Cyber Monday 2019: Boost Sales On The Most Lucrative Day Of The Year

Cyber Monday 2019: Maximize Sales On The Most Lucrative Day Of The Year

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, the holiday season is approaching fast and Cyber Monday 2019 is slated to be one of the busiest and most lucrative days of the year for eCommerce businesses.

Cyber Monday 2019

2018 saw a digital spend of over $14 billion during the holiday season, out of which Cyber Monday alone contributed $6 billion which is the highest over the Black Friday Weekend.

The holiday weekend this year, including Cyber Monday 2019 is predicted to see a 13%  growth in digital revenue in the US and 15% globally.  

Cyber Monday has seen the highest digital spends compared to Thanksgiving and Black Friday, consistently since 2014, and Cyber Monday 2019 is going to be no exception.

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So, what is Cyber Monday and what makes it so important? Let us look at the history of this eCommerce holiday.

The History of Cyber Monday

The Cyber Monday holiday was conceptualized by National Retail Foundation and coined by Ellen Davis, the President of NRF in 2005.

Published in a press release by NRF titled “Cyber Monday quickly becoming one of the biggest online shopping days of the year” which was based on the findings of a study conducted in 2004.

Cyber Monday 2019 marks the 14th anniversary of the holiday. It falls anywhere between November 26 to December 2, depending on Thanksgiving.

The term was coined after observing that the Monday after Thanksgiving saw “one of the biggest online shopping days of the year”.

Shoppers returning fresh from a Thanksgiving holiday and with easy access to high-speed internet (as against slow connections at home) chose to buy what they liked on Monday.

Cyber Monday, thus publicized, saw a 26% increase in online sales in 2005 and continues to grow ever since. 2010 saw the sales cross $1 billion for the first time.

Although the roots of the holiday lie in the US, companies across the globe jumped on the trend creating campaigns for Cyber Monday and attracting customers with exceptional discounts and deals.

Cyber Monday 2019 falls on December 2 and the possibility of earning an obscene amount of money, it is only common sense for retailers to look at maximizing sales during the most lucrative season of the year.

Preparing For Cyber Monday 2019

Before you think of marketing campaigns to attract customers to your eCommerce website, be sure that you have prepared your website to handle the large influx of traffic.

You should consider factors such as site speed, mobile compatibility and ensure that your website doesn’t face any downtime during this period – in all ensure a great customer experience on your eCommerce website.

You can also create an attractive landing page that is specifically designed to entice people to purchase certain products.

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What’s more, you can brand it with a short, easy to communicate domain name – something relevant and meaningful like would be great!

Efforts to prepare for this holiday weekend should ideally begin well in advance (as early as summer) considering the volume of sales your eCommerce business may see during this time.

We have compiled and listed a few ideas that have worked in the past so you can make the most of Cyber Monday 2019.

1. Spread The Hype

All your communication in the weeks preceding Cyber Monday 2019 should majorly talk about the upcoming sale on Cyber Monday!

The craze for Cyber Monday should rub off on your followers and customers and should prompt them to get excited to shop for the holiday season.

If you have offered deals and discounts for Cyber Monday earlier, remind your customers by using your email marketing skills.

Remind them of the crazy deals they had availed in the previous year and inform them of more such deals coming up for Cyber Monday 2019.

Create a sense of urgency around the deals that you offer by creating a countdown and placing a timer as seen here: 

Cyber Monday 2019

2. Offer Exclusive Discounts

Create and offer exclusive discounts and deals to your customers specific to Cyber Monday 2019.

Plan your discount and pricing strategy such that it encourages your customers to buy more products at a collectively lower price instead of purchasing them individually.

You may choose to offer free gifts for purchases made over a certain amount or a higher discount rate if the total purchase exceeds a specific amount.

You can also create special discount codes for the day which will also help you track and analyze shopping trends.

3. Offer Pre-Orders

Use contact details of your previous, existing and prospective customers to create a targeted pre-order strategy for Cyber Monday 2019.

Pre-order is when you list a product on your website that hasn’t been manufactured yet and will be launched at a later date, in this case on Cyber Monday.

A pre-order allows customers to pay for the product in full or part in order to book it before it becomes available to the public at large and goes out of stock.

Offering pre-order on your products to customers that have engaged with you before will give them a sense of special treatment and generate buzz around the product as well as your website.

4. Promote Cross-selling

eCommerce Cross-Selling is one of the most effective ways of increasing sales and Cyber weekend is no exception.

Before you start prepping for Cyber Monday 2019, extract data and utilize reports about your eCommerce sales to figure out the most popular products on your website, as well as the most frequent combinations of products purchased together.

This will help you in making helpful suggestions to your buyers as well as boost sales on your eCommerce website.

Your marketing efforts in the days leading up to Cyber Monday 2019 can then be focused on what is popularly chosen by customers and once a customer chooses that product, you can automatically add the relevant recommendation.

Product bundling is another great way of increasing sales and offering discounts to your customers.

5. Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping is a sure-fire way to increase online sales, especially when competing with physical stores.

Offering free shipping adds a ‘feel-good’ factor to customers since they can shop from the comfort of their home without having to spend any money on actually traveling to buy the product or vice-versa.

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Additionally, it gives customers a sense of saving money and getting the most out of the deal offered on a product.

Free shipping also reduces the chances of shopping cart abandonment.

6. Optimize For Mobile

According to Salesforce, mobile shopping during Cyber Week 2018 hovered around 70%  irrespective of the day of the week.

This clearly establishes mobile as the preferred medium for shoppers to make their holiday purchases and shop on the go.  

It becomes critical, therefore, to ensure your eCommerce website is optimized for browsing as well as to handle the surge in orders during the holiday season.

One effective way of doing this is to design your eCommerce website in a way that doesn’t deviate users from the ‘Thumb zone’ – which refers to the area on the mobile screen most commonly used by a user.

7. Create A Holistic Marketing Campaign

Consider Cyber Monday 2019 as a festival and make all your marketing touch-points look like it.

Create a campaign that will reflect that across all mediums of communication used by your eCommerce website and create targeted campaigns around Cyber Monday 2019.

One way of promoting Cyber Monday sales is to create a philanthropic campaign around the holidays, offering a humanitarian approach to the purchases made by customers.

Gen-Z is increasingly conscious of the effects of human activity on the environment, and your marketing strategy and campaign should address this.

Another way to this is by offering eco-friendly options for purchase and packaging, and a more defined way is by contributing part of your online sales to a philanthropic campaign.

Final Thoughts

Cyber Monday has consistently seen a rise in sales ever since the concept was first coined, and Cyber Monday 2019 will be pretty massive too.

This is the shopping fiesta online shoppers look forward to for the entire year, so gear up for Cyber Monday 2019 and make sure that you make the most out of this holiday weekend!

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