What to Sell Online in 2020? Here are 30 ideas you didn't know!

What to Sell Online in 2020? Here are 30 ideas you didn’t know!

Success in eCommerce relies on a multitude of things. From having the right eCommerce Marketing Strategy to constantly stay ahead of the curve. However, a significant portion of your eCommerce success is based on finding the right bunch of products to sell online.

Sell online

The challenge lies in wanting to sell the most popular products or the most specific products from a niche. The trick is to find a good balance between the two, and only promise to sell what you can deliver. 

We have listed a few of the products across several categories whose demand is slated to increase in 2020.  

1. Athleisure

This is one fashion trend that’s here to stay and has been consistently getting more popular in the past couple of years. Athleisure is nothing but activewear worn as a regular everyday-wear and not to work out.

products to sell - athleisure

This comprises all kinds of clothing and clothing accessories such as sweatshirts, sports bras, headbands, leggings, shoes, hoodies – you name it.

Athleisure is a category of clothing that defines comfort while being trendy and fashionable and is a huge hit among millennials and Gen Z. 

This product category can be sold via a dedicated store for Athleisure, a collection within the fashion/ clothing category, or as a sub-category within fitness.

It also leaves scope for you to expand into related category items such as pure fitness wear, related accessories, casual clothing, etc. 

Potential customers for Athleisure are mostly women, millennials and Gen Z. Therefore while identifying the platform for promoting or ad targeting, the focus should be more on visual platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, even Facebook. 

Influencer marketing is another great way of promoting your brand/products online, however, make sure you are identifying the right influencers that cater to your target group. 

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2. Shapewear

Shapewear is a timeless category of products to sell on eCommerce websites and the sales are only expected to grow. Once considered a piece of undergarment is now a daily fashion necessity among women over a range of age-groups. 

Shapewear, also known as a bodysuit, helps to create a slimming silhouette and has been popular in the lingerie industry for a considerable amount of time.

The product that had started as an undergarment has evolved itself into everyday wear. Trends suggest that the market for shapewear is expected to boost to $5.6 billion by 2022, and that’s why you need to add it to your list of what to sell online ASAP.

The great thing about selling shapewear is that besides a lingerie store, it could also fit into a women’s fashion or even a general apparel store.

The products available now offer a variety of styles, shapes, cuts, and colors. eCommerce business owners can choose to sell shapewear across various categories like lingerie, fashion, beauty or as a niche segment. 

3. Posture Corrector 

With people leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles, poor posture is one of the greatest drawbacks leading to back pain and stiff muscles, in extreme cases even leading to curvature of the spine.

A posture corrector is an elastic strap designed specifically to address this issue and retrain your body into forming the correct body posture. 

Posture correctors have been gaining popularity and the growth in online searches is a simple yet definite indication of the same. 

The product caters to a large demographic consisting of people who have desk jobs. You may choose to market the product keeping this in mind and target audiences by job titles. 

products to sell - posture corrector

There are articles available aplenty about the uses and benefits of a posture corrector. Furthermore, you can create content on your eCommerce website which will help target your audiences to understand the benefits of the product and also help with SEO.

The posture corrector can be categorized as a lifestyle product or even placed under the fitness category as a sub-type, depending on the categories sold on your online store. 

4. Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless phone chargers are fast gaining popularity across the globe because of its novelty and with the launch of new flagship phones from stalwart brands like Samsung and Apple.

Wireless chargers are bound to become a norm across other brands and devices as well. The wireless charging market as a whole is anticipated to reach around USD 95.6 billion by 2026 and wireless phone chargers are set to be in huge demand as the spurt in searches proves. 

products to sell - wireless phone charger

The product caters to a wide demographic of smartphone users as everyone at one point or another would want to purchase this product. This makes it a hot selling product for 2020.

Targeting audiences that would be interested in purchasing this product is no tough feat as potentially all smartphone users are suitable audiences to purchase this product.  

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5. Portable Blender

Portable blenders are a hit among fitness enthusiasts and homemakers alike. With the craze for fitness rising and increasing awareness around healthy eating and diet, the demand for homemade food is also on the rise. 

Fitness enthusiasts who are constantly on the move and do not get to spend much time in the kitchen are often faced with the challenge of making juices, smoothies, protein shakes.

products to sell - portable blender

A portable blender is an effective solution. The portable blender is easy to use which primarily requires a simple click of the button and is extremely light so it can be carried along easily too. 

