How To Start A Fitness Equipment Store - 8 Easy Tips

How To Start A Fitness Equipment Store – 8 Easy Tips

The first thing you should ask yourself is why do you even want to start a fitness equipment store.


People usually argue that money comes before personal fulfillment and that is also the case for many entrepreneurs.

However, the true motivation for success only comes when you follow your passion and that is exactly where you need to begin. Ask yourself if you find joy in fitness and starting a fitness equipment store would be an area of interest for you.

Fitness is a huge industry, and it is getting even more popular with so many celebrities promoting fitness on TV, digital, or social media. That is what makes it a promising market, and can be fruitful in long term.

Here are a few things you need to consider to start your own fitness equipment store.

1. Find Your Angle

Selling gym or fitness equipment online has been dominated by major players, and might seem like a tough nut to crack but it’s not impossible. The big retailers often lack attention to detail and that is where a small business could have an advantage.

Try to find your niche and a unique point of difference that will set you apart. It could be anything like marketing only to women, using recycled equipment, or being an exclusive supplier of handmade kettlebells or yoga equipment.

This principle applies to almost every online business, and you can use it for your business. The success of your fitness equipment is directly dependent on your ability to find out what your potential customers are interested in.

2. Do Market Research

The purpose of every business is to fill a gap, and the best way to do that is through proper market research. This also helps you find out where you stand in the market.

A great market research framework is SWOT Analysis which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Strengths are simply your competitive advantages or USPs (Unique Selling Points) that set you apart from your competition. Find them out before you start your business, and focus your strategy around them to gain the best results.

Weaknesses are the areas that probably your competitors can fulfill better than you. Check for the loopholes in your plan and fix them beforehand as best as you can so that you can prevent them from being exploited by your competition.

Opportunities are external factors that are favorable for you and can benefit the business. Find these out with your research and take complete advantage of whatever you find.

Threats as the term suggests are factors that could harm your business. The entry of new competitors is a great example of threats and usually is one of the major reasons why businesses fail to sustain.

3. Connect With Your Customers

People who are into fitness are a unique group in themselves and could be a huge source of inspiration for your business.

Before even launching your business, you can join Facebook groups about fitness, or follow fitness influencers on Twitter or Instagram.

By doing that, you can learn a lot about what is going on in the industry and what is important to people out there. Incorporate those things into your business and try to give what your target audience wants.

The more you understand the needs of your customers, the better you are going to be able to satisfy them. This is one of the best ways to build a strong connection with your customers to make sure that they stay loyal to your brand.


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4. Stick To Your Core Values

Many entrepreneurs start a business and keep changing their strategy along the course. Even though other options might come across as more profitable ones, it’s not always advisable to go for them.

There is a reason why you do deep research before starting your business and finally settle on something solid. There is no reason to move away from that unless you have tried it for a long time and it failed due to some reason.

Building a brand relies on how well you stick to your principles, and the connection you have been able to build with your customers.

By constantly changing your brand strategy, you will only end up confusing and eventually chasing away your customers.

For instance, if you have chosen to be a high-end retailer of yoga equipment or home workout equipment, stick to it. If you want your brand to showcase quality and affordability, know that it will only come through consistency.

5. Take Small Steps

Don’t try to go overboard in the beginning and cover every possible aspect of your business.

To make sure that your business grows and succeeds, you will have to pay a lot of attention to customer satisfaction, especially in the beginning.

With a small team and lack of experience, you might not be able to handle a widely spread business, eventually damaging your business.

Instead, keep it small in the beginning and focus more on building a personal connection with all your customers.

The more your customers connect with you, the more they will come back to buy from you and even recommend you to their friends and family. In no time, you will see that your business is naturally growing with more positive results.

6. Prepare For Growth

Growth is a natural and important aspect of every succeeding business, and to keep the graph upwards, you will need to be prepared for it whenever it happens.

A sudden rise in sales or number of customers could call for important strategic changes in your business.

Depending on how your business is doing, you might even have to plan and accommodate its expansion.

Make sure that whatever eCommerce platform you are using for your business, it can allow you to expand your fitness equipment store when the time comes.

7. Explore Partnership Opportunities

There are a lot of possible partnership opportunities in a fitness equipment store, which could help your business.

Gyms or sports clubs are ideal places with whom you could partner to market your business.

Many gyms are willing to partner with fitness stores for a particular fee, or in exchange for the opportunity of marketing their memberships to your customers.

With the help of such symbiotic relationships, you can grow your customer base, and even enhance your brand image by being associated with an established online business name.

8. Let Your Customers Inspire You

The best part about the fitness industry is that the people are themselves highly driven and motivated and you can learn a thing or two from them for the business.

Engage with your customers and try to understand them well and let them inspire your business.


Not only is fitness a great industry but a lifestyle choice that makes people healthier. By starting a fitness equipment store, you are not just starting a business but promoting health and good lifestyle choices.

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