10 Best eCommerce Courses To Improve Your Selling Skills And Strategy

10 Best eCommerce Courses To Improve Your Selling Skills And Strategy

There’s no doubt that eCommerce is picking up pace. Look for a list of the best eCommerce courses and you’ll be overwhelmed with the result.


Everything that was only available in brick-and-mortar shops, is now being dealt with online as well.

To keep up with this digitally advanced world, every entrepreneur needs to be well-versed with the ways of eCommerce.

Without that, it will get really difficult for them to grow their businesses in the coming times.

Since it’s not very easy to instantly understand how eCommerce functions, there are eCommerce courses that can help you get a fair idea.

To help you find the ones relevant for you, we have created this list of the 10 best eCommerce courses to improve your selling skills and strategy.

1. eCommerce Masterclass: B2B Sales (BigCommerce)

This on-demand video series by BigCommerce is one of the best eCommerce courses and can tell you how to optimize your wholesale tools and processes and have a successful B2B journey.

Cost: This on-demand video series is free. It simply requires registration to enroll.

Course summary: From setting up a B2B portal to PIM to digital procurement, and back office to choosing the right suppliers, it covers everything. It even covers account management, pricing, B2B shipping, etc.

Who should enroll: Whether you’re trying out B2B for the first time or planning to expand your existing hybrid business, this course is perfect for anyone who is looking to understand the nuances that separate this channel from B2C.

2. Diploma in E-Business

Learn how to create a strong online business strategy with this course from Alison.com.

Cost: This is a free course which provides about 6 to 10 hours of instructions.

Course summary: Google is listed as the publisher of this course, and the skills are quite Google oriented. For instance, it will teach you how to use Google Ads and Analytics.

All the 15 modules are fairly comprehensive and cover a few online marketing basics before moving into the advanced technicalities of Google tools.

The modules also have an assessment, and you get a completion certificate after completing the course

Who should enroll: People who need more information on Google tools for business and how to use them.


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3. How To Create Make Build An Online eCommerce Store Website

This course by Udemy can help you make an online eCommerce store, set up dropship, design without coding, make logos, and create your online business website.

Cost: It costs around $120 but you can bring down the price to as little as $20 with the help of coupons. There is an additional cost of materials at around $60.

Course summary: After completing this course, you should be able to build and customize a website, create a boutique online store with a nice logo, and sell items like clothing and jewelry without having to stock anything upfront.

Who should enroll: It’s best suited for those who want to enter the eCommerce business in the field of boutique fashion, and don’t want to spend a fortune for starting the business.

4. Introduction to eCommerce

Discover the basics of eCommerce communication and infrastructure with another one of Alison.com’s best eCommerce courses, Introduction to eCommerce.

Cost: With about 2 to 3 hours of content, even this course is free.

Course summary: It provides a brief overview of essential concepts like eCommerce technology and security.

Who should enroll: This course for people looking for a high-level introduction to common challenges and considerations regarding eCommerce businesses.

5. Digital Marketing Specialization

This course can help you gain an understanding of important digital marketing concepts and how to apply them to your business.

Cost: One of the best eCommerce courses, it’s provided by Coursera for free.

Course summary: This specialization course comprises seven courses, which include:

  • Marketing in a Digital World,
  • Digital Media and Marketing Principles,
  • Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals (two courses),
  • Marketing in an Analog World,
  • Digital Media and Marketing Strategies, and
  • Digital Marketing Capstone.

Who should enroll: This series of courses is ideal for anyone who wants some in-depth information about branding and digital marketing from industry experts, and can spare roughly 5 hours every week for 8 months.

6. eCommerce Marketing

With one of the best eCommerce courses from Hubspot Academy, eCommerce Marketing, you can learn tips and tricks to attract and convert a large number of customers.

Cost: It is free for everyone who signs up.

Course summary: With 10 short videos each less or as long as 10 minutes, this course tells you all about eCommerce marketing and enforces the lessons learned with highly interactive quizzes.

Who should enroll: It’s a great option for anyone who wants a quick crash course in eCommerce marketing with short sound bites.


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7. eCommerce Marketing Mastery

This course by Digital Marketer is one of the best eCommerce courses and it tells you all about the necessary marketing tools required to run a successful eCommerce store.

Cost: This Digital Marketing course costs $495, but comes with a certificate of completion.

Course summary: It covers the eCommerce ecosystem and its supporting technology, how to optimize various aspects of your store, store architecture, email automation, and a few basics of content marketing and lead nurturing.

Who should enroll: It’s a good option for people who want a more technical outlook at integrating marketing into an online store.

8. Build An eCommerce Dropshipping Empire From Scratch

Another great eCommerce course by Udemy, it, tells you all about building a dropshipping business.

Cost: The original cost is around $110, but with discounts, it could cost you as low as $15.

Course summary: It covers topics like choosing products, working with suppliers, setting up a website, and sales and marketing tactics, and all with relevance to dropshipping.

Who should enroll: It is ideal for people who want to either start a dropshipping business or add dropshipping to a current business.

9. Get A Business Online

Learn all about getting your business online with one of the best eCommerce courses by Google, Get A Business Online.

Cost: It is free of cost.

Course summary: It will teach you all about SEO, online advertising, and Google analytics. Google is the hub for analyzing metrics and search rankings, and with this course, you can learn from the best.

Who should enroll: Besides learning the basics of an eCommerce business, it will teach you how to transition your business online.

10. eCommerce Fundamentals

This great course, eCommerce Fundamentals by LinkedIn Learning will tell you how to put your ideas into action.

Cost: Around one and a half-hour long, this course costs roughly around $35.99.

Course summary: It covers topics like creating a buyer’s persona, releasing your product to the audience, registration of your business and taxes, advertising your product, and so on.

Who should enroll: It is great for aspiring eCommerce specialists, who can use the skills learned for their future clients.


These are some of the best eCommerce courses that can help you gather valuable information and develop important skills, boosting the chances of success for your online business.

Even if you’re already doing great, these courses can provide you with the tools that will help you succeed and grow even more.

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