YouTube Marketing For Your eCommerce Brand: The Complete Lowdown

YouTube Marketing For Your eCommerce Brand: The Complete Lowdown

Without a doubt, YouTube marketing makes for one of the most promising digital platforms to market your eCommerce business.

YouTube Marketing

Why are we so confident about this claim?

Because YouTube alone has a user base of over a million (that’s almost one-third of all internet users!).

Over one billion hours’ worth of video is watched via this media daily. The icing on the cake, YouTube is localized in 91 countries and can be accessed in as many as 80 languages.

And if these facts and statistic weren’t enough, in the United States alone, 85% of internet users watch video content across devices.

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So, it’s safe to say that video marketing, especially YouTube marketing, is the way forward for your eCommerce brand.


Because the enormity of YouTube’s user base is congruent to your eCommerce business’s marketing needs.

While thousands of dollars are being pumped towards YouTube marketing to tap the full potential this medium has to offer, money is not the only key to a successful YouTube marketing strategy.

A great YouTube channel is one that constantly puts out quality content and consistently maintains a steady pace of customer acquisition.

In this post, we’re going to help you explore the potential of YouTube Marketing for your eCommerce business.

Let’s get you started with how you can go about creating and optimizing your eCommerce brand’s YouTube Marketing.

YouTube Marketing

How to Create and Optimize Your eCommerce Brand’s YouTube Channel

Step 1: Create A Google Account & YouTube Brand account

YouTube is owned by Google and signing up with your Gmail account gives you direct access to a YouTube account.

The next and most crucial step is creating your YouTube Brand account.

First things first, you can start by adding a channel icon and channel art to your page (much like the display picture and cover picture in any social media).

Go ahead to add details like channel description, email address and so on.

You can also provide a direct link to the company website and social media accounts under the ‘About’ tab.

Another distinguishing feature of a YouTube account is that it lets you customize your account to appear differently to your subscribed and unsubscribed viewers. Y

ou can customize your account for the unsubscribed viewers to see the ‘channel trailer’; a video version of your description.

Step 2: Plan Your Channel’s Layout

The next step involves planning and designing the channel layout; one that perfectly complements the needs of your business and the types of videos you upload in your channel.

A color palette and brand theme that is simple, yet captivating, goes a long way. You can even coordinate it with your brand colors and theme

As an additional step, you can segregate your vlogs under a subheading. This will give the users ease of navigation and present them with a series of videos answering all their queries related to a particular topic.

Step 3: Publish Content Frequently

Regularly adding high-quality content to your channel is a proven way to increase user engagement.

Your YouTube Marketing campaign will become truly profitable by achieving increased viewership.

Posting content regularly does just that for you.

It keeps your feed active and increases your web presence. Most YouTube influencers aim for a minimum of one video per week.

Having said that, there is no definition for the ‘right amount’. Your business style, content, audience, and your end goal should define it for you.

Another trick to enhance your YouTube Marketing skills is to make a series of videos instead of one long video.

This strategy provides you with enough content to keep you occupied for weeks. Secondly, posting bite-size versions on a particular topic gives the audience ample time to absorb and digest the information you just shared.

However, be sure to research in-depth on your topic. Break it up in such a way that the viewers are craving for more.

Done wrong, this strategy might cost you a whole lot of viewers. So ensure that you have all the right information spread across the right video size.

Step 4: Craft Appealing Video Titles

The title is the essence of any video. Just creating great content is never enough.

Half your viewers will never even click on your video if the title of the video does not appeal to them in some way.

‘Click baiting’ is another proven YouTube Marketing technique.

You end the title in a cliffhanger. YouTube allows a title length of 100 words. Beyond 50-55 words, the title starts to cut off in the desktop version.

YouTube Marketers take advantage of this technicality and the leave the heading mid-way.

Any curious viewer would have to click on the video to comprehend it entirely.

Step 5: Use Compelling Thumbnails 

Thumbnails may seem like a non-important part for a YouTube video but are any day as important as the main title itself.

Thumbnails should be quirky and colorful to grab the attention of the viewer immediately.

The thumbnails you include should resonate with your content. Having said that, do not try to trick your viewer with a thumbnail and content mismatch.

Similarly, adding your brand logo to your thumbnail also increases your brand presence.

People might not view your video but the presence of your brand on every thumbnail will unconsciously increase your brand image among users.

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Step 6: Indulge In Cross Promotion 

Another strategy that works well in YouTube Marketing is cross-promotion.

Be mindful to identify and collaborate with other channels producing similar content.

Cross-promotion can be mutually beneficial and will increase the customer and viewership base.

For instance, if you are selling home products like bedsheets, curtains, pillowcases, and so on, you can tie up with a YouTube channel of a business that sells furniture.

This way you can attract a similar audience and get them to visit your online store and even buy from you after purchasing their furniture!

How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel For SEO 

We now know how to create a YouTube channel and run it. However, this alone won’t do the trick.

The scenario that your content will be swept under the carpet and never live to see the sunshine is highly plausible, given the massive number of YouTube channels and videos surfacing online.

Optimizing your video for SEO is the second part of the trick. Perform the whole trick and voila! You have increased your viewer base and SEO rank considerably.

YouTube Marketing


Here’s how you can optimize your videos and stay ahead in the search results:

1. Write Great Descriptions

YouTube Marketing offers great functionality in the form of a description box. Marketers can give a full-fledged account of what the video is all about.

It is very important to include your keywords in this description. The right keywords will ensure that you rank well in the searches.

2. Use Memorable Domain Names 

Like many popular YouTube channels, you can choose to include short and memorable links to get people to subscribe to your channel.

The best way to do this is to use a relevant domain name that people can remember you by and share with others. Complicated links make this tedious.

Instead, you can use a new domain extension like .store to brand your YouTube channel and redirect people to it.

If you are selling fashion accessories under the brand name ‘The Dreamy Store’, then why not opt for to get people to visit your YouTube channel?

3. Include Smart Captions & Tags

Descriptions always do not help your video pop in the search results as the keywords for which the viewer is searching with may vary.

Captions hold the baton for you in such a situation. Your video will be displayed in the search if your caption matches the search result.

Furthermore, tags are a blend of common and long-tail keywords that best describe your video.

Tags come handy when a potential viewer makes some loose end searches using common words.

4. Include Call To Actions

It is no secret that a higher subscriber base ensures a better ranking for your videos.

Another fact most people are unaware of is, the higher the likes and comments in your video, the higher is the rank.

This is because more people are interacting and engaging with your videos.

Also, including or saying a compelling call to action like “If you like this video please give it a thumbs up or subscribe to my channel” helps to prompt people to interact with you.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all about YouTube Marketing and how to go about optimizing it, you are all set to market your eCommerce business and its products on YouTube.

Remember, continuous efforts to produce high-quality content with optimization can go a long way to increase your eCommerce brand’s awareness and to increase your subscriber base.

On this note, let’s quickly wrap up:

  • Strategize and plan your YouTube Marketing videos.
  • Publish high-quality content regularly.
  • Engage with your subscribers and viewers by responding to their comments and queries.
  • Optimize your channel and your videos to rank better in the SEO search.

Happy YouTube marketing!

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