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Pursuing a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t simply be a fad or a trend that you follow.

green tea

It should be a daily plan of action that should begin from the moment you wake up. And the best way to start your healthy day is to gobble up some Japanese green tea.

With health benefits galore, Matcha green tea is well-suited for individuals to detox and redeem themselves of ill health.

We spoke with Elavenil E, the Founder at Natureveda, to tell us about his inspiration behind starting an online organic wellness store in India and the challenges of operating a business in the ‘sustainable lifestyle’ industry.

What inspired you to create Natureveda?

I was leading a stressful professional life when I was working in the IT sector.

One day, I came across an article that talked about ‘Matcha’, a Japanese green tea with a good source of nutrients.

I strongly believed that healthy tea such as Matcha can do well in India.

And so Natureveda was born.

With my small savings, I started importing Matcha directly from Kyoto, Japan. We’ve listed our Matcha green tea on Amazon and Flipkart and it’s doing really well.

What is your vision for this business?

Since we sell natural products and run an organic shop, our vision for Natureveda is to provide authentic green tea and make India a healthier country!


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Tell us about the biggest challenge of operating a business in the “sustainable lifestyle” industry.

Currently, the market for Matcha is still new in India, so we can’t say whether it’s tough or easy. People need awareness about the green tea market.

There are a few sellers selling Chinese made Matcha as well, which is bad for the green tea market.

So, at the moment, we have invested in building a social media presence and indulge in educating people via content marketing.

We hope there will be a place for Matcha in every Indian’s lifestyle in the future.

Which marketing channels have been most effective for getting more customers?

Our marketing efforts primarily involve SEO and social media promotions. You can check our Facebook and Instagram page @naturevedastore to connect with us.

Why did you choose a .STORE domain?

It’s meaningful and it aligned with my vision. And I think .store is the perfect domain extension for any eCommerce business.

Also, it doesn’t confuse the users as it clearly states who we are and what we do.


Search your .Store domain now!

Search for your business name or category. or


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