Marketing To GenX: Why Your eCommerce Strategy Should Include Them

Marketing To GenX: Why Your eCommerce Strategy Should Include Them

If you are the frontrunner of a successful eCommerce business, you’d know the importance of understanding your audience, creating buyer personas, and studying the demographics of your target buyer. With this study, you would also know that marketing to genX should be a priority.

Marketing To GenX

While marketing to millennials is the need of the hour given their swift rise as the highest spenders, Generation X makes for a promising group of people that have the financial stability and willingness to buy online.

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Who Are Generation X?

Generation X or GenX is a small generation in the United States, that makes up a large portion of the purchasing power. They are born in the range of years from 1965 to 1980 and are effectively a technological channel between Baby Boomers and Millennials.

GenX makes up more than 30% of America’s population and has a vast purchasing power. Since they cover such a huge portion of the market share, for any eCommerce business to grow, they need to have a strategy in place about marketing to GenX.

Since GenX is sandwiched between to significant generations, to better understand it, it’s important to understand the other two generations as well. 

Who Are Baby Boomers?

Baby Boomers is the generation that was born between 1942 and 1964 and was once the largest generation. The majority of boomers are now retired or on the verge of retiring.

They are usually in the dilemma of whether to spend or protect their wealth. They usually prefer shopping for products which are on sale and like to use good deals and coupons.

Who Are Millennials? 

Millennials, on the other hand, belong to the range of years 1981-2000 and are believed to have surpassed Baby Boomers.

Millennials are currently the largest portion of the population and have grown in a technology-driven time with the internet and mobile phones.

Understanding GenX 

GenX is considered to be the hardest age group to understand for even the savviest marketers. There are two types of GenXers:

  • Those born in the earlier phase with characteristics of Baby Boomers – who might have trouble with technology, such as computers and phones
  • Those born later who have purchasing habits similar to that of Millennials – who are comparatively tech-friendly

In spite of their differences, there are a lot of common points. Below are a few of the things that should be considered when marketing to GenX.

Things to consider when marketing to GenX

1. Financial Stability

Since their age varies from 39 to 54 currently, they are in their highest-earning years or at high points in their careers. They can’t be ignored as they have an impressive influence over both household and company decisions.

2. Security

Since most of them have families with their children in schools, colleges or early careers, family safety and financial future is one of their top priorities.

Since they hold very strong family values, you need to provide them with a reliable product or service and build a relationship of trust.

3. Life Experience

GenX (as a whole generation) has seen a lot over the years. The moon landing, the Cold War, the Y2K crisis, the internet revolution and everything in the middle.

They have already seen a huge number of ads and been targeted by marketing over these years. When marketing to GenX, you need to make an impact by conveying a genuine message. 

4. Internet Users

Even after coming across an ad on a TV commercial or newspaper, GenXers tend to research it on the internet. You need to ensure that your company information and every important aspect of your business is available on your website, social media sites, and other professional sites.

5. Personal Marketing

Since most GenXers are parents, they prefer media that reflects their values and prefer authentic brands. Be genuine and transparent when marketing to Genx otherwise they will see through it.

How To Reach GenX?

Even though they come from a time before the existence of the internet, they have more or less adapted to the change, and have got themselves familiar with it. Most of them are regular internet users and are active on various sites or platforms like social media, search engines, and other online directories.

1. Facebook 

Millennials are often considered to be obsessed with social media, but GenX isn’t much different from them. Since a large portion of millennials has shifted to Instagram and Snapchat, GenXers comprise the major population of Facebook.

You can build a Facebook page for your business and promote its post on Facebook and use Facebook marketing techniques to get them to buy from you.

2. Direct Mail

Since they belong to a time before the existence of the internet, GenXers have always liked the concept of direct physical mails. You can send the discount codes or personalized offers via direct mail.

3. Email Marketing

Emails were being used from the very inception of the internet, and hence email marketing is one of those aspects they are most familiar with. It’s very cost-effective and easy to execute, it’s one of the best ways of marketing to GenX.

4. Video Marketing

GenX loves watching videos, especially on Facebook. If a genuine message is conveyed well in the form of videos it could do wonders for your marketing team.

5. Website 

All the other marketing strategies are in vain if you don’t have an ultimate destination for them to reach, which is your website. You can use various tools to understand your customer navigation and to help them find what they’re looking for.

Live chat options, pop-ups boxes to prompt customers to join your newsletter or receive a discount code are features your website should have. You can also nudge your users and customers to share their feedback and then make the necessary improvements.

Tailoring Your Ecommerce Marketing To GenX

1. Discounts

GenX has been very familiar with discounts through newspapers, magazines, and TV and they still have a massive preference for it. You can provide them an intro-discount to first order.

2. Loyalty Programs

GenX are known for their loyalty. Create reward programs to encourage them to repeat purchases, like a discount on higher purchase, free samples, free shipping, etc.

3. Written Reviews

Collect and post written reviews from your customers and express gratitude to them for taking out the time to do so. Written reviews showcase authenticity and build trust with GenXers.

4. Security

Provide privileges like free return shipping so that they feel secure while purchasing from you. Also, ensure that your return policy is easily understandable on your website.

5. Personal Touch

Connect with GenXers through conversations in the real-world scenario by showcasing everyday situations. Maintaining a personal touch is of the utmost importance when marketing to GenX.

6. Social Ads

Besides just using traditional ad platforms, use online ads. Facebook, Google, and Instagram are good places to start with. Help them reach your website and buying portal through just one click while surfing on the net.

7. Customer Service

Make your GenX customers feel valued by providing timely responses and rectifying any of their issues immediately. With effective customer service, GenXers can become your customers for life.

8. Nostalgia

One of the most effective tactics when marketing to GenX is making them a little nostalgic about important events, music or anything which they would have connected with back in the day Give them a trip down memory lane when marketing to them and they might just get engaged with you.

9. Optimize for Mobile

Needless to say, smartphones have overtaken laptops and tablets to a large extent and everyone prefers using the internet on their phones because of their portability.

Make sure you optimize your website for mobile, so that it’s compatible with every device, information is easily readable, and loads in no time.

Final Thoughts

GenX has a huge spending power as most have them are well-established in their careers or are retiring after accumulating a lot of wealth in these years.

It’s highly important that while preparing your eCommerce marketing strategy you pay close attention to marketing to GenX and come up with separate strategies for them.

Since this generation falls between two poles apart generations of Baby Boomers and Millennials, make sure that you diversify with various marketing strategies to capture their attention. 

They are well-educated and thoughtful buyers, and if you gain their trust once, you won’t have to worry about losing them like in the case of millennials.

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