5 Actionable Tips To Find The Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

5 Actionable Tips To Find The Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

Building a business is a challenging process and choosing the perfect domain name is winning half the battle. The right web address is a brand’s most valuable asset, and finding it can help you stand out from the crowd.

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5 Sure-Fire Ways Find The Perfect Domain Name For Your Online Retail Business

1. Keep it short and snappy

Anything more than 1-3 words in a web address is too much. Try to keep it under 18 characters.

Your perfect domain name should be memorable, easy to pronounce, and one that effortlessly fits in the header of your online store’s homepage.

For example, London based Husk chose www.husk.store; a short, simple and snappy domain name that makes the cut.

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2. Pass the radio test

A perfect domain name should pass the radio test with flying colors. A radio test is the most effective way to check if people can spell your domain name when they hear it.

For instance, if you are telling someone about your site at a gathering or talking about your business on a podcast, are listeners able to understand the spelling immediately?

If yes, your domain name has passed the radio test. Which is why it is essential that your domain name is simple and relevant to make its mark in the user’s mind.

For example, London based www.yogaclicks.store will easily pass the radio test.

3. Keep it unique

Before you zero down on a name, do some research to see what’s the trend in the industry and how you can stand out. The challenge is to do something different while also picking a name that reflects what you do.

Which is why you must consider picking a name on a .store domain. You can pick a unique and perfect domain name on .store since it establishes your niche thereby giving you enough room to be creative with the name.

For instance, www.sweetheart.store is a name that makes you want to check it out.

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4. Find new inspiration

If you’re still struggling to find a name that feels right, give yourself some themes to think about.

For instance, look for a name that has hints of nostalgia to it, or something that is inspired by a book or a famous fictional character. For example, www.mosspointsnorth.store is inspired by Nancy Drew novels.  

5. Keep it free from copyright issues

A perfect domain name is one that is free of any copyright issues. If you do not want to get into legal hassles, steer clear of names that are copyrighted by another brand.

Instead of just researching your national copyright database, do a more universal search to avoid any legal issues should you plan to expand your business in the future.

Final Thoughts

So, what are you waiting for? Think of an idea for your store and run an availability check right away.

If you already have a store, register your .store domain name and use it as a redirect for social media promotions, offline promotions or as a branded URL shortener.

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