enough pictures in a variety of scenarios to give prospects a better idea of the product.

Supplement that with a strong product copy and positive customer reviews to inspire confidence in your prospects about the usability and quality of your product.

Videos are extremely effective in showcasing your product in use or speaking to your audience about your services; you may even have someone from your sales force represent the company in the video.

Many eCommerce experts suggest optimizing your product page as a means to drive sales. Bellroy has one of the best examples of product displays on its website.

4. Focus on content marketing

Content marketing is a great way of attracting people to your online store and then converting them.

While there is tremendous value in starting a blog and writing eCommerce SEO powered articles, there is also value in featuring user-generated content on your website.

User-generated content creation is another great way to invoke your customers’ interest and gain trust by way of having your products or services validated by an actual user or customer, which is as close as it gets to word-of-mouth publicity in the real world.

5. Identify the right medium

When it comes to starting an eCommerce business, you need to thoroughly study your target market and what platform to opt for.

While you can build intuitive eCommerce websites on WordPress, you can also build a slick online store on Shopify in an hour!

It is extremely essential to understand the preferred method of shopping for your target customers.

Given the rise of smartphones, your potential clients may prefer shopping using mobile apps.

So, decide which platform works better for your audience – mobile apps or desktop website.

Whatever the case may be, once you know the preferred medium of shopping and content consumption for your potential clients, the easier it is to target them and drive sales for your business.

6. Harness the power of social media

Social media is a critical tool when it comes to lead generation and increase conversion for your online business.

A recent case study has shown that social media is a major contributor to lead generation.

Instagram marketing, for instance, can do wonders for your eCommerce business. Use the right hashtags and you can increase your Instagram followers.

Social media also helps in content creation for your website by way of user-generated content that act as testimonials for your products or services and help drive sales.

Reviews and posts about your products can be integrated to be shown real time on your website thus establishing authenticity.

7. Offer discounts and promotions

Offering discounts and promotional offers on your products or services is a timeless method which sales reps have used to amp up sales and increase conversion.

Sales teams often hike up base prices of their products and then offer a flat discount which has often led to higher conversion rates.

This strategy has been part of sales processes for brands that are aiming at increased sales, however, it might not be a conducive strategy for luxury brands who wish to carve a niche for themselves.

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8. Highlight the bestsellers

Highlighting your best-selling products is a great way to achieve increased sales on your website, as it helps the customers affirm their choice of purchasing a said product.

Additionally, it helps to know that several other people have purchased the same product and leads to higher chances of purchase.

Sales teams often use this strategy to convince buyers, especially new ones, of making a purchase in order to get a relationship started.

With the advent of social media and data analytics, it is easier to prove which product sells higher, possibly even in real time by way of displaying the products that others are viewing or purchasing.

Airbnb is a good case study where they highlight the number of other viewers eyeing the same property as you on the given dates in order to create urgency, which in turn leads to higher conversions.

9. Ensure great customer service

Your entire sales force may follow your sales processes and create a sales funnel which is focused on reaching the right customers and even generates enough leads to drive sales, but it is essential to offer great customer service.

Part of providing great customer service is also enhancing customer experience on your online store.

Right from their first visit to your website, to purchase and shipping, as well as the after sales service, the entire sales funnel should focus on providing great customer service and experience to your existing as well as potential clients.

10. Provide multiple payment options

Giving your customers multiple options of payment helps in ensuring ease of purchase as everyone has their preferred way of paying while shopping online.

While it is already established that security of the website as well as the payment gateway is of prime importance, having multiple options for paying online also ensures less abandonment especially for customers making an impulse purchase.

Final Thoughts

While some of the aforementioned points are essential to ensure a good online shopping experience to your customers, your sales teams might have to undergo a lot of testing before arriving at an effective sales and marketing strategy.

Once you’ve identified your target audience, you must try various methods in small pockets to assess their effectiveness before you pump in money towards one that is successful and helps to drive sales for your business.

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