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Retail Minded? Gather Insights on Online Retail Marketing

Online retail marketing is hard! And you’d know this well if you own an online store or an offline retail store. One of the biggest challenges revolves around finding potential customers and convincing them to buy your products; unless you are Apple, of course!


What Is Online Retail Marketing?

In this consumer-driven world, we’re bombarded with messages left, right, and center trying to convince us to buy one product or another. This small detail is what makes retail marketing so difficult.

Businesses are doing everything they can to get their prospect’s attention and get them to hit the “buy” button on their website.

And with such a big shift to eCommerce dominating the retail space, brick and mortar stores are working hard to build their online presence and fight the competition.

Additionally, it is necessary to have a well-thought-out marketing mix that defines the overall pricing strategy, marketing strategy, content marketing goals, and digital marketing plan.

To find out how each of these aspects of online retail marketing works, we thought of speaking with eCommerce expert and founder of Retail MindedNicole Reyhle. Not only did we gather amazing insights from her on the subject, but we also extended our conversation to a Twitter AMA (Ask Me Anything).

In an hour-long session that transformed into an action-packed Q&A, Nicole answered numerous questions about retail marketing, eCommerce success, and online selling.

Missed it? Worry not! Here’s a summary of our very first #dotStore AMA!

Who else feels like there is a lot to do when it comes to online marketing your store?

How can you help ease your online marketing efforts for your retail store? 

What is the most innovative way you either market your store or have seen others market their stores online?

Online marketing can lead to stronger conversions… but how? And how do you measure this? 

Data, in general, is so important for retail businesses. What data do you lean on most? 

What are some of your fav online retailers and why? 

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