All you need to know about Magento

All you need to know about Magento

If you have an online retail business or an eCommerce storefront, you have most probably heard of Magento, the powerful eCommerce platform that enables thousands of retailers and brands to rapidly innovate and grow. To demystify how Magento works and the best practices thereof, 

Uwe Weinkauf, CEO of MW2 Consulting
Uwe Weinkauf, CEO of MW2 Consulting

we spoke with Uwe Weinkauf, CEO of MW2 Consulting, the experts in Enterprise Application Development, eCommerce, IT Outsourcing, and IT Operations that deliver valuable solutions for global business needs. MW2 has been a fully certified and trusted partner of the Magento platform since it’s inception. In this interview, Uwe talks about some amazing insights about Magento as well as some interesting insights that will help your online retail business immensely. Read on!

Tell us about MW2 and why several trusted brands chose your services to grow their eCommerce businesses?

We are a Global Magento Solution Partner, aligned to help leading B2B and direct-to-consumer brands produce better results across digital channels.

Our Fast2Commerce™ methodology allows rapid delivery and optimization of global, multi-language B2B and B2C platforms. We are an internationally trusted consultancy, delivering leading digital solutions for brands across the globe. MW2 has significant expertise helping B2B and B2C brands realize their commerce vision.

Tell us about your Magento partnership and expertise.

Our Magento Service and Solutions are very comprehensive. We engage with clients early on in the lifecycle and can guide or assist them with eCommerce roadmaps, user stories, digital strategies and an effective alignment with their customers. 

All Magento Services

End to end certified Magento services including Magento Training, Development, Store Operations, Integrations, Hosting, and Much More...

What is Magento 2? How does Magento help eCommerce businesses scale?

Magento 2 is essentially everything businesses loved about the first Magento… but so much more. The long list of new improvements begin with its platform, in which e-commerce merchants are able to innovate and create the best customer experiences available… regardless of the channels or devices it’s being used on. The Magento 2 is the ultimate experience for endless scalability, incredible performance, and rich functionality.

  • Magento 2 & The Shopping Experience

Magento 2 offers some of the most advanced features so your customers can truly enjoy their shopping experience. The feature-rich program improves conversion, increases sales, and turns customers into honest advocates of your brand.

  • Magento 2.2 or Magento B2B

With the latest Magento release, Magento Commerce 2.2 has pushed the boundaries of traditional commerce platforms. Now offered as an all-in-one cloud solution, it provides new and powerful capabilities.

What is Fast2Commerce methodology? How is it reducing errors, lowering costs, and resulting in timely market implementations?

MW2’s Fast2Commerce methodology™ helps our customers to get eCommerce stores

a) launched with confidence and on time and

b) with the right quality.

It is not unheard of that brands have spent a lot of money on eCommerce platforms which never get done or are very difficult to scale along with the business which makes the total cost of ownership prohibitively high.

Also, many brands want to hire agencies who can do the implementation. However, if the requirements are unclear or not well defined this can become a lengthy and frustrating process. MW2’s Fast2Commerce framework takes the guesswork out, provides predefined templates, well-defined user-stories, and the business can understand within a matter of weeks how the new site will function and can sign off with confidence.

How can early-stage and smaller eCommerce businesses strategically use digital marketing and social media marketing to build a strong target audience and increase brand awareness? 

SEO is the most effective way to increase traffic and to get an early stage or smaller eCommerce business launched. Advertisement needs to be considered as well but we advise caution (see below). We would recommend to do it at a later stage once a small business understands its business value better in terms of which products customers like and where they can create a niche.

Using channels initially may also be a good idea, i.e. selling through Amazon to establish a brand recognition and funnel traffic back to your site.

So, let’s take a look at SEO from a super basic-high-level overview:

  1. Utilize Headers and Title Tags
  2. Optimize Product Page URLs
  3. Eliminate Duplicate Content
  4. Clean Code = Faster Performance
  5. Make Use of ‘Nofollow’ Links
  6. Add Relevant Keywords
  7. Make Sure Your Website is Accessible
  8. Set Up a Sitemap
  9. Don’t Use the Default Description
  10. Optimize Your Website’s Homepage Title

Read about each of these in detail here:

10 of the Most Common Magento SEO Issues (and How to Fix Them)

Search Engine Optimization is of vital importance for any website owner. After all, months of hard work on building your website will go to waste if Google fails to recognize its value. The same applies to e-commerce websites, where SEO plays a significant role. Just like brick-and-mortar stores, online stores also need visitors.

In the world of eCommerce, how is a stellar user experience entwined with web design? How can eCommerce businesses optimize conversion with beautiful designs that offer a cohesive brand experience?

User experiences are critical and consumers are getting more and more used to slick and modern UIs. The goal is to create beautiful designs which are simple, intuitive and fast!

With this being said, here’s a look at how sites are providing incredible work that operates across all devices. 

Top Ecommerce Site Design Trends

Website designs for ecommerce sites are starting to look the same in terms of patterns, layouts, and ways to gain new subscribers. This is often due to how customers are using the site and more customers are gravitating towards mobile devices than desktop computer use.

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