Hire An eCommerce Marketing Agency Vs. In-House Marketing Team

Hire An eCommerce Marketing Agency Vs. In-House Marketing Team

“Do we hire an eCommerce marketing agency or do we recruit an internal marketing team?”

eCommerce marketing agency

This is a situation every eCommerce business has to face at some point in the business lifecycle.

Consider a situation where perhaps you already have an eCommerce marketing agency working for you but you are considering switching to an internal marketing team to save costs.

Or maybe you are thinking about utilizing both for different marketing projects.

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Well, the decision is certainly not easy and based on multiple factors like cost, skill, innovation, and ease of communication at the least.

Various pros and cons associated with both the choices determine if the scale tips towards your in-house team or hiring an external eCommerce marketing agency or maybe both.

Still confused?

To assess your best options start by clearly defining your organization’s marketing goals.

Weigh them against your in-house team’s strengths and weaknesses (that is if you have one or you are thinking of building one).

If it suffices your requirements, you are good to go. If not, you require external expert help.

Even WSI, a global network of digital marketing agencies itself utilizes a team of in-house marketers supported by numerous eCommerce marketing agencies.

The external agencies support during supplementary marketing execution.

It turns out that there is no right or wrong then!

Let’s closely look at 7 key business aspects that will guide your decision-making process when comparing in-house marketing teams against hiring an eCommerce marketing agency.

7 Business Aspects To Consider When Comparing Hiring An eCommerce Marketing Agency Vs. In-House Marketing Teams

#1: Company’s Culture, Vision, and Mission

Great advertising and marketing is one that stems and draws power from the mission and vision of the organization.

As a more obvious choice, it will work better to hire an in-house marketing team that works keeping in mind the company culture and mission.

An internal employee is much more likely to invest in the company’s success and growth.

After all, “Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief”.

But does this mean that an eCommerce marketing agency cannot align itself with your organization’s mission and vision?

Undeniably there are higher chances that given a marketing agency’s association with numerous clients, it’s more genuinely difficult to get a full sense of a company’s day-to-day culture and values.

However, there could be an agency that fully aligns with your values.

Research well before making that choice!

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#2: Skill Sets

At times, an advertising campaign requires skill sets ranging from web development to social media advertising to email marketing to pay-per-click advertising.

Does your in-house team have the whole range of skill set? If not, are you ready to hire an entire team?

In cases like these, eCommerce marketing agencies are up and running and already equipped with knowledgeable professionals who specialize in all these areas of digital marketing.

In short, agency teams can be your one-stop solution and might even cost you less than hiring an entire team with all the required skill sets.

Make an informed decision by weighing all the pros and cons and weighing the cost against the benefits derived in both the scenarios.

#3: Changing Technologies

The digital marketing landscape is changing continuously and online marketing tools that worked yesterday might not be effective tomorrow.

You are bound to lose a lot of business if your organization is not abreast of the latest digital marketing practices.

Staying up-to-date, with the latest digital marketing technologies, forms the very core of any eCommerce marketing agency.

They are often the first to lay their hands on new and ground-breaking technologies.

Base your decision by determining your advertising needs well and take your pick!

#4: Communication & Availability

Open, efficient and real-time communication is the key to keep any marketing plan running smoothly.

The whole process becomes smooth with an in-house team.

The team is always available for brainstorming sessions, content approvals, and meetings; both scheduled and impromptu.

An eCommerce marketing agency, on the other hand, isn’t always available or accessible.

They cater to numerous clients and hence the day-to-day communication is limited.

Sometimes an external agency might be available only on email or phone with a weekly or monthly face to face meeting.

Well, both methods are equally good but how they work for you depend entirely on your need and preference.

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#5: Urgency

Let’s consider that your competitor has just launched a dynamic content website.

This new website is hurting your sales and driving away your customers.

To take matters into hands immediately and to repair any further damage you too would need to design a dynamic content website.

In such a situation, the urgency of the matter defines your choice for in-house marketing or an external eCommerce marketing agency.

If you have the time, you can go ahead with publishing that job opening, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, calling references and so on to hire the right resource.

Need to put that fire out now? Then a marketing agency is your only choice.

Agencies are well-equipped and can jump in quickly and efficiently to make those necessary changes to your advertising strategy.

#6: Creativity

Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called advertising”.

Sometimes having an in-house team may work to your disadvantage.

Being solely devoted to a particular organization with a signature style of advertising may stagnate creativity.

On the flip side, an eCommerce marketing agency has numerous clients and hence is always exposed to fresh ideas.

Well again, there is no good or bad.

If you are looking to develop a campaign for which your in-house team lacks the required creativity, employing an agency is your answer.

#7: Cost

Cost plays a major part in driving the whole decision of employing an in-house team or recruiting an eCommerce marketing agency.

The average salary of a marketing manager is upwards of $60,000.

Consider the entire cost and take into consideration the need to hire managers, marketing specialists, web developers and so on.

An agency, on the other hand, charges a fixed amount.

Also consider additional cost saved on office space, and the other required hardware and software.

The decision will depend on your cost bearing capacity.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, the answer to hiring an eCommerce marketing agency or hiring an in-house team entirely depends on your goals and needs.

Take into consideration the above-mentioned factors and weigh your options.

Still indecisive? Consider coming up with a strategy to utilize the best of both worlds.

Use external help in areas where you lack expertise, or even with new and trending technologies. And rely on in-house power for the day to marketing activities. 

Whatever the case, strategically make your decision to either hire the right eCommerce marketing agency or recruit an in-house team.

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