Everything You Need To Know About Selling On Instagram!

Everything You Need To Know About Selling On Instagram!

Instagram has evolved from being a mere photo sharing social media network into a global powerhouse that enables businesses and brands to build a credible online presence and sell to a relevant audience from around the globe. Selling on Instagram has become even easier with the launch of the shoppable posts feature.

selling on instagram

Instagram boasts of a billion users, and with its strong emphasis on high-quality visuals, Instagram marketing has indisputably become the leading social media marketing channel among brands and eCommerce businesses – and now it’s the place for shopping, too.

Clearly selling on Instagram has benefits galore and is also a great way to establish a strong online presence. Towards this, the image-sharing social network recently introduced shoppable Stories to a select few businesses.

The feature allows brands to insert a CTA within their stories to sell directly from there and with more than 400 million users watching Stories every month, this feature is certainly a valuable source to increase sales for brands.

How to Start Selling on Instagram?

Step 1: Sign up as a business

Instagram is owned by Facebook. This means your business needs to comply with Facebook’s merchant agreement and commerce policy. Only businesses can sell on Instagram and so you must sign up as a business account.

Step 2: Set up your product catalog on Facebook

Once you have a business profile set up, you need to set up your product catalog on Facebook. Only the products under this catalog can be tagged on your Instagram shoppable posts and stories.

Step 3: Approval from Instagram

Account approval from Instagram may take a few days. Once done, you will receive a notification.

Step 4: Turn on Shopping features

To begin adding products to your Instagram posts, turn on the shopping features in your account.

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How to Sell via your Instagram Posts

Step 1: Upload product image(s)

Like in for any other post, upload high-quality images of your product. You can upload multiple images (up to 10 images in one post) to give users a better idea of what the product will look like in different implementations.

Step 2: Add a caption and tag your products

Write a crisp and descriptive caption for your post and then select on ‘Tag Products’. This option will enable you to tag your products (from your Facebook product catalog).

Step 3: Share your post

Once you’ve uploaded the images, crafted a caption, and tagged your products, it is time to share your post with the world! Posts tagged with products will appear on your feed with a little shopping bag icon.

How to Sell using Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a rage today. With Instagram introducing shoppable stories, brands can now tap into this feature to enhance sales and better connect with their customers.

Businesses that are approved by Facebook and Instagram to sell on Instagram, can add one product sticker to any story. Upon tapping the product sticker within the story, your viewers will be redirected to a page from where they can purchase the product directly.

Step 1: Add to your story (image or video)

Step 2: Tap the sticker icon and select the product option.

Step 3: Add your product (only one per Story). You can find all your products from your product catalog by typing its name.

Step 4: The tagged products in your Stories will appear with a shopping bag icon.

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Handy Tips to Keep in Mind When Selling on Instagram

1. Tag Smartly

Tagging your posts is the smartest way to derive the most value from your post. Smartly tag each item and ensure that they do not overlap and have enough space between them. This will make the post easy to understand and eliminate any confusion.

2. Tag Multiple Products

Tagging multiple products means you can win your buyer’s attention and increase the utility of every post. For instance, a post that has shoes, shirt, and trousers, all tagged in one post makes for a more valuable post.

3. Tag the right products

Remember, the products that you tag on your Instagram post must coincide with the ones on your Facebook product catalog. This means you need to be sure that you are tagging the right products (especially when it comes to products with similar names).

4. Use Creative Hashtags

Hashtags are an imminent part of your Instagram post, and now since you can follow hashtags, this a great opportunity to get creative with your hashtag game. Use descriptive hashtags that can boost your product’s visibility and attract new customers.

5. Upload High-Quality Photos

Instagram is still a highly visual medium and therefore, high-quality images make for compelling and intuitive content. This will not only entice your current customers to learn more about your post but will also attract random scrollers to tap on your product tags and visit your website.

Voila! You are now all set to start selling on Instagram!

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