5 Top eCommerce Trends You Can't Ignore in 2018

5 Top eCommerce Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2018

It’s that time of the year when you’re gearing up for both, the holiday season and for the next year. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday having blazed past, it is time to start planning your eCommerce strategy for the coming year. To help you navigate through this, we’ve compiled a list of 5 key eCommerce trends you need to take stock of for a successful run in 2018.

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1. One Sales Channel won’t Cut the Mustard

Smart Insights suggest about 85% of online shoppers start a purchase on one device and finish on another. To just be selling online is no longer enough. Shoppers now have the option of multiple sales channels – offline, online, mobile, in-store pick-up, and more.

As a successful 2018 sales strategy should not only encompass multiple sales channels but also seamlessly merge all to provide a truly immersive experience to consumers. Think surfing the web, paying on mobile, and picking up in-store.

2. Let Bots Do the Talking and Augmented Reality Do the Rest

Chatbots and AR/VR took up in 2016. However, they were used as applications for smart gimmicks and clever entertainment. With the modern consumer becoming more tech-savvy, these marvels are now set to be integral eCommerce trends.

Easy ways of integrating these would be to have a chatbot customer support, Augmented Reality that allows shoppers to virtually see how a particular piece of clothing would look on them, or if you’re feeling ambitious, check out IKEA Place.

3. Mix a Few Teaspoons of Technology

Social Media’s close association with eCommerce meant that online shopping always went hand in hand with customer engagement. As an addition to other eCommerce trends, social media conversions will touch new heights in the coming year. Furthermore, your merchandising, marketing and distribution strategy will now need to be closely associated with social media trends, content marketing, technology, and maybe even blockchain.

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4. Hear Hear!

2017 saw the rise of AI assistants. Amazon claimed that their personal assistant, Alexa was one of the best sellers at Black Friday last month. Siri and Cortana are no longer gimmicks of the past but are instead veritable assistants that consumers turn to every day to plan their lives. Amongst all the other eCommerce trends, incorporating voice search will surely be central for you to stand out from the competition in 2018.

If you haven’t already noticed the rise of video content – be it in Facebook videos, Instagram stories, Whatsapp stories, Musically, then you are missing out. With eCommerce being such a visual industry, integrating video into your strategy is significant.

5. Made to Measure

It can be argued that the rise of chatbots and augmented reality stemmed from the growing personalization and humanization of technology. In a space that is as competitive and individualistic as eCommerce, personalization plays a significant distinguishing role.

From customized clothing to subtle changes in messaging to recommendations based on user behavior, personalization could play a big factor in adding to your revenues and to your brand. Maybe distribute customized products as freebies to entice customers.

Are there any other eCommerce trends that you foresee? Let us know in the comments below!


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