5 Shopify Stars on .STORE

5 Shopify Stars On .store

From pop-culture to luxury and lifestyle, from sports to media and entertainment, brands across sectors on Shopify have taken to use .store to transform their domain name into a descriptive, memorable and meaningful online address of their business.


With over 1,00,000 domains registered on .store, the domain extension is a preferred choice of online businesses. Here, we take a look at some of the most awesome .store websites powered by Shopify.

5 Shopify Stars On .store


Everyone knows Urban Dictionary! It was founded back in 1999 as a parody website to virtual dictionaries and soon became popular as the go-to destination for looking up slang words. The site became so successful that they launched print editions and a desk calendar in 2007. In 2009 they launched their official merchandise store, which became an instant hit. Now you could look up the latest slang words and custom build mugs, t-shirts and other merch with your favorite slang words!

With 242K followers on Twitter, 485k fans on Facebook, and 105K followers on Instagram – the brand is surely one of the most popular websites worldwide!


Bow3ry is an Australian brand of t-shirts. Bow3ry is known for its graphic-heavy t-shirts and is a direct reaction of style and sub-cultures of today. When you buy a Bow3ry t-shirt, you become a part of the sub-culture too! The brand wants you to stand out with its unique graphics. They come out with distinct themes that resonate with today’s youth.

Bow3ry has 20.2K followers on Instagram.

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Yoga Clicks Store is a retail brand in Norwich, England. The store is home to yoga’s most creative and inspiring design talent. The brand was founded by Lucy Edge, who learnt Yoga in India and went back to her country with creative ideas. What followed was a book that gathered worldwide attention and this store that now sells clothing, jewelry, beauty and wellness products, yoga and meditation props, a lot more!

Yoga Clicks Store has an informative and active blog,  27K followers on Instagram, 4.7k followers on Twitter and 3.5k followers on Facebook.


Pooch & Mutt Store is based in England and was founded in 2008. It is a brand of high-end dog food and treats.  All of Pooch & Mutt products are made with 100% natural ingredients and through sustainable, eco-friendly methods. It is a PETA approved brand and does not test its products on animals.

Pooch & Mutt Store has 20.5K followers on Instagram and 7.7K followers on Twitter.


Be Your Own Boss is a global community of bosses supporting bosses! It connects like-minded entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and creators that support and brainstorm with each other to build their online ‘bossness’. The founder, Sunny Lenarduzzi, defines ‘bossness’ as being in charge and in control of one’s own business and life. It encourages people to do what they love at their own terms.  The Be Your Own Boss Store sells cool swag and branded merchandise such as caps, hoodies and mugs.

The Be Your Own Boss Facebook group has close to 12000 members and has 3K followers on Instagram.

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