There are several products available in the market so when choosing one to be listed as one of the products to sell on your online store, make sure you are selecting one that is durable and trusted.

The product can be categorized under fitness as well as home & kitchen accessories and your marketing efforts should be targeted more towards that target audience base. 

6. Pet Grooming Products

The sales trend for the pet grooming industry has consistently been on an upward trend for years and it is not predicted to decline anytime soon.

With the market predicted to reach $3580 million by 2025.,  the growth in searches on Google Trends mimics the opinion. Given the statistics, it would be a good idea to start selling pet grooming products on your eCommerce website

products to sell - pet grooming products

You can create a separate site that caters to the niche market of pet owners and groomers or list these products as a separate category along with the other variety of products that you sell.

The highest selling products are for dogs but ensure that you also cater to cats, birds, and a variety of exotic pets.  Promoting your product on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube – where more visuals are used, and direct links embedded for your product page is bound to be more successful. 

7. Keto Supplements

Well, who hasn’t heard from at least one friend, that they are on a Keto diet! There used to be the Paleo diet, GM diet, Atkins diet and more. But in today’s times, no diet is as popular as the Keto diet, because of its quick and effective results.

The diet involves limiting carb intake and fulfilling calorie requirements mainly with protein and fat-rich food. It leads to a body function called ketosis, where the body starts burning the stored fat.

Keto supplements are in great demand and could be a great choice for what to sell online. They’re small and convenient to ship. They’re finite in nature, and you’ll get reorders soon. The profit margins are great, and since people recommend this diet to each other, your sale should organically grow.

8. Bluetooth Speakers

The life of every house party these days are Bluetooth speakers. Even a simple hang out with friends calls for it. You go camping or trekking, you wouldn’t forget your speakers.

You like to work out at home, you’d need that music going on there too. People even like to carry their Bluetooth speakers to the kitchen while cooking.

The wireless speaker industry has been growing tremendously over the last 5 years and is projected to grow to $134.20 billion by 2025. They provide great quality sound and are extremely convenient because of their portability.

9. Phone Lenses

We all are aware that one of the biggest revolutions of this decade has been smartphones capturing the world of photography. The first thing customers look for in a phone before buying is its camera quality.

And the recent upgrade to that is phone lenses. They have been around for a while but are getting more popular now. Phone lenses help take you better and more professional looking pictures right from your phones.

10. Pet Bed

If you’re active on Instagram, and we’re sure you are, you must be used to watching a lot of cute pet videos. People have been owning pets for a long time, but now they have learned to really pamper them with cool merchandise. One such thing is a pet bed.

People just love to have cool beds for their pets, and since its popularity, it surely falls into the list of what to sell online. You can also market and sell them on Instagram easily because of the huge pet-loving audience there.

11. Beard Oil

Grooming products for men have gotten immensely popular over the last couple of years, and the unbeatable winner of them all is beard oil. Fancying a beard is sort of a fashion and lifestyle revolution.

Gone are the days when a man liked to be clean-shaven, and that look was the most ideal look. Having a good beard adds brownie points to every guy’s appearance, and they try really hard to get the best-looking beard.

Beard oil improves the texture, enhances the growth, and improves the overall look. It’s a highly demanded product and a great choice to sell online.

You can also consider selling a whole line of beard grooming products like beard straightener, beard shampoo, etc. In that case, one product could boost the demand for all the other products collectively.

12. Car Phone Holder

Technology has influenced our lives so drastically over time, that we don’t even realize the changes unless we look closely. Asking people for directions on the streets is an old tale now.

Smartphones and Google maps have our back now. But it’s really difficult and unsafe to fiddle with the phone while driving. And that’s where a car phone holder comes into the picture.

Car phone holders hold the phone right in front of you, wherever you want to fix it, and show you the way without risking your driving. It’s become a very important car accessory now.

Besides showing routes, it can also help you take your calls on speakerphone without getting distracted.

13. Smart Watches

Watches might have been used to tell the time traditionally, but they do much more than that now. There’s hardly any product that technology hasn’t transformed so much.

And one of the biggest examples of that is smartwatches. Smartwatches do tell time, but they also play music, take or make calls, track your pulse rate, support GPS navigation, count steps, monitor your sleep, and do almost everything that a smartphone does. Yes, some even have a camera and can take pictures.

