5 Tips To Follow When Setting Up A Mobile Commerce Store

5 Tips To Follow When Setting Up A Mobile Commerce Store

Advancement in smartphone technology has enabled online shopping to become a booming trend in recent years. Without getting out of bed, people can trade and buy what they want from all over the world just with their phones. It’s safe to say that mobile commerce has arrived big time!

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is a growing phenomenon and is slated to transform the way people interact with products and consume them.

Mobile commerce or mCommerce picks up on eCommerce and instead of browsing a retail brand’s eCommerce website on the desktop, mCommerce enables customers to view and buy products directly through mobile devices.

A 2019 report indicates that mobile Commerce accounts for over 45% of eCommerce. The same report predicts that nearly 54% of all US retail eCommerce will be mobile Commerce by 2021.

To capitalize on the predicted success of mobile commerce, several promising mCommerce builder apps such as Taobao have been launched.

This enables merchants to build their mCommerce business on them. However, only setting up your store and operating it through a mobile device does not mean that you are ready to start the business.

Here are five things that you should keep an eye on before setting up your mobile commerce or eCommerce store.

5 Tips To Follow When Setting Up A Mobile Commerce Store

1. Offer a Host of Payment and Shipping Methods

Different regions may prefer different options of payment, for example, people from Hong Kong might prefer credit cards. You should check whether your store builder platform can accommodate such a payment option.

Moreover, some shipping methods might not be available on the platform you are using, you should carefully evaluate the various delivery methods that are on offer and which ones involve a fee payment.

2. Provide an Avenue for Seamless Communication

Online shopping allows customers to only view the products displayed on your website as there is no way to physically study the products. And although you will include compelling product copies and intuitive videos, your customers may still have questions pertaining to the product.

Towards this, you should include a social media channel or link so your customers and prospects can reach out to you and quench their concerns and resolve any issues. This will help you to clear up the confusion and actively engage with them.

Doing this also offers a sense of trust in the minds of your customers’ and offers a better brand experience.

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3. Store Design Should be Simple and Easy to Understand

Your mobile commerce web page or product page should be self-explanatory and simple to navigate about. If people cannot understand the details of your products in the first few seconds, you’ll lose them as they will not have the patience to dig deep into the content of your store.

Simply put, you’ll sell more when your customers can easily understand your products and buy them. The key is to keep things simple. Therefore, you should ensure that the design of the webpage is user-friendly, simple, easy to browse and mobile responsive.

4. Record All Business Transactions 

Data is the mother of all business decisions. And as your business grows, it will get difficult to manage and keep track of how your business is doing and understanding other insights and trends.

Also, it would be time-consuming and error-prone to record all the data and information by yourself. To help yourself, it’s best to choose a platform which offers a simple and trackable interface that allows you to take a look and maintain all the records of your commercial transactions.

5. Analyze Data

After recording down all the data, it is essential for you to analyze it. For example, collecting data on the genders, age groups or even trading behavior of customers will help you optimize your business.

You could use this information for the future development of your store, to improve marketing and promotional strategies, and to provide a wider variety of products to cater to the market demands.

Final Thoughts

To sum things up, the design of your web page should be simple and clear, you should include a wide range of payment and shipping options, allow customers to seamlessly communicate with you.

Furthermore, you should also keep track of your transactions and analyze that data to make informed business decisions.

Since doing all this will be a burden on you, you should opt for a trustworthy and supportive platform to manage your business well. And Boutir should definitely your choice.

About Boutir

Boutir is a mobile app which provides a dedicated platform with various online payments like a credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. and shipping methods. It is so simple and easy to use, anyone can open their own stores in 3 minutes! 

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