Holiday Packaging: How To Get It Right For Holiday Sales

Holiday Packaging: How To Get It Right For Holiday Sales

It’s not a hidden fact that the Holiday shopping season arrives even before the Holidays actually do. To avoid late deliveries customers start placing orders in advance. But a critical aspect of the holiday shopping spree is the special holiday packaging. 

Holiday Packaging

Businesses need to be ready with creative holiday packaging strategies much before the season actually arrives. Many businesses consider packaging an unnecessary expense, but they don’t realize that the money spent in this area is actually money earned.

The holiday season is considered to be a goldmine for online retailers. So, it’s worth investing in brand building activities like holiday packaging.

This is because holiday sales is all about gifting to others and great packaging is of utmost importance. From Cyber Monday to Black Friday, the holiday sales season is packed with people shopping for their loved ones and themselves.

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How To Customize Your Holiday Packaging

The holiday season is a special time of the year, and so customers expect the same from your packaging. During the season, it’s not just about promoting your products and making your potential customers buy them.

It’s about how you manage to surprise them and make them feel special about your products.

While you can always work out which products to sell this holiday season, browse through the following ways to customize your holiday packaging and give your holiday sales that extra boost.

#1 Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes add value at any time of the year, but if properly done during the festive season, it’s like a cherry on the top. For instance, we all love a handwritten birthday card more than a readymade one from our friends.

Similarly, adding a personal touch during the festive season could take you a long way. Customers feel valued when they realize that you have put in an extra effort for them during such a busy season.

Big businesses can’t afford to include hand-written notes to all their customers during holiday sales, and this is the opportunity for smaller ones to trump the online giants.

#2 Custom Tissue Paper

Not only are custom tissue papers a creative way to package your products, but they are also versatile and multi-purpose. You can use them as wrapping papers for products, line the inside of boxes, or even as gifts with purchases for your customers’ own wrapping duties.

It’s light in weight and can be used to wrap different-shaped products, and because of its large surface area, it also allows you to print complex designs. 

#3 Holiday Theme Packing Tape

Boxes are usually simple and boring. They come in a lot of different sizes for different products, and to make them look interesting you might have to invest a huge amount for customizing them for holiday sales.

It usually is not a feasible option for businesses. However, what you can do to tackle that without spending so much is to design a holiday-themed tape creatively. It’s a simple yet effective way to liven up your plain boxes or mailers.

#4 Custom Stickers

If you prefer a traditional holiday-themed design for your gift boxes or wrapping papers during holiday sales, customized stickers can come really handy as branding elements.

Stickers allow you to showcase your brand name or logo at the front and center while maintaining the festival vibe.

Apart from just decorating your packages with them, you can even give stickers away as freebies to customers. It acts as a recall factor for your brand amongst the customers and increases brand loyalty.

#5 Die-Cut Inserts

Die-cut inserts are a great way to make your products look visually appealing, especially if you have chosen a rather plain design for your packaging.

It’s an innovative way to add holiday imagery and make your products more relatable during the holiday season. Symbols such as stars, trees, and snowflakes are examples of good inserts as they can be easily recognizable in their silhouette versions too.

Tips For Your Holiday Packaging Design

Tips For Your Holiday Packaging Design

#1 Less is More

It’s really tempting to go overboard during the festive season but the cost of additional custom elements quickly adds up. Even courier charges could get expensive as they are based on the size and weight of the package.

It will also create a negative impact on your brand recognition as your customers won’t know where to focus their attention. More materials lead to customers having to dispose of more packaging waste, which is again a no-no.

You can create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers making sure it’s economical and just about right in terms of packaging materials.

Mailers instead of boxes will help you reduce your shipping costs. Pairing it with a seasonal gift wrap will maintain the element of surprise without the traditional box.

#2 Keep Your Branding Intact

A majority of customers are willing to experiment during the holiday sales. To make sure that they remain your customers round the year, it’s highly important that you build your brand recognition.

Keeping generic imagery in your packaging for the festive mood is good but unless your packaging has something unique to imprint on your customers’ minds, they wouldn’t remember your brand next time they shop online.

#3 Reuse and Recycle

Today, consumers all around the world are getting more environmentally conscious. Not only do they want to reduce waste, but they also prefer using products which are comparatively more environment-friendly.

You can consider using paper and cardboard instead of plastic. Even where it’s necessary for you to use plastic considering the nature of your product. Try to use recycled materials for your packaging.

Focus on the correct sizes of your containers so as to reduce waste. For packaging elements like ribbon or tissue paper, which aren’t usually considered reusable, you can enclose a packaging insert requesting customers to save them for future gift wrapping needs.

#4 Social Media Sharing

A brilliant seasonal marketing technique is to encourage customers to share images of their parcels on social media. Instagram marketing is a great way to use visuals to engage with your customers and have them engage with your brand.

You can incentivize this activity by running giveaways to customers who post about your products they bought on their social media handles. You can use social media shares to give your holiday sales a much-needed boost.

You can even come up with unique Instagram hashtags for your special holiday packaging, that will help you to stand out. And when people post the pictures with your defined hashtags, it could boost your sales even more.

#5 Research Packaging Suppliers

When you decide who to choose for sourcing your packaging, don’t just consider the costs involved. There are other important factors as well like, Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ), turnaround times, and the sustainability of their designs.

Set your budget and research the available supplier options well with the above constraints and then make the best choice for your business.

Final Thoughts

Holiday packaging not only enhances the appearance of your products but also provides valuable service to your customers. It helps you in ensuring that your customers don’t forget about your brand right after the end of the holiday season.

Developing the perfect packaging design for your products is a matter of commitment. If your customers can feel that, they are going to stick with you for many more holidays to come.

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