How To Start An Online Furniture Store In 10 Days

How To Start An Online Furniture Store In 10 Days

Are you wondering how to start an online furniture store? Online businesses are growing with each passing day. Most people find themselves browsing online retail stores rather than visiting a physical store.


The furniture business is no different. If you want to sell furniture on digital platforms, you can start an online furniture store. 

In this article, we will look at nine steps that will help you set up and sell furniture online.

Step 1: Find the Right Website Builder

To start an online store, you need to find the right eCommerce store builder to host your website. These platforms help you create a website or an online store without needing to know any code.

For example, building an online store on Prestashop or Shopify is so easy, you can do it without hiring a developer. However, if you wish to build a website from scratch without using a website builder, you can do that as well. 

Whatever option you choose, ensure it offers a smooth and user-friendly experience to all the customers.

Step 2: Choose a Great Domain Name

Domain names are crucial as they help people remember your website. They also help in building a trustworthy image of your company. 

Remember these key points while choosing a domain name:

  • Keep the domain name short so that people don’t have trouble remembering it. 
  • Choose a name that is relevant to your furniture business. You might want to keep a unique name but ensure it is not disconnected from what you are selling. 
  • Keep a catchy name and ensure that your online retail store doesn’t sound similar to other brands.

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50+ Domain Name Examples For Your Online Furniture Store

Step 3: Create a Template

A template can help you find ways to make your products look unique and appealing to your online store.

It’ll also give you a direction on how to list the products, give their descriptions, and help the customers navigate through different sections easily.  

You could consider choosing a template. If you’ve chosen to use an eCommerce website builder then those platforms have hundreds of templates that you can choose from.

Additionally, you need to ensure that your online furniture store works on mobile as well. Many people browse online through their phones, and if you don’t pay heed to this factor, you will lose out on potential customers.

Step 4: Categorize The Products

What exactly are you selling on your website? Is it just furniture, home décor, or lighting as well? Make it clear for the customers. Categorize the types of furniture so that customers find exactly what they need with minimum effort. 

You can segregate them under the following categories:

  • Home décor
  • Kitchen and dining
  • Lighting 
  • Interiors and Decorative Pieces
  • Wardrobes
  • Textiles and Linens

You can add more categories based on what you are offering.

Step 5: List All The Products

At this stage, your website is ready, the template is set, and you have categorized the furnishing products. Now, you have to start adding the furniture on the website. 

Product Photos

Start by adding good quality and attractive pictures of the furniture and other décor products. Nobody will buy a product if it looks unappealing or grainy. 

Take a picture from all the angles to give the customers a good view of the product. Get a professional photographer to do this product photography if needed. 

Product Descriptions

After the photos, you need to add a product description of each product. Make it compelling and include all the information that the customer would need. This could be the dimensions of the product, the material it is made from, colors available, weight, etc. 

Product Price

You need to be mindful of how you price the products. If you are a luxe brand, you can have prices that reflect the same.

However, if you’re planning to start an online furniture store that’s affordable, then make your prices reflect that quality.

You need to get the pricing right to drive sales but also cover your own costs. Get the balance right, so that the prices are attractive for the customers but also allow you to build a profitable business.

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Search for your business name or category. or

Step 6: Establish Payment Options

Offer multiple payment gateway options when you start an online furniture store. Customers appreciate options along with a simple payment process. 

Enable reliable and secure transactions that can be done in just a few clicks. You can partner up with a payment provider such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, or offer Cash-On-Delivery, apart from credit card and debit card payment options. 

When you offer multiple payment options, it gives customers the flexibility and freedom to choose what suits them best. If you are rigid at this stage, then it could affect your business as people may move on to other eCommerce platforms due to a lack of payment options.

Step 7: Plan Out Your Shipping

Start from where you will ship from. Figuring out the origin will help you understand associated shipping costs and taxes. You can either ship from your office or partner up with a fulfillment center. 

After that, you need to figure out if you want to ship locally, nationally, or internationally.

These factors will help you decide whether to charge shipping costs or offer free shipping for your products.

Step 8: Test The Functionality Of Your Online Furniture Store

Before you make the website live, test it thoroughly. 

Ensure it is user-friendly, and the navigation is smooth.

  • Are all the product pages working?
  • Can you put every chosen piece of furniture in the cart easily?
  • Is the checkout page working fine and payment going through?

Keep desktop as well as mobile users in mind when you do these checks. Do a preview for all the platforms and look for any error that you might have missed. If you have a mobile app, check that as well for bugs or lags. 

Once you are absolutely sure that everything is smooth sailing, launch the online store.

Step 9: Promote Your Online Store

Spreading the word about your business is equally important. If people don’t know about your business, there is no way it will get off the ground. 

You can choose different ways to promote your website – this could be social media or just Instagram, email, PPC, Google Ads, and more. 

Use multiple eCommerce digital marketing strategies to engage with your users on multiple platforms. This is one of the most effective ways to attract potential customers and convert them.

In Conclusion

Once you start an online furniture store, focus on growing your business. Find new business models that can help you elevate your business. Offer something that no other brand may consider. For example, you can offer certain furnishing pieces on a free trial basis.

Think of ways that you can be different and give your business a good chance of thriving and being successful.

Search your .Store domain now!

Search for your business name or category. or


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