Threadly.STORE: Leading the way with Direct to Garment printing

Threadly.STORE: Leading The Way With Direct To Garment Printing

Are you a  t-shirt aficionado? If yes, then you are at the right place. Threadly.Store is an one-stop online store for t-shirt junkies, like yourself, to personalize or find a unique tee that resonates with your sense of style and personality. We speak with Jafar Muhammed, founder of Threadly Store, to shed light on how DTG or Direct To Garment printing works and how easy it is for an apparel brand to set up an online store. Read on!

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The Threadly.Store Team
The Team at Threadly.Store

How did Threadly come to be? Tell us the story?

I believe that t-shirts are one of the most powerful and dynamic ways to express yourself. Which is why I founded Threadly.STORE with my cousin Jamsheer through funds raised from our family and friends.

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Since we decided to go with DTG technology as our printing method, we needed a name that represented our creation process, values, quality and something that sounded trendy.

We shortlisted over 30 possible names for our start-up and finally decided to go with Threadly.

Tell us about your state of the art DTG or Direct To Garment printing. 

DTG, as it stands for, is a method where a printer directly applies the ink onto the t-shirt with inkjet technology; just like the standard printer that we use to print photos and documents from our home/office.

This method involves a specific printer, which sprays the ink directly onto the garment in the desired design. Most DTG printers use special proprietary inks, which get easily absorbed by the fibers of the t-shirt cloth.

With the DTG printer, we can print images in much higher detail and we are not restricted in terms of color. This is because the printer can print any image or customization.

At Threadly Store, our modern state of the art direct to garment printing facility offers smooth and bright printing. With a 98% color accuracy, we are experts in printing complex photographic images that contain millions of colors.

We can reproduce gradient rich artworks onto the garment which is soft to touch.

DTG Printing VS Screen Printing (Which one is better?)

DTG Printing VS Screen Printing (Which one is better?) I have another clothing/print video for you guys! Today I compare DTG vs Screen Printing talking about the key differences. I hope this video helps you decide which is best suited for your needs.

What makes Threadly different from other custom T-shirt brands?

The main difference between Threadly Store and other custom T-shirt brands are the print quality and affordable pricing. Not every digital print is direct to garment printing. There are different methods to print on a t-shirt that is misconstrued as Digital Printing.

Most of these other methods use a technique to stick the artwork onto the garment. Such garment printing can crack easily and peel off later. Furthermore, we do not have a minimum quantity requirement; you can order as low as only one t-shirt in the same high quality.

How important is social media in promoting Threadly and acquiring new customers?

We believe in the power of Word of Mouth marketing rather than a paid social media campaign. However, most of our leads and orders are generated from different social media channels. We would love to thank our happy and repeated customers who are referring us to their friends.

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How is easy is it to set up an online store? Any tips for new eCommerce businesses?

The Internet penetration rate is rapidly growing in India, and you shouldn’t ignore the possibilities of capturing new markets and acquiring new customers. There are free robust eCommerce platforms such as Magento which will help you grow your business without incurring a heavy cost to start your eCommerce website.

Most eCommerce platforms will easily integrate with payment gateways thereby enabling your customers to enjoy a hassle-free payment experience. Logistics is another must have set-up for any e-commerce business, you can contact one of the many eCommerce logistics and delivery providers for this.

If you are jumping into Print on Demand custom business, then an online web to print software makes for a magnificent addition. By reducing your margins and by selling t-shirts with attractive designs will help your online store find success. When considering the enormous resources required to make your own manufacturing and printing facility, it is wise to start your brand with the help of a drop shipping company.

Why did you choose a .STORE domain name? How is it helping you develop a unique online brand?

One of the significant challenges in getting your start-up running is to name it and find a perfect domain extension. Even though .com was available to us, we wanted to represent our-self as not just a t-shirt company, but a technology-driven company.

Two new domain extensions were running the finale in our naming process – .Shop and .STORE. Both domain extensions are identical, but we chose .STORE as our domain extension, as well as the last name of the company, after running a couple of pronunciation tests.

I am so grateful to have a wide range of new domain extensions to support our branding nowadays; else, our name would have been something else. You see, there is a significant difference between saying Threadly Store .com and Threadly.STORE.

In our case, the company name and the website address are identical.

Starting an online store? Give it a brilliant and memorable name with a .STORE domain!

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