.STORE Turns One

.STORE Turns One

It’s been a year since .STORE was launched as a domain extension for eCommerce stores and what a year it has been! In the last 12 months, over 120,000 websites have been registered on this extension and 17,000+ of those have an SSL certificate, a sign that they intend to build trust with their customers through their .STORE domains.

.STORE already boasts of 25+ leading brands that are using their .STORE domain name actively. From global players like www.emirates.store to known brands in the sports & entertainment industry like www.f1.store, www.dudeperfect.store, www.backtothefuture.store and fosterthepeople.store. Small and local businesses across various industries use .STORE to enhance their brand value. Some of the examples include animal care (www.catcafe.store and www.poochandmutt.store), wellness (www.theyogi.store), beverages (www.unytea.store) and lifestyle (www.juniperclub.store).

[mk_milestone stop=”16000″ speed=”1000″ suffix=”+” text=”.STORE domains actively in use” font_family=”none”]
[mk_milestone stop=”63″ speed=”1000″ suffix=”%” text=”developed sites on .STORE are in English” font_family=”none”]
[mk_milestone stop=”17000″ speed=”1000″ suffix=”+” text=”sites on .STORE are SSL enabled” font_family=”none”]
[mk_milestone stop=”40000″ speed=”1000″ suffix=”+” text=”.STORE domain names with MX records” font_family=”none”]
[mk_milestone stop=”15″ speed=”1000″ suffix=”+” text=”pages on an average on developed .STORE websites” font_family=”none”]

For more interesting facts and figures, take a look at this infographic!

.STORE Domain turns one

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