Wonder.STORE: Making Tomorrow's Technology Accessible Today

Wonder.STORE: Making Tomorrow’s Technology Accessible Today

Ever wondered what it would be like to access technology products before everybody else? Or testing your tech idea using the latest products? Well, Wonder.STORE is making the newest tech gadgets available on rent to anybody and everybody that has a use for it. We speak to Alex Berezovskiy, CEO, and founder at Wonder, to talk about their unique service and to share vital tips to other businesses planning to start an online store. Read on!

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Alex Berezovskiy, CEO, and founder at Wonder
Alex Berezovskiy, CEO, and founder at Wonder

What inspired you to create Wonder Store? Tell us the story! 

It was a bit random – we were running a creative tech studio and toying with the idea of a tech library using some of the stuff we accumulated in the office – an app where you could rent latest products to try at home. I made a quick prototype and showed it to Renat (co-founder of Wonder). He exclaimed “Cool idea! anyone can share their inventions?”. I went “uhm.. not exactly, but that’s even better!” And that’s how we started Wonder.

What makes Wonder Store so unique?

We are a ‘discovery service’, so to speak. A platform where you can rent something new, innovative and amazing to try at home and on the other hand, we help inventors. Today, to take your idea/invention from a working prototype to mass market requires a lot of time and money. With Wonder, you can quickly find your audience, and test and refine the product while scaling up organically.

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Could you share some tips for other businesses planning to start an online store?

Focus on the entire experience. From the moment customers first see your online store, to delivery, to packaging – all the way until they stop using the product they purchased. Your customers are your best friends, and if you do a good job, they’ll remember where they got it and they’ll come back to you.

Which tech products do you predict will become superstars of tomorrow?

With the influx of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things), we will most definitely see many more home robots and assistants of all sorts for cleaning, cooking, looking after our pets, etc. A gadget to take care of every kind of chore really.

What are your future plans for Wonder Store?  

Stay tuned! Follow us on our social media handles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to know more and constantly stay updated!

Why did you choose a .STORE domain name? How is it helping you develop a unique online brand?

It’s great because it says exactly what we do. We’re a store and we sell a sense of wonder. It’s open and direct.

Aspire to start a unique online store? Build it on .STORE!


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