LoveLoveFrog.STORE: A Unique Frog Themed Store

LoveLoveFrog.STORE: A Unique Frog Themed Store

Hong Kong is a vibrant city of diverse cultures, values, interests, and unique businesses. Adding to its wonderous list of businesses is the peppy online speciality store LoveLoveFrog. Syuma Lau, founder of LoveLoveFrog.STORE, talks about her passion for frogs and what inspired her to start a unique frog-themed gift store. She also shares valuable tips for new businesses that are starting out and how having online and offline channels makes for a suitable business setup.

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Syuma Lau, founder of Lovelovefrog.Store.
Syuma Lau, founder of Lovelovefrog.Store.

What inspired you to start LoveLoveFrog? Tell us the story.

“LoveLoveFrog”, our store name, is perfectly aligned with our core value – we love frogs. I am a passionate frog enthusiast for the past 20 years and I envisioned the need to offer speciality frog products to the people of Hong Kong.

When I visited Japan, I saw that they have so many stores that only featured one particular character/animal, such as a dog, a cat, and even a frog. This culture is very popular among them. So, I thought to myself ‘why not in Hong Kong?’ That’s when I decided to bring the frog culture to Hong Kong and LoveLoveFrog was born with the sole purpose to cater to frog enthusiasts.

What makes LoveLoveFrog different from other online stores?

We serve both online and offline channels. For customers who prefer a physical experience, LoveloveFrog is a complete physical store from where you can purchase frog related gifts. Also, we have an online store for those who prefer staying at home and shopping online.

There are always some customers who couldn’t make a purchase decision at the physical store and end up purchasing online. On the flipside, many are attracted by our products online and end up visiting our physical store. So, it’s the blend of online and offline coupled with our theme of frog speciality products that separates us from others.

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How important is social media in promoting an eCommerce brand and acquiring new customers?

Social media serves as a platform for our customers to stay updated on our brand’s latest news. So, it’s very important for us as a medium to connect with a wider audience.

Could you share some tips with other businesses planning to start an online store?

It is essential to keep your store/brand’s name active in the market. Keep your customers up-to-date with the latest news, activities, and launch of your new products.

What are your future plans for LoveLoveFrog?

LoveLoveFrog has a very well-defined character. Our store will soon have a new permanent space instead of the pop-up store setup we had previously. This way it will be better for our loyal customers to visit us and make a purchase. Also, I have recently designed our own speciality frog doll which is handmade with unique local features. It is the very first homemade product by our brand.

Why did you choose a .STORE domain name? How is it helping you develop a unique online brand?

Compared to the typical .COM, I think .STORE sounds unique and is more suitable for young independent brands and online stores. It stands out and clearly indicates what our website or brand is about before anyone arrives at our web page.

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