Interview With Shopify Expert & Co-Owner of Networking Bizz Digital, Lui De Luna

Interview With Shopify Expert & Co-Owner of Networking Bizz Digital, Lui De Luna

In today’s competitive market, finding ready-to-buy customers has become extremely difficult. Companies go through various stages to convert potential customers into buyers.


lui-de-lunaNetworking Bizz offers Digital Marketing & SEO services to help businesses reach thousands of local ready-to-buy customers. They connect businesses with local customers who are looking to purchase from them. 

We spoke to Lui De Luna, Co-Owner of Networking Bizz Digital, and asked him about his agency, and how they manage to help their clients find the right customers.

Let’s find out what he has to say!

1. How did you start Networking Bizz? What inspired you to support Shopify store owners?

Networking Bizz Digital was an idea born back in 2009 when digital marketing was still in its infancy.

I was helping businesses with all types of marketing and experimenting with new methods in the digital world.

Although the idea was born in 2009, I did not initiate it until 2016 when I transitioned all my business to full Digital Marketing Services.

At one point I specialized in more marketing channels but I decided to follow a single tract of only specializing in Digital Ad management. 

I experimented with Shopify also in its infancy and I myself launched a few successful Shopify eCommerce stores. 

Besides being an agency owner, I also own a portfolio of 4 successful eCommerce stores that are fully automated.

If you truly have the skills, there is no reason why a digital agency owner should not be able to build their own eCommerce brands. 

I experimented with my own online shops and attained lots of knowledge and experience, which I then turned around and offered to other Shopify owners.

2. What is the thought behind choosing your customer niches? Who are they?

Lately, we have been focusing on a certain niche in the market, in the beginning, I reached out to all niches but I learned with time that it was a mistake. 

Choosing a customer niche allows you to not only specialize yourself with a certain vertical/industry but also allows you to scale your services and offer expertise on a new level. 

My niche now is home services, construction products, home decor, and we found that we can get a very good ROI for our clients in these industries.

3. How do you help eCommerce businesses build a strong online presence?

We start by building a brand, you need a solid brand to build confidence. eCommerce now is mostly based on confidence and social proof. These are two pillars that we focus on to build a strong online presence. 

4. What are the tips you’d like to give new eCommerce businesses when it comes to digital marketing?

Here are my top tips for new eComm businesses:

Tip 1 – Just because you don’t have rent overhead does NOT mean you will spend less on your eCommerce store, be prepared to invest heavily as there is a lower barrier for the competition to start.

Tip 2 – Focus on your store experience, the same way a store owner focuses on the look, feel, and ambiance of a physical brick and mortar store.

Tip 3 – Work towards the future. Don’t try to optimize everything just for sales. Start with small steps, no one likes a hard sale.

Understand that people might be doing research and will do some back and forth before they purchase. Knowing this, optimize your sales process like a funnel.

 Tip 4 – Social Proof is the oil that keeps your gears turning. Make sure to establish systems that allow you to build and collect social proof.

This not only builds brand ambassadors, referrals, and sales but also looks awesome on your website and is one of the key items that convert on any eComm store. 

5. What are the future plans for Networking Bizz?

We just acquired our own studio and plan to only work on our in-house brands, we will eventually phase out working with outside clients.

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