You can simply link your watch to your phone and use your phone simply by tapping on your wrist. Imagine, who wouldn’t want to use such a product? Especially when it’s even affordable.

Since smartwatches haven’t been around for a very long time, it’s demand is on the rise, and will continue to rise for the years to come. If you’re wondering what to sell online, smartwatches could definitely make it to the list.

14. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights have been around for a long time. In fact, there’s nothing novel about it anymore. However, the reason for a huge increase in its demand is the change in its usage pattern.

What used to be a part of décor lighting for festivals or special occasions has now become a part of the regular household. A tube light or an LED bulb is not enough to light up the room now. Everyone wants those fairy lights of their favourite colours hanging by their windows or curtains, or behind the bed.

There’s also a DIY setup where you hang your photographs along with the fairy lights on the wall, which has become really popular within the current generation of people.

Social media has influenced a lot of things, and even fairy lights are one of them. Everyone wants such dim-lit pictures from their room, with a bokeh effect of the fairy lights in the background.

They are cheap, trending on social media, and don’t last for a very long time leading to repurchases. With all that there, it’s a great product to sell online.

15. Print On Demand T-shirts

T-shirts have been an important part of wardrobes across the globe for a long time. Its popularity is what attracts a lot of entrepreneurs to start their own T-shirt businesses.

All you need is an interesting idea to print on T-shirts. Every consumer has something that they relate to. Be it their pets, movies or TV shows they watch and its characters, or even their own community, beliefs, zodiacs and so on.

There is a vast pool of random things that you could print on a T-shirt and still get people to buy it. Even if you can’t design it yourself, you can hire designers.

Print-on-demand service, allows you to pay per product. It means that you are paying for the T-shirts only if they get sold, except for the design if you outsourced it.

There are also options of T-shirt mockup templates which saves you the money of spending on a full photoshoot for every new design. There is a ton of print on demand services available online that you can collaborate with to start your online new t-shirt business.

16. Digital Products or Courses

Music, courses, and templates are digital products that are unique and intangible. Since recurring manufacturing or shipping costs aren’t involved, your margins can remain high.

You just have to identify a useful digital product that people would be willing to pay to download. 

Original instrumental beats, stock photos, information products, templates, plugins for various software, animated texts for presentations and videos, album arts, are all kinds of such digital products.

If you have a talent that you can convert into a digital product, you just need to think about packaging and selling it online.

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17. Partner With A Dropshipper

In a dropshipping model, there’s a third party supplier that stores and ships inventory to customers on your behalf. You just need to make the sales and pass the orders to your suppliers without handling the products yourself.

You can curate products from supplier/s into your online store under a theme focusing on a specific niche, like products for cat owners or gear for yoga enthusiasts.

When a customer buys a product, the order is sent to your supplier who takes care of its fulfilment on your behalf. Even though the drop shipper takes care of the order fulfilment, you will need to take care of your marketing and customer service yourself.

You can work with local and overseas suppliers based on the relationship and trust you build with them. It is one of those low investment business ideas which help you test product-market fit and also launch a business before investing in your own original products.

18. Launch Your Own Book

If you’ve got the right knowledge or creativity, there are a variety of original books that you can launch into the market like, comic books, poetry books, cookbooks, picture books, novels, etc.

While you can go for print on demand publishing for books, costs naturally reduce when you buy them in bulk. You can opt for crowdfunding or pre-selling your book idea to make sure that there is a guaranteed demand for a certain number of books.

Launching and selling your book is also a great way to monetize your existing blog or even start one.

19. Charitable Business

A unique way for social entrepreneurs to position their company in the market while addressing issues that they care about is setting aside some profit for a cause or mission along with the business.

Consumers are inclined to buy products from a business that is associated with a good cause. You can offer your original products or also partner with a non-profit organization as long as you have faith in its authenticity.

You can use blog posts covering your work in the community or also a real-time impact calculator on your site as part of your marketing. It could give your customers an understanding of the impact created by them supporting your business.

20.  Print On Demand Posters & Greeting Cards

You can use the print on demand model to sell your work by dropshipping. If you are a photographer, cartoonist or a different kind of artist, you can simply convert them into products like posters, wall frames, greeting cards, etc.

You might already have an online following for your art. If you don’t, you can consider building a strong online presence with Instagram to build your following and then convert it into a business where your followers also get to buy your products physically.

