How To Create An Enticing Coming Soon Page Before A New Launch

How To Create An Enticing Coming Soon Page Before A New Launch

Launching a new eCommerce website is not a one-day activity. It takes time to build it and perfectly design every detail and feature. And while you will be excited about your new website coming up and how your unique product is going to blow everyone’s mind, you might want to consider developing an attractive coming soon page to entice your audience. 

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What Is A Coming Soon Page?

A coming soon page is a special webpage that gives your audience a sneak peek at what is going to come while hiding the real work that is being done on your site.

Besides creating hype around your upcoming website, it could also help you in gathering feedback from your audience and lay a foundation for your eCommerce marketing.

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The Essence Of A Coming Soon Page

There is a lot that you could do with your coming soon page, the most obvious benefit being the buzz and excitement it helps you build up. It can help you collect emails for your newsletter marketing, and you can also use these collected email IDs to notify your users about the release of your website.

You can also include links leading to your social media handles as part fo the emails. This will help you with cross-promotion and raising awareness.

Also known as a pre-launch page, your coming soon page will serve as a placeholder that ideally fulfills three purposes:

  • Announcing your upcoming website’s launch
  • Providing valuable information about your website, products or services
  • Persuading your visitors to return to your site after it’s officially launched

What Your Coming Soon Page Should Be Like?

Your eCommerce website is going to be the digital mirror of your brand or business. So it must be perfect right from the beginning, and this means your coming soon page should create a buzz in the minds of your visitors the minute they lay eyes on it.

Your coming soon page is going to be the first impression people form about your website, and you would want to take care of a few things to make sure it’s a good one.

#1 Introduction

The primary purpose of your coming soon page is to explain the purpose of your upcoming site. Failure to do so could leave your visitors confused and they wouldn’t return unless they’re interested in what you’re going to offer.

A mission statement or purpose of intent could give your audience an idea of whether your upcoming website would appeal to them and would it be something that they could use in the future.

Your mission statement could include the following:

  • What’s coming
  • Purpose of the website
  • Valuable information to build curiosity
  • Launch date or a countdown

#2 Building a pre-launch audience

Never miss the opportunity to capture data from your potential customer base. Getting your visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter to notify them about your upcoming product launch is an effective promotion tool.

A mailing list is considered to be a reliable tool as it establishes a direct connection between you and your users. If email marketing is not effectively done before the launch of your website, people might forget about it.

You could offer exclusive discounts, early bird pricing, or other incentives to get your visitors to subscribe to your emails and newsletters. Besides, you could also use your coming soon page to advertise your product and accept pre-bookings.

You can interact with your pre-launch audience up till your launch to get feedback or just to remind them about your launch date.

#3 Social Media Links

When it comes to creating a buzz in advance, social media marketing is king.  Since your website isn’t ready yet, your social media handles could fill the gap to temporarily satisfy the curiosity of visitors.

Links or clickable social media buttons to your Facebook page or Instagram Profile make for a great way to engage and connect with your audience on a one-to-one basis.

Instagram marketing plays a huge role in building up hype around a new product launch, especially for eCommerce businesses. Similar to building an email list, you could also get them to follow or subscribe to your social media accounts.

A great marketing strategy could also be to include a host of digital marketing tactics to get more people to know about your brand and your website.

#4 Point Of Contact

By creating a channel of communication through email, social media, live chat, or messenger chatbot tools, you can field customer queries early, convince them to join your pre-launch audience, and even get honest inputs about your concept.

You can use live chat tools to allow your visitors to reach out to and get instant information from you.

#5 Viral Loop

If people like your concept, they might share it with their friends and family. However, if you can give them an incentive for sharing your page like extra discounts or freebies, they might even go out of their way to do so.

This will create what is also termed as a “viral loop”, where everyone you reach is given an incentive to share. The viral loop includes giving discounts for subscribing to your email list, and bigger discounts for sharing with others.

It results in a continuous loop where people join your email list and keep sharing, looping in more people.

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How To Create A Coming Soon Page?


WordPress provides you with plugins to create a coming soon page quickly, some of which are free, and some premium, including:

The most reviewed and used plugin by far is the Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode by SeedProd. Let’s have a look at how to use it to create a coming soon page.

#1 Install and Activate

Log in to your WordPress site

  • Click “Plugins > Add New”
  • Search for “SeedProd Coming Soon”
  • Click “Install Now” next to the relevant plugin
  • Click “Activate”

#2 Enable Coming Soon Mode

SeedProd > Settings > Content > [General Section] Enable Coming Soon Mode > Save All Changes

Visitors would now be seeing your coming soon page.

#3 Customization

SeedProd > Settings > Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode > Page Settings

You’ll find blanks to upload your logo, write your headline and further text for giving people a brief idea about you.

Under the ‘Design tab’, you can customize your page by setting a background color or image or even make your background responsive.

To get a fair idea about what it would look like to your visitors, you can click on the ‘Live Preview tab’. Then ‘Save All Changes’.


#1 Password Page

The quickest way to create your coming soon page on Shopify is by using your password page. Since it’s password-protected, you can allow people to view the website in progress by giving them the password.

For small business owners, this could do the job. However, if your store is big and if you’re expecting a lot of visitors, you can use the below-mentioned method.

#2 Publish A Coming Soon Version of Your Theme

You can create two different versions of your website, one you can keep working on for the final launch, and one you can release as the coming soon page.

This could be a single page with an explainer video, product photos, calls to action, social proof, etc. You can also check out some of the Shopify apps before creating your coming soon page.

Final Thoughts

A coming soon page is a handy marketing tool as you can use it to collect leads before launching your new website or keep your customers engaged if you’re site is under maintenance.

The biggest advantage of having a coming soon page is that it doesn’t let your marketing stop, even without your website. It keeps building your audience so that you can launch to a full house. 

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