6 Effective Link Building Strategies To Boost Your eCommerce SEO

6 Effective Link Building Strategies To Boost Your eCommerce SEO

Backlinks or link building have always been a major ranking factor for search engines, including Google, for ‘off-the-page’ ranking.

Link Building

This has inevitably led digital marketers to include link building as part of their online content strategy for eCommerce SEO.

However, unlike popular SEO myths, the criteria for ranking has undergone tremendous change over the years, and so those relying on stuffing their page with links will struggle to rank, as also those who have resorted to building bad quality links.

There’s no denying that link building is one of the more important skills in SEO. Simply put, link building requires a culmination of several different skills.

For instance, you should be a master in content, sales, programming, marketing, relationship-building, if you want other people to link to your site.

To help you tighten your SEO strategy, we’ve taken the liberty of putting together 6 link building strategies that will help your website to rank higher.

6 Effective Link Building Strategies To Boost Your eCommerce SEO

1. Resource Page Link Building

Resource pages are pages that link out to interesting content on a given topic, almost like a guide that you create for your audience with good quality links.

These pages exist with the sole purpose of linking out and therefore prove to be perfect for link building.

Finding good resource links is the first step towards creating a resource page for link building.

You can look at leading websites and blogs for good quality resource links that you can utilize on your own website such that it can contribute to your efforts towards link building.

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2. Guest Blogging

Blogging has been accepted as a known form of creating good quality content that helps in building SEO for your website as part of the content marketing strategy.

However, many businesses fall short of strategically utilizing guest blogging as a medium for link building for their websites.

Strategic guest blogging implies having clear goals in terms of generating a higher number of links for your website and making efforts towards enabling greater link building.

Look for blogs/sites that are relevant to your business, will help drive traffic to your website and that are willing to accept guest posts.

It is also better to look for blogs/sites where the owner and readers would share your post on social networking sites.

This will lead to your guest posts reaching a larger audience, eventually helping with the cause of link building and driving more traffic to your website.

3. Use Infographics

Infographics are extremely effective in communicating complex figures and theories in a simple and visually appealing manner, and therefore are a favorite among audiences on the web.

It is also a known fact that humans perceive visual information in a more effective manner as compared to plain text.

Although the days when creating an infographic would lead to more traffic or visibility are long gone, it is essential that you create good quality and relevant infographics that are interesting, visually compelling and share-worthy.

Only then will it lead to effective link building for your site.

4. Social Media Updates

The number of people across the globe who use social media for content consumption is increasing by the day, and marketers have not fallen behind on this.

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While we can share several case studies exemplifying business transformations that have occurred thanks to social media, point to be noted is that social media can help immensely in driving traffic to your eCommerce website and is an extremely effective medium for link building.

It is essential for your business page to be present on relevant social media platforms, creating content that is relevant for your target audience, and sharing links to your website pages or blog posts on these platforms.

Users who like your content will also potentially share it on their own pages, thus reaching out to a larger audience which eventually will lead to higher traffic on your website.

5. Broken Link Building

Broken link building strategy is simple and extremely effective especially if you’re struggling with churning out content on a frequent basis.

All it takes is finding pages on blogs with links that don’t work and suggest the owner replace the dead links with links of pages or blogs on your website which might be relevant.

This is a welcome suggestion most of the times because dead or broken links affect the SEO ranking of websites and any marketer or developer would be happy to receive inputs that help their own SEO ranking as well.

You can find broken links on a website on Google Chrome via Check My Links Extension or Domain Hunter+ and several other tools readily available on the web.

It is essential that the replacement link that you’re suggesting is relevant and of good quality, such that the owners can willingly integrate it on their blogs leading to link building for your website.

6. Utilize Competitor’s Backlinks

Keep a tab on your competitors’ link building strategies, especially if they’re working well.

This is beneficial not only to understand what is working for them but to effectively use some of their strategies and most successful backlinks for your own website if possible.

The benefit is that the sources are already tried and tested so you can be sure that they are going to be effective.

Additionally, these backlinks originate from websites or blogs that are relevant to your business thus eliminating the need to search for additional sources for link building.

Final Thoughts

While these are not the only ways of link building for your website, we listed the ones that have proven to be most effective.

What you need to keep in mind while trying new ways of link building is to keep the content relevant and engaging, such that it is share-worthy and helps maintain your website’s reputation and thus the ranking.

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