4 eCommerce Business Challenges And How to Fix Them

4 eCommerce Business Challenges And How to Fix Them

Starting an eCommerce business or setting up an online store is no easy feat. However, establishing an online business isn’t the hard part; generating sales is. Most eCommerce businesses struggle to convert website visitors into customers. 

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Today, online shoppers have more options to shop than ever before and the key to convert new visitors into customers and keep existing ones coming back is to deliver a superior shopping experience.  

The most sure-fire way to provide your customers with a stellar shopping experience on your online store is to identify any persistent issues and resolve them. 

4 Common Online Store Problems & How To Fix Them

Online Store Problem 1: Lack of Efficient Customer Support

Once your store is in full swing, you are bound to receive a stream of queries, complaints, feedbacks, suggestions, and more.

And it is imperative for you to respond to all necessary inbound messages at the earliest for this makes for commendable service standards.

However, in the event of an unpredicted emergency, you may be unprepared to handle a large amount of traffic. Here’s how you can fix it:

Hire a dedicated support staff

A dedicated customer support staff will ensure better management of customer service activities and raise your customer service standards tremendously.

Don’t forget, customers are always delighted to hear back and connect with someone who can address their query and help them out.

Have a comprehensive FAQ section

Draft a logical set of FAQs for customers and new visitors to refer to in case they are unsure or confused about something.

Place the FAQs in an easy-to-access location and include relevant links within each question. This will reduce the burden on your support staff and assist visitors to navigate about hassle-free.

Easily locatable contact form or email

Your customer should be able to reach out to you without trouble. And for this, it is very important to have your contact form and email ID located in an easy-to-find section on the website.

Insert it in the footer of your eCommerce website or clearly mention a ‘contact’ section.

Open social media for support

Popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be used as a customer support medium.

Use your official pages (or create a separate support handle) for customers to get in touch with you and have your support staff constantly keep a lookout for anyone that might be reaching out to you there.

Invest in software such as Zendesk

You can choose to automate the query management process by adopting and investing in customer service software and support ticketing system such as Zendesk. Thousands of organizations are using similar cloud-based help desk solutions.

How to Improve the Customer Experience in 2018 - Oberlo

Putting yourself in your customer's shoes to offer them an incredible customer experience is essential. When you look at your website from a visitor's perspective, you might notice that your banner graphic doesn't look professional, your copy has typos or your images don't really pop. This can really take away from their shopping experience.

Online Store Problem 2: Poor Website Design

An awkwardly designed website or one that is hard to navigate will result in your visitors bouncing off almost instantly.

The attention span of online shoppers lasts only a few seconds, so your window to create a striking first impression is supremely constricted.

A fancy design powered by animation effects may make your website heavy and increase load time which isn’t the best way to go. Here’s how you can fix it:

Monitor your website

It is advisable to adopt a heatmap tool such as Mouseflow and Google Analytics to monitor your website and gauge where you’re losing customers.

This activity is especially relevant during your launch as there will be many more changes to make in this phase.

Design Improvements

Your website must be logically designed keeping the user journey in mind.

Ensure your website is rich in whitespace and flavored with smart content and typography.

Avoid using unnecessary animations that will hamper load time and make the website look messy.

Monitor your checkout flow

Your customers must have the option to edit their shopping cart easily. Options to add products, change quantities, and make changes to address should be available during the checkout phase.

Also, your customer should be able to make these changes without any friction.

Online Store Problem 3: Payment Issues

Offering only one payment option will deter a number of potential customers from making a purchase. Since buying online is based on trust, it is important to handle your customers’ information with care. Here’s how you can fix it:

Multiple Payment Modes

You must ensure to offer multiple options such as card, cash, digital wallet, and PayPal, to name the least. Give your customers all the payment options to build trust and a sense of confidence in your brand.

Security is very important.

Protect your customers’ sensitive information by adding a layer of security to your website. Get an SSL certificate to strengthen security and to avoid data breaches.

Avoid adding any extra expenses

Adding extra costs at the end of the purchase process or during the checkout stage will only agitate your customers and may even result in a no-sale.

Include all costs before the checkout stage to offer a smooth and unhindered overall shopping experience.

7 Critical Mistakes New Online Store Owners Make

No SEO Plans Search engines are a massive resource center for people looking for your online store or any information, as such. Which is why if you're online, you simply cannot do without an SEO framework. As a budding eCommerce entrepreneur, you have two options: either do it yourself or hire an SEO consultant.

Online Store Problem 4: Cumbersome Shipping & Returns

While free shipping is a huge cost center, it is one of the factors that are not only super important but is also taken for granted by most customers.

Add returns to that and without proper planning, you have a potentially high-cost drain. Here’s how you can fix it:

Find the shipping regulations of the region you’re servicing

Get a good grip on the laws and legal guidelines that govern shipping regulations in the region where you are delivering. This way you can avoid any legal issues and appropriately keep your customers informed about the delivery status.

Find the sweet spot

To offer the best experience to your customers without undertaking a loss, you need to find a sweet spot between free shipping, a good returns policy, and your costs associated with this.

Ensure returns are carried out in the easiest, hassle-free, and swift manner.

Solving these 4 problems will surely help your online store impart superior customer service and an overall enhanced shopping experience.

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