21. Sell A Service

When it comes to selling a service, your biggest investment and inventory is your “time” and “skill”. You can build a business around your skills if you provide services like blogging, designing, photography, nutrition guidance, fitness training and so on.

You can then expand it to generate additional revenue by “productizing” your services through digital or physical goods. For example, a photographer can cover a local event while selling prints online.

By coupling your service business with physical products you can create an additional revenue stream and is one of the easiest to execute low investment business ideas.

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22. Handicrafts & Homemade Products

If DIY is your thing, you can consider starting an online business with it. Soaps, sauces, candles, pottery products are the kinds of things you can create at home and sell them online.

In this business idea, you might have to consider shipping and inventory management. But you can start easy on a per-order basis or creating and selling small batches until you start getting consistent demand.

If your products involve eating, inhaling or application to the skin, just take care of the necessary regulations beforehand.

23. Online Fashion Boutique

If you are a fashion geek and people rely on your fashion sense, you can consider having your own online fashion boutique. You can simply curate items from vendors into your online store using the dropshipping model.

You can use one of the many product sourcing apps available online to build your fashion brand, with product photos and social media posts to become an online trend-setter.

Profitable Digital Product Ideas To Sell Online

With the growth in eCommerce, most businesses now want to sell their products online as well. However, besides just booming the retail industry, one revolution that eCommerce has brought about is the creation and distribution of digital products.

Digital products are intangible products that you can create and sell online. The best part about them is that you don’t even need to have a proper company to start your business.

You can just create digital products and start an online store from home.

Since the whole economy is down, and most of the world is in a lockdown due to Covid-19, it’s a great time to create digital products and sell from home.

However, it might be tough to come up with good ideas and interesting products that you can sell online. Here’s a guide to help you with that:

#24 Ebooks

One of the most common digital products to sell online is ebooks. They are simple to create as they require some text along with relevant images.

Since, customers can consume it on phones, tabs, laptops, or e-readers, they are really popular with all kinds of audiences.

Reading has always been one of the best hobbies for people for the longest time. It’s more than just a hobby, but culminating a habit of reading is a part of your learning and education throughout life.

However, with the help of ebooks, you don’t need to carry heavy physical copies all the time.

A simple device that you anyway carry with you, also allows you to read your favorite books online in the form of ebooks. Be it reports, guides, or regular books, everything can be created in the form of an ebook to sell online.

#25 Stock Photography

Similar to ebooks, digital pictures have captured a great market in the digital product business.

Shutterstock licenses millions of photos, vectors, and other types of digital imagery every year. Owing to the high usage of images for web designing and blog publications, the demand for high-quality pictures will always be there.

So, if you’re a photographer and have a lot of stock photos with you, just find the right site to upload your pictures and sell online.

#26 Videos

The most popular form of content today is video. And if you can provide value with your videos, you can even sell online instead of providing for free.

It’s great if you have a good quality camera at home, but don’t worry if you don’t. Even the phones these days take great quality videos, that you can use to create your digital products.

The videos that are most apt for selling are something that can provide value to your customers. For instance, if you can create an educational video, anyone who wants to learn about that thing, wouldn’t mind paying for it.

#27 Software

The software industry is magnanimous and has been growing consistently. The software has existed since the inception of technology, and technology has only been developing ever since.

Hence, the curve of software has also been upward. Back then there used to be a huge demand for computer software, which has grown even more now. But along with it, now there’s a huge demand for mobile software and apps too.

If you are familiar with coding, you can create numerous things to sell online. Be it apps, plugins, snippets, websites, themes, you can directly sell from home, and convert your code into cash.

#28 Audio

You can create and sell audio online in multiple ways. The most common thing that would come to your mind is a song.

Yes, if you can create a complete song, there are various audio streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, that allow you to showcase your songs and earn from. But say, you are good at making beats but not complete songs.

You can even sell beats to audio sites for money, as someone like you might know the other aspects of music creation but lack in beat making. They could pay to buy your beats and use them in the song.

Sound effects are another important form of audio that you can sell online, as people need them all the time for short films, films, web series, and so on.

You can create ringtones, jingles or just instrumental tracks to sell from home and they could earn good money for you.

However, it doesn’t require you to be a musician necessarily to create and sell online audio products.

You can create audio lessons, podcasts, or anything that has an informative value for people and could pay to consume.

