Wondering What To Sell Online? 5 Simple Hacks To Find Trending Products

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Wondering What To Sell Online? 5 Simple Hacks To Find Trending Products

The quest to about what to sell online has baffled many eCommerce entrepreneurs and online business owners.

Sell online

So, whether you’re a budding online seller or an established eCommerce business or somewhere in between, finding trending products to sell is a priority.

Actually, experts believe that understanding eCommerce trending products and keeping stock of them to sell online is key to scalable growth. Given the endless variety of products in every tiny niche, this can often be a challenge.

A simple difference in color could mean a difference in revenue of hundreds of thousands of dollars. On that note, did you know that the official Pantone color of 2019 is Living Coral? 

Added to that is competition. Ever thought of an idea and researched it only to find out that it’s already been done before? Or maybe you once thought of a fantastic idea only to have a competitor do it better?

While finding the right products is a task you’ll have to do on a regular basis to best capture your target market, here are some strategies that you can use to start out with to ideate on the best products that you can sell online for your niche.

5 Simple Hacks To Find Trending Products

Sell online

1. Social Media

Keep an eye out for trends on Instagram, Pinterest, Polyvore, YouTube, and Tumblr. Visual mediums have a better chance of inspiration. Closely follow influencers, competitors, and even lateral brands.

For example, if you’re a jewelry brand, keep a watch on clothing brands. Accessories are used to elevate your outfit, so clothing trends should give you an idea of what jewelry might be in vogue that you can sell online.

Sell online

2. SEO and Keyword searches

When you are wondering what to sell online, you have to keep a tab on all new trends. 

Regularly check Google trends, social mentions, and eCommerce related traffic to keywords that are relevant to your niche.

You can also check trend aggregator sites such as Trend Watching and Trend Hunter.

Sell online

3. Surveys

Identify a sample audience and ask them everyday questions about the challenges that they face in their day to day lives.

Use this critical information about customer pain points to develop products to sell online. Can’t do professional surveys? Ask your friends. Or even yourself. Scratch your own itch.

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sell online

4. Consumer Reviews

Scour through reviews on Amazon, eBay, and the likes to find out the qualities that people wish for in products that they buy.

This should give you powerful ideas on bridging gaps in existing products and how you can make them better to sell online.

The best part here is that there is already a demand. All you need to do is supply.

sell online

5. Competitors and Online Marketplaces

If you need a quick product idea that is established, look no further than your competitors and online marketplaces.

There are thousands of products on sites such as Alibaba, Taobao, and Aliexpress, some of which may not even be available locally.

The business of online selling is supremely fierce and a major part of owning a successful online store is to have products that are ‘trendy’, the kind that is most desired and purchased by people.

Finding such products can be quite a tedious task and it heavily depends on your eagerness to stand out and stay ahead of the game. So get started now!

Follow the 5 simple hacks we’ve outlined above and save yourself the worry about finding trendy products for your online store.

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