Blockchain for eCommerce: An Interview with Cube Chain

How Blockchain Technology Is Changing The eCommerce Industry

When it comes to the technological development of eCommerce and where it’s going, the role of blockchain cannot be overlooked.


Decentralizing of systems will make eCommerce safer and even more seamless.

To understand the true potential of blockchain and its promising contribution to eCommerce, we spoke with Layla Jeong, Cube Chain Chief Promoter at Cube Chain.

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What role can blockchain technology play in eCommerce?

Layla Jeong

All industries use centralized systems. When we are using any kind of service, we must go through a system between us and the service provider, so called as mediators.

So far, you have been using centralized systems, but in the future, your interpersonal transactions will become more prominent.

Of course, there is a serious threat to this existing system. That is the lack of mutual trust between individuals.

However, blockchain solutions can systematically solve this problem.

In the field of eCommerce, things that cannot be trusted with each other are made trustworthy to everyone by using a system called blockchain.



We believe that transparency, fairness, and decentralization is the true contribution and role of the blockchain in making eCommerce safer and more secure.

How will the global eCommerce industry change in the near future?

eCommerce will become more decentralized in the future rather than centralized.

So far, we have tailored the security of all information to a centralized system, and the system took the responsibility.

With decentralization, systems will become more personalized and each individual will be responsible for their own security.

Blockchain will bring a lot of changes.

We believe that it will be more effective for individuals to trade without mediators by using a blockchain system that has transparency and fairness, which is open to all, and which is difficult to forge.

This will eliminate the problems and threats that arise by depending on a centralized system.

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What are the various eCommerce solutions offered by CubeChain?

Cube Chain is the only integrated blockchain platform for eCommerce. We provide the following five services:

  • SignOne –  a Login system for personal information protection and customer convenience.
  • Cube Chain Product –  a system to establish an online and offline franchise
  • Qblog – Social Network Services to become the blockchain (Cube Chain Open Network)
  • CubeChat – a Marketplace Messenger that enables secure P2P transaction
  • ASM – an AI-type agent that replaces the company’s existing call center

Who are your most ideal customers?

Simply put, Cube Chain is not a service provider. Cube Chain is a platform that supports all eCommerce matters.

Businesses, organizations, or individuals can create their own service by using our platform and API.

Cube Chain provides a more secure platform with multiple parallel processing and double hashing technology.

What are your future plans for CubeChain?

Cube Chain aims to bring about revolutionary changes in all aspects of the eCommerce industry.

The goal is to change the current idea that is largely influenced by intermediaries, breaking the conventional perception of membership, commodity sales, advertising, PR and business expansion.

Cube Chain basically aims to be a platform coin, but it will not only provide the platform but also show the facilities and services which are possible by using the direct Cube Chain platform.

It will be able to integrate with various protocols such as Big Data, AI, Machine Learning and so on to enable process innovation.

We hope that many people use the cryptocurrency ecosystem of Cube Chain through blockchain technology by providing an environment that supports and analyzes transparent and secure data sharing through Cube Chain.

When it comes to eCommerce, Cube Chain will cooperate with other industries and organizations and aim for systematic, safe, and user-friendly models.

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