#29 Games

One of the best performing digital products has been games for a long time.

90s kids would remember Nintendo games, and how the world of games has grown by now. From minimal graphics 2D computer games to high-quality 3D games, from Sony PlayStation to Sony PS 5, and Xbox upgrades, the world of gaming has only seen an upward graph.

Now even smartphones are added to the list, and every regular user, who isn’t even a gamer, has some sort of games on their phones that they would love to play and entertain themselves with. If you’re into game development, you can create and sell games online.

Creating games for PC and console requires investment for hardware, but if you want to create mobile games, you can do that without the upfront investment.

#30 Templates

There’s a template for everything, like resumes, logos, media kits, social media posts, and so on.

For instance, a customer wants to create a wedding invite for themselves but lacks the ability of designing.

They could simply pay and download a wedding invite template, add their details, get it ready. Similarly, one can create their resume using highly professional resume templates available online, to make an impression.

If you were intimidated by the thought of creating digital products, this guide should help you with that. There are countless possibilities of creating something virtually and distributing them online.

Even if your existing business deals with physical products, you can create digital products related to your business and sell online. For instance, if you deal with fitness supplements, you can create fitness routines, or diet plans and sell them to your customers.

Or if you are some kind of a service provider, let’s say a vocal coach. You can create vocal lessons, and sell it as a digital product as well.

The best part about a digital product is that you can create and sell from home, and your customers can consume from home. But if they want, they can also consume it at any other space convenient for them.

By creating digital products, not only can you start an online store from home, but also convert your brick and mortar store into an online store, or expand the scope of your already existing online store.

How to find more ideas for products to sell online

1. Social Media

Keep an eye out for trends on Instagram, Pinterest, Polyvore, YouTube, and Tumblr. Visual mediums have a better chance of inspiration. Closely follow influencers, competitors, and even lateral brands.

For example, if you’re a jewelry brand, keep a watch on clothing brands. Accessories are used to elevate your outfit, so clothing trends should give you an idea of what jewelry might be in vogue that you can sell online.

2. SEO and Keyword searches

When you are wondering what to sell online, you have to keep a tab on all new trends. 

Regularly check Google trends, social mentions, and eCommerce related traffic to keywords that are relevant to your niche.

You can also check trend aggregator sites such as Trend Watching and Trend Hunter.

3. Surveys

Identify a sample audience and ask them everyday questions about the challenges that they face in their day to day lives.

Use this critical information about customer pain points to develop products to sell online. Can’t do professional surveys? Ask your friends. Or even yourself. Scratch your own itch.

4. Consumer Reviews

Scour through reviews on Amazon, eBay, and the likes to find out the qualities that people wish for in products that they buy.

This should give you powerful ideas on bridging gaps in existing products and how you can make them better to sell online.

The best part here is that there is already a demand. All you need to do is supply.

5. Competitors and Online Marketplaces

If you need a quick product idea that is established, look no further than your competitors and online marketplaces.

There are thousands of products on sites such as Alibaba, Taobao, and Aliexpress, some of which may not even be available locally. 

The business of online selling is supremely fierce and a major part of owning a successful online store is to have products that are ‘trendy’, the kind that is most desired and purchased by people.

Finding such products can be quite a tedious task and it heavily depends on your eagerness to stand out and stay ahead of the game. So get started now!

Follow the 5 simple hacks we’ve outlined above and save yourself the worry about finding trendy products for your online store.

And while you’re hunting your way to discovering the right niche, we recommend you get a .store domain extension to set up your online business

Final Thoughts

Picking the right product to sell online, can be highly instrumental to your business’ success. The products you pick will be shaping your whole business. From marketing to shipping, and from pricing to product development, everything will be dependent on your choice of products.

A very important tip is not to ignore smaller product categories or niches. Even though the overall customers could be less, it’s compensated with lesser competition and a more concentrated audience.

There are so many other product ideas to sell online, but if you haven’t been able to choose yet, this guide is surely going to give you the best of the lot.

If you have an existing eCommerce website that caters to a specific audience, try and choose products that are more suited to them using cross-selling as opposed to listing a product in a completely new category (unless you have plans to expand your reach).

Many times interest in a product may spike because of a new trend or celebrity endorsement or even a viral video, so you can choose to jump on the bandwagon for these high spurts, non-lasting trends or stick to products that statistics prove to be in high demand for a long time to come. 

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